I FINALLY LOST MY MIND – 500 Drawing Prompts #133

Hey y’all, it’s prompt number 133.
Let’s just- FRICK! 😱 My uh, my marker fell out and I have to sit here and- Oh my gosh, you’re- Censor that!! oh gosh. Where are we? Oh my gosh. This is so embarrassing. Okay, here we go. Oh gosh we have four. Okay, we have “Goldfish”, “Salt and pepper shakers”, “Puppet”, and “Jet pack.” Ooooookay, that’s gonna be a fun one. Here we go. As any “four prompt” prompt goes, this was definitely a tough one and the objects are just so… They’re random and I really wasn’t sure what to do, but I did kind of have an idea. So let’s sketch each thing as they are. So I decided to sketch some really goofy goldfish. Goldfish are… fun to like make silly and goofy and stylize. Thankfully they’re one of the simple goofy animals are just really fun to just go crazy with make them look stupid and it’s fun and silly and I like it. Salt and pepper shaker is just that.
It’s… a salt and pepper shaker. And especially when it came to “puppet” I wasn’t sure because puppet can mean so many things. If you want to get technical, a puppet can be someone that is being controlled by someone else. A puppet can be a sock puppet. A puppet can be a Muppet sort of puppet. There are just so many ways to go about puppet, but I didn’t want to do something silly. But what? I wasn’t sure.
Especially combined with these other three words. And of course “jet pack”. It was really fun just having this default looking person flying around on this jet pack and having fun with her pose. So even though it was a very simple pose, I really did enjoy that front facing jetpack pose but how I was going to combine that with the other three words was the question. Do I put the goldfish inside the salt pepper shaker?
Do I make that into the jetpack? There were so many options. But how do I combine them to make them into the illustration? That was the question which I had to think a little bit more on. So getting into this I… sketched a giant goldfish bowl and I was going to put most if not all of the items into this bowl until I thought about doing role reversal. So instead of having a goldfish inside of the bowl and a person on the outside I could have a person on the inside and goldfish on the outside. And let me just tell you this is probably one of the strangest and weirdest and peculiar illustrations I have ever drawn in the 500 drawing prompt series. I’ve definitely drawn weird things in my life throughout the years, but as far as prompts and combining words goes,
this one is just it’s just strange and weird and… sometimes you just gotta go strange and weird just to see where it takes you. Is it the most appealing thing to look at? Am I going to be hanging this drawing on my refrigerator? Probably not. But I did just have fun making the stupidest weirdest thing I could and honestly sometimes that’s what you got to do. It was fun. So let’s talk about it. So like I said for the most part it is somewhat role reversal-y. I was going to put a human inside the fishbowl, but I decided that I really did want water inside the fishbowl but I didn’t want water outside of the fishbowl with air inside of it. So in the end I didn’t want to go with a human on the inside But I did decide to go with a mermaid because I guess technically mermaids are pretty much human but they just have… like a fish tail. And because all of the goldfish creatures on the outside of the fishbowl were already humanoid characters,
I thought it would be best to give whatever is inside the fishbowl not legs but a fish tail. So we have a very goofy silly looking mermaid inside this fishbowl.
I had a lot of fun stylizing her, so she’s really weird-looking, but I love it. There are salt and pepper shakers inside for decoration because sometimes fishbowl decorations can get really weird, but I also thought originally when I was going to put a human inside of the bowl maybe they supplied this human with a dining table with salt and pepper shakers on it because any human needs a table. And that’s about it, right? And also a jetpack decoration. So we have a guy with a jetpack and there are air bubbles coming out of it because once again fishbowl decorations can get pretty silly. I think usually there is a scuba diver ceramic thing you can put inside of a fishbowl. And although originally I was thinking about putting a human in there, so instead of having a scuba diver it was going to be a jet pack person. But then there’s no point in having air coming out of it because it’s already full of air? So it kind of worked having a mermaid in there with air bubbles coming out of this jet pack. Obviously, there are just a goldfish and goldfish creatures all over this illustration, so that’s where they are. And our last prompt “puppet” is a goldfish sock puppet that the… goldfish creature on the left has. He is mocking the fish inside of the fishbowl and they are looking at it and he’s being sassy and weird. And that’s the main- The main part of our prompt. At the bottom of the illustration you can find some strange goldfish hybrid creatures. After I created the goldfish humanoid things, I just thought “why not?” Let’s just go all out and make this whole world nothing but goldfish-ish characters and creatures and things that look like goldfish and the only thing that isn’t a goldfish is inside of the- I was going to say “tank” this time. I’ve been calling it a “fishbowl”. So I guess this is sort of like a reality reversed where we have aquariums with fish in them but this time it’s like a human-ish character inside of the tank. But at the same time we do not live in a world where everything is based off of humans. We don’t have human cats and human birds and human dogs. Yet here I am drawing a goldfish dog chasing a goldfish mouse chasing a goldfish with legs. Because of why not? And in the air I have some goldfish flying around. They were supposed to look like they had wings but then I just sort of gave them fins, so it looks like they’re swimming through the air. But don’t worry about it. They’re supposed to be flying and it’s not water. They’re in the air. I like how I’m telling you guys not to worry about the fish flying in the air meanwhile we have these weird fish humanoid creatures.
And there are much much weirder things to worry about in this illustration. So if you couldn’t tell at this point the colors I chose for this illustration are back to my basics. We have blue. We have orange. I love the combination of blue and orange. Obviously, they complement each other so well. Though there isn’t too much blue mixed throughout the illustration though I do give the goldfish blue eyes later on. When it came to coloring the goldfish I did with this illustration to be a little bit more on the bright side because it’s such a strange Illustration and none of it makes sense. I was just being so goofy and having fun with it. I did go very bright orange for the goldfish. But I did think they were just a little too obnoxious at the beginning so I did add some yellow to it, which did make them look a little bit more like GOLDfish than orange fish. So I do really like the fact that all the fish creature characters are all kind of different shades of orange and yellow instead of all being the same color of yellow. I think I started off with this being a very strange weird illustration with the first fish guy on the left with a puppet but then as I drew some of the other smaller shorter maybe childlike fish creatures, I was having more fun with it and I think making them look a little less weird and unsettling and a little bit more on the cute side. I think that first guy is just so lanky and weird and sassy.
I don’t trust him. So as far as a story goes for this illustration, because we got to come up with the story, I was kind of thinking that this could be an aquarium and this could maybe be like a really rundown old aquarium or a really good aquarium and the human actually human character is just kind of pushed aside to a dirty corner abandoned. Everyone’s forgotten about it. Maybe no one watches it, there’s no security guards so we have kids crawling around on it, climbing on the tank, putting potato chips in it, and to the side there’s just a sign that says like “Do not touch” or “Do not climb” and that’s about it. So this poor mermaid has been neglected and it kind of sounds like I’m making a statement on the state of aquariums and all that. I do find them sad but I don’t want to get political. But anyways, there it is. This is our very strange goldfish humanoid illustration. I think I finally lost it, ya’ll. And with that. I’ll see you on the end card. All right who is ready to take a look at your prompts from last week? We had “Swordfish” and “Alarm clock”. Our first featured artist is @TheCleverIdiot8. I just love this really silly illustration of this boy in bed. He’s wearing a snorkel. He obviously loves the Sea.
He’s got creatures on his bed, a shark on his wall, and his homemade alarm clock. Which is going to be a cat waking him up. And not the most pleasant way. This was really silly and creative and I loved it. Our next featured artist is @Fuchsia_ff00ff. I just love this illustration. It’s mysterious. It’s creepy. I love the strokes. I love the colors. I just love the look of that sword fish’s face. It’s cute but also weird. The bird is so mysterious and I just love the vibe of this piece. So, thank you all so much for joining in. I can’t wait to see what you do for this week’s prompts. Stay golden! Bye. [Music]

