i followed a Bob Ross painting tutorial with NO BRUSHES and this is what happened

yes I know that this trend is old it's dead the ship has sailed but guess what I'm bringing you back so as you read by the title I'm gonna be doing what many other youtubers have done like 9 months ago so I'm kind of late to the party but now I'm here so I don't care I've seen other youtubers follow a Bob Ross tutorial and just try and paint simple as that but now I have my own little twist on this challenge today I'm going to be following a Bob Ross tutorial but the kicker is drumroll please I'm not using paint brushes is this a good idea no so today I'm using these these are gonna be my only tools to help me paint a Bob Ross painting I went to Hobby Lobby last time I was there I went and bought a boy chains you can buy a lot of stuff there and while I was there I bought a bunch of canvases don't know why I bought five but you know I was nervous with the idea of only having one because in my head I'm like well what if I mess up that makes me nervous so I bought I bought five we're just gonna ignore that and I bet way too much money on a whole acrylic paint kit this was the moment I realized the last time I painted was sixth grade this like wait this isn't acrylic paint okay so this is oil I don't know why I thought this was acrylic paint so this is already off to a really really good start ah yeh so yeah it comes with an easel it comes with all the different colors it's gonna do it it was on sale oh my god yeah I'm definitely not returning this so I'm sorry let me just I ripped it okay cool Jesus Oh bitch instructions we don't need her oh I'm gonna make a mess it's it's happening am i bad about it no paintings supposed to help ease stress so maybe this is good for me oh my god I'm an artist now just heads up guys I'm quitting YouTube and I'm becoming an artist how do I wait I'll be right back perfect don't you look at that I did it I set up this canvas I set up this easel myself round of applause for me everybody let's get this started shall we I need to find a Bob Ross video to follow right now so I'm not just like doing this in the dark the one I'm gonna do I'm gonna do island in the wilderness oh my god I'm so nervous I'm gonna I'm gonna mess this up hello I'm Bob Rose and I'd like to welcome you to the 29th joy of painting series if this is your first time with us allow me to extend a personal invitation for you to get your brushes and and your paints and paint along with this adjust my paints no brushes here we use about a dozen colors of some unorthodox brushes in each show I'll show you how to put some on matric masterpieces right here on the canvas so I tell you what let's get started today well I have run all the colors across the screen right there okay okay okay hold on so I guess every part of this video is just gonna be a struggle because I'm stupid can I at least use this double pram pre-stretched a canvas but genius whatever size you'd like and I've just covered the entire canvas with a very thin coat of liquid white liquid white is designed just to make the canvas wet and and to make it slick it allows us to actually blend okay so basically what he's saying he already primed the canvas with white sorry white and white is meant to like keep the canvas slippery but I don't want to do that because I'm using my hands so we're just gonna ignore what he's saying there today we just do a very simple little scene I hope you'll enjoy let's start with a little two-inch brush and a touch of the alizarin crimson and we just load a little bit right into the bristles a little paint out tap the bristles firmly to assure a nice even distribution of paint all the way through the bristles let's go right up here okay I need to find a color closest to that would these work I'm gonna do this one this one seems the most promising that's enough right that's enough do you not know and we'll take this old brush I'm just making little X's new crisscross strokes just very quick oh my god Oh No okay I have this so like right here here we go ladies oh my god that's so dark Oh No is this gonna work oh my god his is so light and mine so dark already Wow little goes a long way because I didn't need that do I try again yeah thank God I bought more canvases hold on honey okay this is looking better but I need to speed this up because I need to hurry up up messed it up you know what no there is no mistakes with art okay there's no mistakes well kind of but you know you know what liquid white is actually kind of good oh my god I'm sweating let's move on little blue I like blue it's a very warm blue very nice okay phthalo blue yeah just happened I got my feel of blue back up here and still using a little crisp oh my gosh X's it's all they are X's we'll just apply a little bit of the favorite blue something about like so okay there's many many kind of stronger than this little pink area it'll just give you that so be careful it'll just eat it up here I need liquid white I'm learning to not be afraid of the colors this is actually really calming um is it supposed to be that high up still water is always level I think they will have still water so pull from the outside in outside in ladies remember that all right I'll have a little brush point on a dark he just made a sunset okay all right let's freakin do this Bob I need a leak herb in a little cloud right here oh we have some purple come in whoops so now for the water so I want my water to be like right here it's hard to bring it in when it's still wet Oh when in doubt liquid white like what Hawaii like my fingertips cancelled he says bring it in Bob why are you doing this to me but is that wonky that's literally wonky okay cool keep that straight yeah straight is me huh this easel is not it bitch oh my god this is getting intense I feel like I'm rubbing my fingers on this so hard it's gonna pop like the canvas itself is gonna pop I need to line up this water right now before it's too late fetch an actual sunset right now the one I have is botched so I can't really I love on holding it and like not using the easel because the easel is low-key useless it's all about that blending technique not bad good knife corners a little bit I'm gonna take a little Prussian blue and just add in the corners here in there the corners okay now with a clean brush and he's relatively dry from just beating it she will start in the light area which is the pink okay so he is saying to blend it all together with a wet brush do I just spit on my hand like I don't know what to do so I'm just gonna use more white paint but it's that easy that's easy what's so fantastic about this is it anybody anybody can put a little masterpiece on canvas with just a little bit of practice here that even this drop can straight oh my god oh my kid look like a little distant trees far back in the distance okay pause wow this is make or break right now it's like right there Oh God kind of had a weird little sim moment as I would call it so I went on Instagram for the first time in like an hour and earlier che I asked which video should i film cuz I was feeling really uninspired also follow me on Instagram please and then after I put this on my story then I figured out that I wanted to do this and i refresh in one of the top ones two seconds ago follow a Bob Ross