How to Write for Money – Script Your Day For Success

hey is scripting your day this is something that I had to really really work on and it comes with intent and determination and purpose you know the deal you know the drill quiet room if you can manage it if you've got a little people in your house sometimes you can't do and you just got to work with what you have to work with but sheet of paper you want to write out how you want your day to go if you've got a big meeting that's coming up write it out it's like I'm gonna kill this meeting I'm gonna wow these customers and this is something that I have really started getting back to because when i was in sales i used to do that all the time and one of my pic Jordans in life is inconsistency on certain things that i know the work so I'm having a really really work on that and just like I'm helping you you're helping me because as I go over these lessons again and give them to you I give them back now this is super powerful I'm going to tell you because if you heard the secret and other things where you just imagine or you see yourself there that's part of it and it does work but I'm gonna tell you something when you sit down and explain why you have to write it out when you sit down and you write it out you activate a different centres in your mind don't give you an example of what I'm talking about like I'm a writer I ran on the computer I used to do long hand when you do long can it's a different it's a different groove when you do it on the computer as a different group but now this is where it gets tricky if I write something on the computer then I turn it into a kindle file and then read it on the Kindle it looks totally different because every time you look at it from a different aspect different parts of your brain come into play that's very very important when you write you have to be deliberate and you have to have intention because you just can't like start right now you have to think structure then right think structure then right now if you just do it on a computer you're thinking and you're typing totally different set of mental muscles totally different the thought process I know it sounds like well it's just no it's not it's totally different because think about it you can type much faster than you can write and you won't say the limiting factor is your finger no that's not it it's a different process the process of thinking and typing is more fluid the thought the process of thinking structure and writing takes more time when you do it on paper but the time is well spent because you activate more core muscles in your cortex you activate a lot of stuff up in there so this is the deal scripting your day let's go take practice because you've never done it before it's going to be weird and you're in their minds going to be like I this is and you know and you it's consistency so this is what you want to do sheet of paper TV off internet off phone off or turned over whatever you need to do and you sit there and you think about okay today is such a such day how do I want this day to go whatever you want and that's the beauty if you want everybody to smile and greet you write it down I'm serious giving example I wrote down doesn't engage new people and specific me and being specific is a big purpose and you know normally i'm a chatty guy but i've climbed into my writer life and you gotta get a little introverted and i know that's not good in terms of market it's not you know it's a eyes because you can't be like this yet you want people to come to you so when i go out and eat one of the things i do is to chat up strangers and I want it to be natural and there was this chick the other day she was thought doing her fans football league on her iPad and when I saw that I jumped in and we talked for 30 minutes you know you gotta know your conversation points but the whole point is since I created that intention and I wrote it down it's happening now understand I believe that writing down your goals is more powerful than imagining visions projecting all that stuff I think that stuff does work but I think writing it down since it activates different muscles in your mental cortex is more effective because I looked at stuff that I wrote down years ago run it down the aisle ago she found it on the move and all that stuff has happened that's like damn I should've wrote Abaza trolley or Ferrari on that list i didn't know I'm telling you it's that powerful the big thing is the timeline because we wanted now you know like those jg wentworth commercials this is my money and I want it now it's my success and I want enough doesn't work like that all the time sometimes it does a lot of times it doesn't but write it down and then you know the thing is you want to create what I call a success journal because I'm famous for having all kinds of uh you know my thing is take just regular sheets of paper got this stuff I write down my notes let's see got you know stuff like this I just write it down and I've got this stuff oh here's some more stuff it's some horse stuff and I know it seems kind of crazy but it works for me I actually get things done but write it down and what you want to do is you want to start doing this at least every other day I'm not going to tell you to it every day one of the things that I have learned about success is consistency and gradually building up is better than what we will like to have which is instantaneous success I want to stop smoking drop cold turkey never touch a cigarette there's some people can do that most folks it takes a while or take some additional effort or some help or something same thing with if you never ever thought I know some of these exercises and some of these things that I'm