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hi guys my name is Jay and I'm here to help you write direct and edit your own films no matter what level you're at in this video we're going to talk about how you can write better dialogue in your films so maybe this has happened to you this has definitely happened to me you've written the script you have got your actors you're actually up to the stage we're about to film it and as you're watching the scene being shot you realize that your dialogue doesn't sound very good or you get to the rehearsal stage and you realize that your dialogue doesn't sound very natural and it sounds a bit silly and you can't understand because when you were writing it you spent loads of time you rewrote it you tried your best but somehow the dialogue isn't working for you well I'm going to show you some really simple ways you can write better dialogue that is more natural before you get to shoot I think one of the reasons we fail at dialogue is because when we're sitting by ourselves writing silently in our heads everything sounds different there's a different quality to writing then there is to saying it out loud and we as writers are going to write a certain way we're going to write dialogue the way we've read it in novels which is not necessarily the way it's spoken naturally so for me personally I found the best way to deal with dialogue is to do a read-through so you write your scene work it work it rework it get it to the best it can be and then ask some actors there are plenty of actors out there who need the experience maybe some student actors or people who are looking to get a little bit more experience working with you and hopefully by working with you they may actually feature in your films you can also set aside a little bit of money to pay actors to come to a read-through now a read-through is where you don't really perform you can perform a little bit but it's usually just getting a couple of actors to read through the dialogue for you so you can actually sit and listen and this is an amazing way to improve your diet because while you're sitting there listening to them play out the scene you've written you can just have the script in front of you and make notes and say oh okay could you could you try that a different way you can even ask the actors to say the sentence in a way that feels more natural to them and then note it down and change it if it works film that table read and then you have something to play back and watch afterwards so you can actually improve your script I find that that is the best way to get better at dialogue and for me it's the most effective way it does take a little bit of time but it's definitely worth it other ways you can improve is to go out go to Starbucks or Costa whichever takes your fancy buy a drink sit and listen to people talk listen to the way people say sentences and write them down because you can then compare the way and natural sentence that someone has spoken right is written a putt as opposed to what you may have written and just look at the difference look at the way we speak is very different to the way we write and actually the way people dialogue with each other is not complete there's lots of unfinished sentences there's a lot of bad grammar there's a lot of meaning that is not actually in there it's all in the emotion and and the way they move their hands there's a lot of colloquialism idiosyncrasies there's different dialects so it's really good to just go out get out there have a look have a listen to the way people talk watch your friends talk what's your family talk and just make little notes of it try and write down the way they speak and then look at it on the page and think oh that's and then try and apply what you've written on the page to your script another really simple way to improve your dialogue is read your script out loud a lot of beginner screenwriters and directors don't do this because you just write it you think by editing it and reworking it you're actually putting a lot into it and you are but what you really should be doing is reading the dialogue out loud to yourself get your iPhone record it record yourself reading out the dialogue both parts all the parts listen back to it listen to how it plays that's another great way to write is by recording yourself reading it playing it back and then as you play it back you can be editing as you're listening to it because it's by hearing your words out loud that make it better so those are some really simple straightforward but effective ways to write better dialogue I would really recommend the first one having a read-through with actors because I think that's the best one but you can use any of these to get better at dialogue and of course keep writing keep trying keep doing short films keep working on dialogue and you will get better just through practice thank you so much for watching if you're new to the channel this is the directors log book and it's aimed at people wanting to make films learn how to write films and edit films and shoot films all of that good stuff so if you want more videos like this I am uploading weekly every Sunday at 10:30 a then just hit that subscribe button down below and you'll get notified when the next video comes up so I will see you again soon take care bye

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  1. This was awesome!๐Ÿ’• I have been gone from YouTube for a while because life has just been very tough at the moment so I wasn't able to see your new videos but now I'm watching them๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’• love it!! You are amazing at giving advice!

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