I Drew Using Only Letters For 24 Hours Straight…

hey guys today I'm gonna be drawing using only letters from the alphabet for 24 hours straight so the rules are simple I can use any one of these 26 letters in the alphabet but they have to be either uppercase lowercase backwards italics or blog letters that is all I can use to make an entire drawing so this applies to any one of these letters and that's all I can use for 24 hours straight pencil please so first things first edit come up with a plan and a few shortcuts to see what I could actually make with these letters so to kind of show you what I mean I'm gonna do an example of this face this is pretty much what's gonna go over here all of these are made out of oohs and Vees this pipe over here is made out of curved ages this shape I can draw out of two S's and this is just a curved age so as I go along I'm just gonna kind of figure out which letters go where usually I like drawing more muscular creatures but with these letters and shapes I thought it might be a lot easier if I did some kind of a robot I almost never draw a robot so I have a feeling this is gonna turn out pretty bad I think you kind of get the gist for this this is all letters and I'm going to be doing this for the entire drawing that's gonna be a lot of work yeah bye guys we are about two hours in and this is getting really tough these are C's these were ages and then I added another C on top of it normally my big drugs take around 10 to 20 hours but I don't feel like this one was gonna take a lot more usually drive for me just muscle memory but this took a lot of thinking as well thinking of where to put the letters which letters might go together it was just a lot tougher and took a lot more time than I thought hi I've been Zach videos before and I'm gonna be trying out the challenge for myself I tried drawing a self-portrait of me but it turned out harder than I thought these are X's right here and then another C there they're now going down hopefully it's better than that I'm actually getting kind of bored in here so let's take this outside and draw all right marshmallow we're gonna play a little game start dancing all right each time I draw a letter you get to guess it if you guess it right you get to stop dancing and get a win $100 if you guess it incorrectly you have to keep dancing I'm gonna draw the first letter all right marshmallow guess which letter I drew that is incorrect keep dancing next letter I'm gonna draw the letter guess which letter I drew Oh any guesses not quite keep dancing now I'm gonna draw the letter any guesses marshmallow no not quite guess again marshmallow any guesses oh oh you got it it's oh all right here's your money are you ready for the next challenge okay I think that's Michelle my girlfriend Michelle finally came back home but I didn't tell her marshmallow yet hi Michelle with you um he's helping me out oK we've got a ton of peas and wise these ELLs over here I'm planning on doing to block letter elves over here for the legs and yeah elves every day alright guys so I feel like I've been using the same few letters over and over again and I want to use somebody haven't used yet right now I'm gonna try using the letter K a little bit more because I haven't used that yet what hey marshmallow can you get me some water please thank you oh pretty tired I was gonna get water but it turns out it wasn't what's wrong oh it's a sour oh so bad being able to talk is not an excuse turkey I'm sorry I must have misheard you believe it or not that is not actually marshmallow but now that McElveen hope is just a show and me and there's a long ways to go we have many many hours Webb's not looking forward to it it might not look like it right now but it's actually the alphabets these are block letter else these are all block letter else these are C's these are HSC peas wise oh so literally all of this is the alphabet I've just been using them in small little details so that's why you can barely see but don't worry I've been counting how many letters I've been using a beach and I'll show you guys at the end hey guys so I've been drawing for a while and I don't really want to draw anymore I'm getting pretty tired nighttime and usually nighttime is the roughest all right well we have a lot done over here I've been working on this part if you can see there's X's else sees Oh Spees Dee's days this challenge is actually a lot harder than I thought because it takes a lot of brainpower to think of which letters to put where and it's not just mindless drawing anymore and I forgot I started doing capital F sand capital East for the first time so they're right there but if you zoom out it kind of blends in and you can't really tell I'm really tired 24-hour challenges you know I drink a lot of Red Bull stay awake fortunately whatever mint will drink it all in the last challenges I'm pretty tired right now but we're gonna keep working on the letters to grinding through I'm thinking of doing some more of the open letters I haven't done a lot of lowercase letters so I think I'm gonna start working on that I think we're more than halfway done at this point I just don't know it will finish it in 24 hours there's so much more to do and each one takes so long it's Turkey looking at think it's funny Turkey oh all right that's better I was getting so tired I couldn't think straight because I don't think about all the letters which made it very hard to constantly go change camera angles so I decided to just strap a GoPro to my head see the co2 I was later oh okay I actually think I'm gonna take my GoPro off because the weight of the GoPro is just making my neck hurt a lot my hair it still looks