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  1. I feel like logo 3, though he had flaws, was the best. I'm thinking about the design system you could create around this logo and it could be really strong. Just a few tweaks needed on the logo though

    Edit: I like your version as well, I think it should be mirrored horizontally though, so the bars convey an upgoing curve, not going down statistics.

  2. Because I am such an expert logo designer (not). I just wanted to say that for the first one, I would have had the bars escalate from left to right – showing a rise. Instead of what was shown – showing a decrease.

  3. 11:30 The designs you got weren't good. However, looking at your revision of logo #3, my first thought was "why are my stocks going down?" The bars in the square make a chart. And it's pointing down. I know you're not a financial broker, but a domain broker, but if I'm into money then sinking prices isn't what sells a product to me. Just a thought…

  4. well to be fair you only always alter their logo a bit. so all the creativity comes from them. can you come up with a better logo? maybe but you didnt show. if you just change the logo you get than you did get what you wanted for your money.
    i understand this is hypothetical but still.

  5. I liked this series it's really helpful to understand the thought process behind the logo design…Plz do more such videos

  6. I don't agree with your sans serif choice for the first logo. You can go sans but make sure it's a modern sans serif. The one you chose looks colonial.

  7. For a designer, you should know how to frame a shot. I felt anxiety looking at it. Other than that, great content.

  8. Awesome content Tom! On the last one I was really hoping you'd keep the type indented into the square, but fill the square and remove the border for a more material design. Love your channel!!

  9. First rule of logo design is to make sure your design will display well in one color… black. Second rule was to make sure that your logos text can still be reed when resized. Third rule is to use 2 fonts or less. I agree with most of everything your said about the logos but felt your grading was pretty harsh. The second one displayed best but the colors killed it and it did remind me of Target. Over all your retooling of the first logo was hands down the one I would have been happy to pay $100 for… no I'm not going to pay you a $100 for it๐Ÿ˜‚

  10. I think you got your moneyโ€™s worth. Your improvements were way better of course, but I bet youโ€™re in a much higher price bracket.

    Great video, as always!

  11. Hatless Tom.

    This isn't right.
    I think that the real Tom was abducted and this new one don't know how to pretend being the real Tom.
    The real Tom are, in fact, one with his hat. Call MIB, shout out to Will Smith and Tommy Lee.
    We have an impostor here!

  12. I think they were making a C and not necessarily a square. That's why there was always a break, like the arrow in the 2nd one.

  13. Lmao – cannot believe people thought you were " massaging your ego " – bro you are and have been legit as hell for a looooong time. Much love Tom. This was an awesome video

  14. Just my view but I've seen quite a few of your videos but I suggest you drop the repetitive music. As your dialogue is fairly continuous without many breaks, the background 'music' is a distraction not an enhancement, otherwise good work sir.

  15. Thank you, you are a respectable man

  16. This type of content is really valuable, you should make a category for these types alone, you're going really well Thomas, keep at it!!

    A plus, but its certain you know them, since they've been on youtube for a while, "the futur" are really good when it comes to showing the background of how a Brand is developed (and much more), you can make something similar with your own vibe and way of making these videos.

  17. Well it seems like 5$ and 100$ logos in fiver has not that many difference, maybe that they offer more options… To be completely honest these logos looked like the ones you could get from crowd source platforms. Anyway incredible video as always and I cannot wait for your next contest, I would really want to participate in the next one. Have a great day! ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. Loved seeing your revisions. It helped me see exactly what needed to be changed visually. The best part was you kept the designers ideas and showed us how that could be better executed. Thank you!

  19. To be honest your logos are not much better than these you've paid on Fiverr.. Maybe out there is someone who is more talendet but just a begginer and can charge only $100 for a logo.

  20. This was very interesting to see Sir Tom. If the designer did a few more tweaks on the logos, I think the designer would have found some better logo designs or come close to what you were looking for. Thanks for sharing. As always have a great day.

  21. Two days turnaround seems crazy fast to me… I would think I would need somewhere around two weeks, so that I could really put thought and research into the work and deliver a top level design. Does that seem too long?

  22. So that great, but i am curious that how much should we spend to get a professional logo, even 100 bucks didn't worked well.

  23. Trying to understand the client's viewpoint on logo designs is one of the key factors to be mastered by any logo designer. So I think this is a MUST WATCH VIDEO for every logo designer…

  24. Bro honestly who ever pays this is getting robbed. Thank you for exposing the quality in such nice way

  25. Very informative and i like the idea of deconstructing actually designs that go around in the industry. I have a suggestion, you could also like take in submissions of logo designs from your subscribers and critique them. I feel it would be a good way to find our shortcomings and just to really get an expert opinion on our own works. As always, enjoyed the video, keep up the swag!!

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