Huawei P20 Pro Camera: Professional Photographer Test!!!

alright guys I am back with my buddy magnet cell who of course is a professional photographer this man takes absolutely fantastic photos seriously thank you yes really really good photos he's taking photos without though he's done shoots this week you did like four photo shoots five six a lot of photo shoots but he's back with us here to talk about a post mobile photography and today we're taking a look at the Huawei p20 pro this is a camera that you spent some time with using and especially like what did you think about the phone as a camera so I think that it is actually a really good to it it's a it's a fun camera I went right into it without reading and the instruction manual it was very organized I given in there instructions yes and I didn't really go through like the menu or like look into the Preferences very much I just went ahead and started taking photos I have to say they they look fantastic like the camera feels very natural for somebody who's used to being around cameras I mean I mean in the same manner as other mobile phones do but this one has a as a professional feel to it and one of the lenses and the sensors are made by Leica which is a very well known German camera the brand it's actually really fun tool to use this for one but we're gonna take a closer look at some of the things and what you'd like them to be some of the things you didn't like with TP 20.per all right so this photo heater we made it to the beach I took the phone out of my pocket and took a portrait of her and just to see what happens if I just don't do anything just hit the photo mode hit the trigger see what happens so what happened is I like the skin tones of her I think that's really well achieve the quality the sharpness all of it looks pretty great the sky becomes very very blue and I believe that is some artificial intelligence thing that's embedded into the phone when you if you just hit the button the phone tries hard to make the photo look appealing to an untrained eye I would say so for me it is a little bit too colorful and to punchy but maybe for somebody whoo-hoo just takes a phone to take random snapshots it might actually make his photo look nice up to him strolling around on the beach trying to find things that I can take photos off and so I found this couple and I took a snapshot I was just walking by so I didn't really aim I didn't want to be a stalker so I took this photo also with a regular mode and looking at it now I think it looks very sharpened that's unfortunate if you so this is the 100% view if you went even closer now you will recognize that the bird for example has like a distinct white line around it so it's is the digital camera trying to be trying to give you the impression of sharpness to my eye it looks a little bit to treat it all right I mean to me just look like a really good shot for something they popped out and you know to know quick quick photo though but I guess I'm a little boy I went ahead and switched on the black and white mode they're monochrome lens and I think it's quite fantastic what you can do with it so I was searching for an object that has a lot of detail to it and found the driftwood on several driftwood and I think the quality is quite fantastic and this is now I think a 10 megapixel file you can also shoot 20 megapixels I didn't know that at the time when I was just hitting buttons so I think this looks great the gradients are beautiful you see the the sky goes from dark to grey and sort of transfer from dark to bright without any lines so it's it's pretty great I instantly kind of fell in love with a black and white camera and now searching for detailed landscapes and in this case I found the sand there is something interesting happening in here not sure if you can see it I only realize now that there's a sharp edge inside this where bottom of the image is sharper than the top yeah I don't know what it would I don't know where it comes from there is a lot of detail inside this file it's a it's a JPEG I did not in his Navy SEAL days you know actually yeah about to hop into the water so kitesurfing this is a backlit a scenario so I think the camera handles it pretty well then exposure I think is is good it makes it look more dramatic to be almost silhouetted and I think trying to push now to see what information we have in the shadows was out that's still I think you can recognize my face now so I think it's it's pretty good you could go ahead and treat this image in order to get the face out and the background keep a dramatic very curious to see what happens if you shoot a 40 megapixel photo with a small lens and a small sensor so first things first I think it's quite impressive how much you get out of the small sensor it's it's really I have to say I'm impressed but now maybe also that's that's a factor why it's a small lens with a very big sensor behind it so you really get the idea of that you have a small lens there and you get these these this blur to the side of the frame which maybe you wouldn't see it if it was shot and 10 megapixel mode but now you've got a lot of detail so it becomes very apparent that this the lens is not as good as it should be for this size sensor attack I couldn't say that it is a perfect file like 40 megapixels is a big word and I I think I'm curious to see how this compares for example to a shot that is taken with a 35 millimeter size sensor at 40 megapixels all right and then we went ahead and went into the night mode and that's actually a very interesting thing because you can shoot ambiences that seem to be too direct to take a photo off and I want to say I'm impressed because I'm used to this environment when I want to shoot a high quality photo of a dark environment I get the tripod and put the camera on the tripod through like three second exposures or whatsoever do a lot of things in order to make this work and now that just random snapshot on the street it's quite impressive the things you get out of the environment that is actually too dark to take photos in it is quite amazing I want to say I'm impressed of this sensor yeah everyone and I end up taking photos of mech hats but well in this particular case it is a black cat and it is an environment and look to my eye like complete darkness it is really amazing and the you see still a lot of detail especially as you guys can see actually the big windows in the background you see them there now overexposed because the foreground is so dark that the phone put a lot of effort into catching like as much light as possible so it is actually night this has been taken up I think 11 o'clock in the night and it catches all of the all of the city lights are being reflected and balanced so and then I did this shot for off a building and once again in what I would call proper night time it is amazing how much detail you can see actually there's a person watching a movie and you feel like you could almost go ahead and read the subtitle yes so the the night mode does 10 megapixel megapixel files and in order to see I'd like I wanted to get a comparison to to the iPhone actually so I went ahead and took the same shot with my iPhone 7 just to see what it looks in comparison so I'm sorry my cat's gone crazy no I would say the what happens in the night time is several images are being stitched together and the telephone gets a lot of detail out of the darker areas and out of a brighter areas and creates something like an HDR photo for you where the iPhone in this particular case only did one single shot interestingly the iPhones resolution is a little bit bigger so I think this is 12 megapixels and looking at details now I recognized the gray a lot in the iPhone photo but on the other hand the iPhone photo is has a natural feeling to it which in this one here and once again is very sharp but much less granular so we choose all our photos there's stuff that you like and stuff you didn't like but what's your overall take do you do you like them yes I want to say I actually really like the camera function on this phone it's very intuitive the professional mode is good the monochrome lenses while what I would say is fantastic it's a beautiful and powerful tool to have in your pocket because everybody is carrying a mobile phone around with them so if you can choose between having a great camera on it or a mediocre camera then I would actually go with a great camera yeah so professional modes because solution pilots RAW files it's all in there you can have optical zoom it's pretty powerful tool cool and there you have it so thank you very much all right let's appreciate it in to check out all the photos we have them in on the link down below it's on our website finally took a bunch of photos there so you can actually see them and also follow Mario on Instagram his link his story is as Instagram day was actually down below as well and you can check out his website and see all his professional issues this might take some great photos I feel like I feel ashamed when I gave in this film because literally when I took a photo and I looked at what I took I was like that right sorry I shouldn't take what is the game but thank you very much don't forget to Like share subscribe to the chapel and always enjoy reinstatement thank you