giving you it's throwing some of you and some of your like a fish to orders but others you're going like whoa you know cuz I read the feedback and I read the letters and stuff I don't respond as fast but responding I'm responding much faster than I used to and it's just like whoa this is kind of different this is like whoa I'm gonna tell you the first time that I meditated and we're gonna discuss that later on first time I meditated i literally passed out I woke up on the floor it was just I whoa what the hell was that that was all that stress being released you've got so much stress in your life that it inhibits your creativity and inhibits your success inhibit your driving at rockview of energy that you need to be successful so a lot of stuff that I'm teaching you helps you manage that stress because one of the things about you know you know scripting your goal scripting your life is when you do it it comes down the anxiety because one of the reasons you have anxiety you don't have a plan you're in the situation there's things going on and you're just like how do I get out of this and you think you think and you think about the situation but there's something really critical and that's missing you're not really piling the solutions you become more solution or in it and you're not right now trust me on that you're not used to think I was solution or it it's not because if you can go through your mind and quantify your thinking just think how many times you think about things not working out how many times you think about how bad things are versus how many times you think about things are really good things are looking up things are great if you proportionally measure it the negative for the bad stuffs gonna be like BAM it's gonna just knock the positive stuff off the scale but you can turn that around by scripting your day and learn to think and act and be more positive because it's important it's very very important and one of the cool things about the Huntsman mindset because the reason I did it this way is I can come to you when things come to me and i can change stuff around because there was someone that's like they wanted this list and they want all this other stuff and the thing is i'm actually adding stuff that if i just sat down like i want to do is do this now now this thing is going to be huge it's gonna be huge but script your day today is the first day well like I said there's gonna be another video tomorrow because i am ellen if i could tell you how freaking sore I am is ridiculous and it's nothing I have been working out so this is not like you know going weeks and months now working out no this is something new that I started and I've been doing in just a little trick because if you're going to be an online merchant or self-employed person one of your best defenses against getting sick is working out and taking care of yourself because all that stuff's incumbent on you and so really you don't want to get sick in any event and I worked in the medical field and I've heard people say well I got insurance them I got this little bump on my fingers okay I'm coming in because I got it like that I don't think like that if I'm going to the doctor just something seriously wrong because I gotta pay for it the same but the whole deal is an ounce of prevention is better than the pound of cure it really is so that stuff's going to come but just to give you step one sheet of paper every day is a clean sheet of paper okay clean sheet of paper you script your day example you're going to work say you have a problem with a certain person we're going to leave it there you have a problem with a certain person you're going to actively on that sheet of paper and you're going to name the person that I and so and so we'll start to see eye-to-eye on many things that's what you're going to write you're going to write it down you're going to look at it you're going to you're gonna read it out loud did you go nowhere and you'll be shocked at how things start to change because what you have done is place the seed in your brain that activates something that you actually start taking steps to make that happen whereas before you did it you just like I don't want to go in the word don't wanna deal with that so and so he's a pain in the handsome man I'm sick of him you could run away or you can solve the problem I'm gonna tell you there's a lot of painting running the way I used to be a coward early in my life it is no fun because that stuff clings to you step to say let's talk about the home life say you're married and you and the spouse are not seeing eye-to-eye right down I love my spouse I want the best for my spouse I'm going to do things to make my spouse happy and we're going to have fun as a couple again write that down now this is a little different take that information and you share it with your spouse now this is the rub you do not require that they have to participate because you know it sounds like hey you know there's this great thing let's didn't know because what you're doing is quid pro quo it's like I did this so you needed that I didn't trust me on this this is how I was able to hold so much give to someone who's worth it giving you know this is your spousal obviously they passed some type of test and you write and every day you do these things you do this thing and you'll find yourself smiling just another type of advice never ever ever speak ill of your spouse a girlfriend but for whatever to anyone if they do anything wrong take it to them and don't tell anyone else seriously because when you go and talk bad about them to other people you activating some bad stuff in here take it to them and if you can't solve the problem cut bait and move to a new pond step 