like grass that hasn't been watered I still have a lot to work on and I'm not sure if I'm gonna finish it in 24 hours at this point I'm not sure which other leathers I haven't covered yet maybe lower case F uppercase Q maybe a few of those we'll try to fit in I've been working on the arm here I still haven't gotten to this part at least want to finish this part up before the 24 hour and right now it's kind of funny because I've been estimating around how many letters of each I've been using and some letters I use a lot more than the others so one of the main letters I'm using is C C's over here C's over there it's all in these tubes so total I've used around 3,000 C's just a rough estimate so you guys kind of know how much I'm using and the funny thing is weird letters like Q I think I counted only 40 these everywhere these are these these are these at first but A's B's DS were really hard to hide but I started putting them over here so you can see inside the machinery I don't even know how many letters we have in total this is a crazy amount just for fun I'm gonna place the entire alphabet in this small place so we'll see how that goes all right so as you can see from far away it just looks like machine parts but if you zoom up really really closely look it's actually the entire alphabet inside abcdefg tool they're all inside over here my plan right now is to finish as much as I can in 24 hours and just keep pushing it from there so I might go to 48 you know okay you guys let me show you what's going on real quick over here there's an a lots of C's here's an F that's an L C's X Oh why's over here here's an R here's an L here's a cute backwards Q hey Michelle you messed me up I was trying to draw there better hey Xena look look I was trying to draw the letter L and then I don't even know what this is anymore okay it's abstract art my head's hurting from all this thinking I've been doing big s FS over here of these and yeah it's just taking up too much brainpower up here there's m4 Macdonald so 24 hours is finally up I drew for 24 hours straight I would push further but in this case I think might held this important so I'm gonna sleep and do another 10 hours straight if you guys are watching this I don't suggest you guys ever try drawing for 24 hours drinker health is very important and you guys need your sleep my back hurts I knew stretch I need to take a shower I'm so rose now here's what I have so far I still want to get another arm up here an arm over here on some big letters over here some buildings and yeah but the main parts almost done I grabbed turkey went to bed and slept for 10 hours straight okay let's go sleep Turkey turkey it's not funny turkey come on okay I know I know I tried finishing it I did 24 hours yes yes my acting is horrible I just want to go to sleep okay I want to cuddle up and sleep okay okay I'll punch you once oh hey guys so I'm finally in bed after 24 hours I'm gonna sleep a bit for my own health and then we're gonna try drawing for 10 hours straight again thank you guys approximately 10 hours later hey good morning guys so I'm back and ready to work I slept for 10 hours straight so I'm feeling very very good right now and we're just gonna try finishing this up drawing for 10 hours straight and hopefully finishing the drawing this is what we have to work with 10 hours straight I think we might be able to get it done I'll show what I'm working on over here oh oh oh well upside down L taking the L taking the L okay so next plan there's gonna be a huge B over here and just wires coming out of it oh oh oh oh my goodness I thought I was gonna be really energized but it turned out it was just as tiring as before Oh stretch a bit my back is so stiff right now you guys want to hear something cool that's the sound of me getting back to work alright guys I've drawn for around seven hours straight with one lunch break after the 24 hour mark this is what I have so far what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna draw big letters over here big letters for the foreground I'm gonna do it ages for the buildings in the back and then I think we're gonna be done this challenge is taking way longer than expected I just really don't feel like putting letters in place anymore I just want to do some normal drawing guys I'm going through so much pain for you guys if you guys could subscribe I'd really appreciate it and if you subscribe I'll stop punching Turkey that's what happens when you don't subscribe I'll show you guys one more close-up this place is mostly made out of teas there's a lot of ease over here I connected them with else there's an F over there there's a gene turns out the 10-hour straight still wasn't enough so I drew in a lot of big letters in the foreground just to fill up some space I mean just to show what's going on here's the big end WL and why so this is pretty much how I'm gonna lay out the background and then I'll just keep adding these to them so they kind of look like pipes I want to do a background for buildings so I used Ages because that's the easiest thing for buildings to just keep stacking them up buildings all right guys we're about done I just drew in two hundred ages for the background see that all of these are made out of the letter H CH h h h yeah just a lot of the letter ages finally I have to sign it but I can't sign it I have to do it in letters cuz you know only letters so see see age 29 there we go that's how we're gonna sign it cuz only letters 20 thought I was late Dale [Applause] finally weirdoes

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    Still as always, nice drawing ZHC

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