40 Replies to “Huawei P20 Pro Camera: Professional Photographer Test!!!”

  1. Comparing my iPhone X with my father’s P20, by default the iPhone X wins because it takes natural looking photos. In Pro mode though, it kills my X. Like P20 and X equally. Price wise, the P20 feels like the better choice for what you get.

  2. Camera is just great. It doesn't have ultra wide sensor like LG has, sadly. But BW or "monochrome" sensor is doing his job very well to achieve the true dynamic shot. Otherwise there should be a better bitrate for 1080p or 4k video. It lacks OIS or EIS as well in 4k and 1080p60fps mode as well. Overall, for a good money you'll get really good smartphone camera.

    PS: "I am going for Mate 20 Pro"

  3. Getting it this week. I think video will be good for vlogging indoors at a desk. No movement. 4 k

  4. Never be ashamed of your photo, unless the subject is shameful! Thanks for the video.. I bought this phone 2 months ago mainly for the camera. I have not been disappointed. I take photographs every day. My DSLR is collecting dust.

  5. the thing is.. probably in a very near future someone will come with a photo app that will take most of the ai stupidity out of the equation or am i wrong? i hate the excess of processing

  6. P20 Pro, or S9+ ??? I'm really confused 🙁 There's a deal going on between these 2 in Dubai right now.

  7. I will be getting the Huawei P20 PRO smartphone for my 64th birthday.
    My passion is Photography.
    Now you know why I have selected the Huawei P20 PRO.

  8. Don't forget Huawei have fusion pixel technology it's mean wen you make photo on 10MP phone use all 40 MP and give you biggest pixel size (4 pixels group 1 big pixel)

  9. When I heard : "The lenses and the sensor is made by Leica…" at 1:07…Dude, seriously…None of them is made by Leica…

  10. I'm surprised a professional photographer would hype the P20 Pro camera this much. I'm just an amateur but I do have high standards and I'm less than happy with it and the camera might be a dealbreaker for me.
    For one, the over-hyped Leica camera is pretty useless in both Auto and Night mode. The oversharpening makes the photos basically useless, you get huge auras around contrasted objects in the photo. The only mode you don't get the oversharpening is in Pro mode, but then you don't get the expanded dynamic range of the Night mode. So overall the camera is no better or more useful than in any recent Samsung phone.
    Fortunately I have a 14 day window where I can return the phone or replace it with a different brand but I feel sorry for people in countries that don't have these consumer rights. I really really wanted to love this phone but I'm going to swap it for the S9.

  11. Lol this guy just blabbers im sure he has no idea about the phones hardware tho ..the lenses and "Sensors" are not made by Leica
    Just dont blabber there are lots of people watching it and believing the review

  12. I have a leica X2 camera which is only 16mp but im having this huawei P20 pro cellphone next week. crossing my finger that leica on huawei pro 20 delivers more than i expected . If you're curious how leica in 16 m pixel looks

  13. Hello! It s possible to shoot only using the leica monochrom into the huawei p20 pro? And the pixel output of the mono photo is equal to? ? How many megapixel are mono files jpg or raw? Thanks

  14. I have been using the P20 pro for three months now and I can safely say that the auto mode is shit. However, the pro mode is amazing! It sometimes delivers pictures indistinguishable from one's taken with a DSLR.

  15. @booredatwork I would love to know which camera he preferred – the Huawei P20 or the Galaxy S9 plus? Thanks 🙂

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