3 you want to facilitate a new habit oops today I am going to take my first step to creating this new habit write it down and do one thing to it facilitate that because this is the thing that happens with being human we're inherently flawed and there's a lot of issues and we live in the society that throws all types of bad and crazy stuff at us every freaking day so you have believed in the not a radio station in your mind that's playing jump music bad music crazy music all of the time and it matters remember I said a long time ago I stopped watching TV I really don't watch a lot of television if you watch too much television television will make you feel bad about yourself the marketing messages are designed to push emotional buttons oh if I get this phone I'll do this all sales are emotional every last one of them the people do this they're very smart and then they don't just do this for no reason another point step 4 as you're writing down your goals at the end of the week look at your sheets of paper and see what happened and another thing as you script your day if there's something that's really important just carry it on day to day to day at one point I got up to where it was taking me an hour to script my day because I was doing a lot of sales activity and it paid off tremendously because what it does is it focuses you on what's important believe it or not we all only get 24 hours in the day everybody gets 24 hours no one gets 29 no one gets 30 no one gets 40 we all get 24 but there are some people who do more in two hours than something do all day because the intent to drive the purpose and the focus because I'm kind of stepped back with the hustler mindset project and kind of moved away from stuff that I've been filled was really productive and got to put more energy into things that I feel is warranted and that's why you know I'm doing this thing cuz like i said i'm on the up this video this week it's going to be three videos because i feel that rather point that i need to break this down a little bit more free because this like I said some people are making money with fiverr I've actually have two people who are BAM they've made forty bucks so they're in the free section they're going to be some people fiber is not going to work out for you but craigslist will and that's going to be the next thing and i'm going to start that next week craigslist fiber like I said it's always going to be monday the mental aspect possibly tuesday then you know monday is the mental aspect day the second day is the practical day you know exercise well that's probably the video on how to do something are we going to be in the course and like the craigslist is probably going to be really long because correct there's so many things you can do to so many things you can do but but scripting your day you can do it on sheet of paper you can do it in this journal and the thing is as the day goes like you want it to go or even if it goes close your ex out the next means it happened you can write it on your next day whatever but you keep writing this stuff down and you'll be based even if you just take five minutes a day to do this five days even if you don't do it on saturday and sunday you'll be amazed that the impact that it will have on your life because one of the things is you start to take control of your mental environment right now there are many people who are nothing truly a mental environment everybody and their mother is in control of their mental environment everyone all kinds of stuff is going on and imma not successfully why am I not really getting where I want to be if you rent the video i did about you know the degree myth I said that and every time did I meet someone who finished their undergrad I get all and most worth it it was worth it there are too many people with outstanding levels of student loan debt who are broke and you don't have the skills to compete in this market today they don't have the skills I'll sit again right now you're gonna get the Greek community college you can get a scholarship go wherever because in the end once you pull out the doctors engineers and the other wealthy people out of that you know people with degrees making you pull them out you know folks we actually had to go to school to get those degrees to get those type of jobs it's not a lot of difference between the income of a person with a degree in person that there's not a lot of difference and what's really sad is we've lost our manufacturing base so there's going to be a whole bunch of people in trouble but that's a whole nother video but with scripting your day learn to make this I have it learn to actively think about the things that you want to happen in your life in the beginning is going to be genki okay it's going to be genki because you've never done it before and in their minds gonna be fighting if you remember in the video i was talking about the mental exercise where i would jump off the diving board and i would screw it up in my mind that's real stuff it to this day and still trust me out it took me effort and time to actually mentally flip for and actually hit the water right that was like what the hell was that about because your subconscious mind is littered with unproductive narratives and it's going to take some time because thing is you have to take your mind like a hard drive you've got all this stuff you erase it and you rewrite something else over it and then you rewrite more positive stuff over that and you rewrite more positive stuff over there and your sooner or later the negative narratives they're still there but there are remnants they really don't have shape then they'll have form you can't pull them up on your screen and your mind in the markets