painting tutorial that is weird okay we should keep going how does he make his look so much like like a mountain like how how I need to drag that down oh okay we're doing another layer and that misty area turns out to be a very best friend take care of it treasure sir oh my god I just dropped my pop-tart Oh No like he said I need to make it more foggy right here like I need to make it mesh together and not just like be one thing god I sound like an artist oh my god I just looked in the viewfinder kind of snapped bitch okay that takes a black suppression doesn't matter what is thrown on there crimson – and that's just mmm fan brush will use a fan brush okay a scope in here and maybe in our world there is now some little trees smashing here now these are a little closer you're seeing a little more detail a little more this thing we don't know where they go like how am I going to do that without a brush I need to I need to draw some trees I might have to use my pinky I'm gonna use my pinky okay let's see how this frickin works oh my god okay but is not trees that is not trees so I'm back my camera died for like the third time while trying to film this I didn't realize the camera turned off so while I was focused on trying to do these and raise up the mountains just a little bit the camera went out so let's continue and let's try and finish this in a timely manner okay that's the best I'm gonna get right now that is hard just pull straight down it's the most important to go straight down okay so to add the reflection we just need to go straight down very lightly go across oh that looks bad that looks really bad okay I need add a little bit more of like a shoreline right now like right here and I'm just trying to add like a nice reflective look let's put a little water like that we use a liquid white so liquid white well I'm gonna get that right on my cookie hey we can go right up in here oh my god drop in just a little water that's a water line we don't know how does that happen just let your imagination take you anywhere you want to do a lot of times I started painting and have nothing in mind but the time of day and the time of year don't worry about it you don't always have to have a perfect vision in your mind he's just so motivational and I would just use that brush roof and brush load some color into it okay pause mr. Bob I need to is on a water line kind of I need more of like a defined line though because everything is 1 right now and that's not my goal ok what's next let's have a little evergreen trees region is right there see just make a line take the corner the brush make it okay this is like not defined at all any had just a little bit more of like a mountain in the distance cuz this is gonna get lost oh really doing a big tree now just sort of back and forth had a lady in class one time told me it was like making ZZZ the letter Z call them Z trees z trees okay I'm gonna mix ivory black with like green I guess it's like right here I'm gonna that is not too shabby bitch I'm gonna make that like a thin tree those are three treason do you see those oh wow did that by the way my sisters also in here she's working on the canvas that I ruined pumpkins on the tree needs a friend if you want to reflect those just pop in some general indications of where they are no big deal and now we're doing like reflections I guess I think they're on their own island I'm just gonna train use a little bit of black right now and like does that look like an island yeah so now for like the shadow effect you just said to just do it oh my god bitch I am oh my mind is so powerful take the big brush pull down oh we're pulling it down now how does he do that that is I'm just using same fan brush it has that color relate to tree out of it now go through CAD yellow and little yellow over immediately we have green all we're putting highlights on the tree are we feeling that green I mix them how about that oh my god I did not somebody Bush's that live down here there's littlefoot's it's funny it looks better in the viewfinder than it does in real life and we just put the indication here use like this color I need to add more green right here before I go in with a soil that is not look like his at all weird act like this looks exactly like Bob's the other side let's have some fun take the corner the old th let's go right up in here this is your bravery test bravery test but he's a nice treat yes let's do something about oh he's going in pretty pushy looking areas so we're like ruining it okay I think my fingertips are gonna bleed there's a fan brush right there take a little quite a little bit of the dark see here now this one make the indication here maybe a little tree trunk with a little more dark Sienna that's nice just want some indication I'm gonna put some happy little leaves on there so we're gonna cover most oh he just added a tree trunk most of them won't show we'll go right into that little SAP green oh there he goes the leaves again you are the creator now time to add a tree trunk treats Ron you heard me right lady oh there's paint everywhere I'm gonna stamp it and I go home the only power ahead is over the garbage I can take it to the street all by myself here absolutely anything here that he has power over the illusion this is a monster tree detail I'm skipping this tree decision okay I want to do like a little tree right behind this one I guess we're just gonna have a floating tree in the middle of it the base of the tree should be darker than the top good enough happy little Bush it is right there do you know he was there didn't you and he's got a little friend Henning client is right over here Clyde okay let's quickly draw a freakin little yellow Bush thingy that won't come up here and make the indication we can't see them too much of them some rocks if we're doing the rocks now I'll do this for rocks oh that was like ass there we go let's have us a little path we had to walk off dude I can't do that this towel is so messed up mom I'm so sorry and I guess I'm just gonna make a pathway so at this point he has like a bunch of yellow stuff right here so maybe I'm just gonna add he just had a twig do I add a twig okay you know what this rocks becoming one I don't care isn't that what artists say it looks really bad until it's done there's that just like make that up in my head somewhere literally what is that okay so he says it makes it look more finished when you have like twigs so okay that's not a twig okay that's a twig I just scrape right through see and that'll make all candlesticks okay this part I can do I can scratch so if I bitch it worked no fucking way trace scrape the little shoreline now if I would have known that technique in the beginning I would have done it you learn something new every day wow that is truly if that is something why did the little scratch you just make it it's a very simple painting that you can do simple don't know about that won't you look at that I did it I know I did that with my fingers the shot not to toot my own horn but I kind of killed it um so that's that I hope you enjoyed this my filmed for about four hours my camera died like five times while doing it I'm gonna I'm gonna go to bed I hope you have a wonderful day or night whenever you're watching this and I'll talk to you guys later alright bye