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  1. I was like why you're goldfish was orange or yellow because for me they're orange or red. But i think it's because in french we say poisson rouge ( = red fish) and i am surely influenced by my language

  2. I would have gone with a puppet cooking show :(). Like the fish is about to be cooked and the salt and pepper shaker obviously. I'm not sure where the jetpack would go tho :'). Anyway, amazing illustration as always Kasey!

  3. As awesome as the colours were (as always) my favourite bit is probably the 'Do Not Climb' sign. Don't know if that was a made up text style you improvised or I'm just a dummy and that's a real language, but either way looks super cool!!!

  4. You could have done a puppet flying in the sky with a plate, on the plate is the fish and the puppet is shaking salt and or pepper on to it!

  5. your drawings are neat and amazing , may I ask you this ? from where you get inspiration , have you ever get bored while drawing and yeah
    amazing as always , you surprise me every time you upload a video 🙂

  6. Okay I will admit, that puppeteer humanoid goldfish gives me the gibber shakes. He looks like he would belong in a Goosebumps book. There is certainly something quite unsettling about him, XD

  7. This looks like something straight out of a Dr. Seuss book

    One fish-human
    Two fish-human
    Red fish-human
    Blue fish- human

  8. I'm starting to miss lakey inspired playing in the background of Kasey's videos, it's the same song on every video. I don't know if it's just me. Still love the art though

  9. With those 4 themes I would have done a puppet jet pack with salt and pepper shooters being flown by a fish

  10. I immediately pictured a kitchen scene with a person making a mess of it on their jet pack, the fish bowl in the foreground and the salt and pepper shakers on the kitchen counter and the puppet as maybe a tank ornament. Wish I could draw 😭

  11. I identify as the goldfish whose legs are longer than a giraffe's.

    Edit: Scratch that, i identify as the tiny goldfish with legs being chased by the goldfish-mouse hybrid.

  12. My favorite character is definitely the small fish with legs on the bottom of the piece. He is hilarious. I want to name him Oscar for some reason.

  13. Who are you trying to fool Kasey? We all knew you had officially lost your mind when your blood was part of your art supplies 😂

  14. maybe it could be a babysitter + kids? like the oldest brother maybe & he takes them to the cOoL mermAID he found and they all cause trouble but rush back just before the parents get home

  15. When I read the caption, i was like " it was since long time ago"
    And when i read the description, "she knew herself HAHAHA"

  16. I had an idea! Maybe try using Ramen broth to paint something?? It popped into my head the other day, and I instantly thought "THAT COULD BE SOMETHING KASEY MIGHT DO!" lol. Just a suggestion!💕

  17. "We don't have human cat's and human birds and human dogs"
    anime community: *slowly turns around wielding a sketchbook menacingly* kuhuhu bakara

  18. I'm in love with this one and in love with your brain because it is awesome. Freaking outstanding creativity. 👏👏👏

  19. I’m feeling like this prompt series is like Chopped for art but there’s only one contestant and she’s insane

  20. GAAAAHHHH! MY DUMB ROOSTER FISH PICTURE WAS FEATURED! Thank you so much for including it! Your art prompt series is such a nice challenge to do every week!

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