they've been overridden by all of this great and wonderful and intent phul stuff that you can use to improve your life that's the good stuff that's what you want to do so okay bye sheet of paper here and it then you know this is just step one we're gonna talk about some more cuz this is very powerful and I didn't start off with it because I wanted you to get a few things and get in the habit of thinking but she paid for get you a pen and write down now you can do it anyway you want to i'm going to show you what I'm tell you how I do it I typically right slow now this is another study you could change your personality if you can change your handwriting I noticed like people like I actually took in handwriting analysis um thing from this guy and he was really shocked because I was with my friend and you know the guy did the handwriting analysis and he's just blunt cuz he's like you two are friends he was like so different from each other and you know he looked at my writing and he was like this is different cuz you know he was just like really really shot because all right long story short I write like a girl as they used to say in high school you know really script very cursor for you can read my stuff and he was really shocked and he's just like you know your writing is like you know you're you're kind of quiet but you really strong and I went out got a book and I read about it and if you slow your writing down and work as hard as you can to make your writing and straight and clean can it will impact your personality I used to be shy and somewhat reclusive and there you're going yeah no I'm seriously i changed my handwriting i went from the super girly to more bold to clean I'm sure if you write a certain way will it will and that's part of activating this stuff it turns on the different switch in your mind and look we live in a society where life people on right there's a lot of people who are not getting that type of mental stimulation because they text everything they have incomplete thoughts and this is something else if you're used to texting are used to Twitter in your short messages this is going to throw you because you're gonna have to actually think above beyond 140 characters and I know in this world is going like hey lessons more no no no if you need to take 18 paragraphs to rent out your day take the 18 paragraphs because this is to benefit you this is not to appease anyone else this is not to improve anyone else's life but by default people who are associated with you and who love your close to you as you improve yourself you will actually improve their life indirectly but right slow be deliberate when I say the Liberty you'll have to i press down I used to do that to the point where I had this callus on my thumb as a kid because I were right so hard I mean it was ridiculous but slow deliberate because you have to think structure then right they should do this you're going to know this thing's kind of change in your life you're gonna think a little clearer I'm telling you this stuff blew my mind when it happened but that's young your first exercise and scripting your day because it is much much deeper much much deeper but just a quick synapses right here then think about it structure it write it down and next day what didn't happen because I'm going to tell you you go write some stuff down and it's not going to happen it's just not gonna happen because that little guy near us going no so you gotta beat that bitch down I'm sure is my inner voice was so loud at one point I didn't have control sounds crazy but I did and to the point now I can stop myself from thinking negative stuff because it's kind of in Tehran why I'm we don't like that and I can kick it out it took me a while to get here but you can do it too and once you clean up this stuff you'll be able to see things in a different way and I'm gonna tell you something else and I'm not trying to weird you out but when you get in touch with that guy inside the deep guy you'll be able to read people very well when I go out and you know if I'm really open and it's about being open cuz you know if I got a lot of stuff in my mind I can miss it but if I'm just like chilling the open I've messed up so many chicks like this cuz I'll go to him and I'm like hey one asking your name looks like yeah an artist you know how did you know you know so we're like not nursing you before are gonna kill you're a teacher and that was like how the hell do you know that cuz when you come open and you you open up your mind you can link to other people I've not been able to read anyone's mind it's just some people they're intense was so bold I knew the hell they were thinking but it does help you read people better body language all these other things so that's it that's your task for tomorrow or you can do it late at night you can do it first thing in the morning you can do it late at night if you do it late at night and activate that and sleep on it and then read it in the morning that's an excellent power play I typically just do it in the mornings because I've had a life for many years where I have a lot of control over my schedule so that's kind of one of the reasons but if you got little kids got to get people off the school it may be better to do it at night but the whole point is you do it and you do it consistently and you build on it and I'll teach you more in the next video all right this is Glendon and be sure to get that done and we will be talking about a lot of groovy stuff later

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  1. Great new content Glendon. Also, you're really cranking it out. Feels like the older videos and I think it's a great shift.

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