How to write a script for your life

in today's how-to video I wanted to help you write a script for your life I want to help you create a script for your life as though you are already living it twelve months from now and in this process you're gonna have the opportunity to really think about what some of your big goals are how you want life to be I want you to use your imagination you know we stop using our imagination as soon as we get into adulthood in fact we almost stop using our imagination as soon as we leave school and probably even primary school we encourage our imagination in our children in our nieces and nephews in our friends but how often do we actually sit down and let ourselves imagine what we want our life to look like how we want our business to be because our imagination is such a powerful thing what we imagine what we can see on the screen of the mind we can bring that into form but we have to allow ourselves to imagine it first in crystal-clear detail and that's what I want to help you do today so in your journals or on a piece of paper I want you to sit there and I want you to start thinking about and imagining what life is going to look like from you twelve months from today when you to write down the date on the top of the page as though it is a year from now and I want you to imagine yourself standing in this spot who will you be who will be around you what house will you be living in what car will you be driving what places will you have traveled to what's your body look like how's your mind set are you fit are you healthy what does that look like what does that feel like what have you achieved throughout the year how much money have you made what are you thinking what are you feeling what are you saying to yourself what new goals are you creating as you sit there and close your eyes and imagine yourself I want you to imagine your life in crystal-clear detail down to all the little details and then what I want you to do once you've got that picture of what life is like for you I want you to start writing down a script I've got my script for life here it's a couple of pages long and in absolute crystal-clear detail I have written on this script exactly what my life is going to look like who's going to be around what house I'm living in I've spoken about my health and wellness about my study with becoming a commercial pilot I looked at speaking I've looked at all the different dimensions of my life not only business because I'm an absolute firm believer that you have to have your priorities right both in business and in life and I'm all about helping people build a business that makes their lifestyle and business goals because that is just so important in today's day and age but in this script for life I want you to really focus on imagining yourself as though it's already here it's already happening because what we imagine on the screen of our mind remember and the more we imagine it when we see it the more our subconscious sees and accepts that this is coming true it's going to happen we will set about building our weekly our daily or monthly lives focused on creating and building this life for ourselves so each paragraph I want you to from the sheet of paper that you've written down I'm sure you've started to jot down this is what I want I've always wanted this and remember this can be anything I don't want you to edit out and think oh there's no way that I could make that happen in 12 months time with the script for life and with our goals they have to be goals what you really want I've gone over this before they have to be things that we really want because desire and will will get us there in the end imagining and accepting that it's going to come true that we really want it to happen whether that's a physical whether it's an emotional want doesn't matter we put it all in here and in each paragraph I want you to start the paragraph with I'm so happy and grateful now that I'm so happy and grateful for the conversation I had I'm so happy and great grateful that I don't feel guilty for my success I'm so happy and grateful I've been able to do it let's see what else I've got written here I'm so happy and grateful that way back on the 3rd of February 2015 I accepted the idea that all of this was possible what else have I got I'm so happy and grateful to be living in this beautiful house so I've described in absolute crystal-clear detail exactly what's going to happen I'm standing there in 12 months time looking back at my life and feeling happy and grateful for everything that I've achieved over that 12 months time so I want you to do this exercise do it for yourself it'll be the best thing that you can do today for yourself for your life moving forward I promise you the clarity the awareness the excitement that will fill you when you complete this exercise will blow your mind I want you to have it with you everywhere this is something that you should be reading and looking at every day you should be standing in the mirror and reading it to yourself every day ten times a day as long as you need to read it over and over again so that you actually start to believe that everything in this script for life is going to come true for you so there you go create your own script for life print it out carry it with you stand in the mirror read it over and over again and more amazing things are going to come to you you will be you'll blow your mind as to what you're going to create moving forward I hope that really helps I'd love to hear how you go with it

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  1. I started scripting this Summer (2018) but not like this. This seems so much powerful! Thank you so much, happy Scripting everyone. Love and Light 💞

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