45 Replies to “i followed a Bob Ross painting tutorial with NO BRUSHES and this is what happened”

  1. Thats so goooooood like without brushes your better than my sister thats been doing art seens 3 and now is 20

  2. “It’s kinda hard to do that when it’s still wet from before.” whispers that’s because you used oil instead of acrylic

  3. Dude you can’t get oil paint off your hands very easily

    Probably knows by now but yeah

  4. Jordan : painting is supposed to help ease stress , so maybe this is good for me

    Me : honey it’s not good for you , the only thing that’s good for you which is very unhealthy is redbull

    Update : those trees are SLAYING

  5. wait…why does it look…not bad?? lmao that's better then i could do…with brushes .-.

  6. OMG…i came across this video under painting tutorials and you are so freaking adorable!!!! Might just be my new fav youtuber!! And…Your painting is AMAZING!!!

  7. What a creative twist to the challenge! Also I do not think it matters if it was a trend a couple months ago because they are still fun to watch. I myself would like to try out the Bob Ross tutorials one day, the painter never seem to judge and he seem like a very motivating person just like you mentioned. I really love how your painting turned out! Great job Jordan!

  8. Oh my god. His painting was actually reallllyyyy good. Better than I could with brushes and I’m an artist.

  9. Bob: now you can scratch a little bit to make the sticks
    Jordan: omg if I would’ve known that technique from the beginning I would’ve done it
    Jorden: scratches the whole canvas until it’s entirely white again

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