How to use the brush tool + mask in photoshop | !!? كيف استخدم الفرشاة + الماسك في الفوتوشوب

Peace be upon you today we will do tutorial using layer Mask and brush tool we will make a selection to this portrait use the quick selection tool ( W ) start to select the background Make the tool smaller in size Start to select No problem if we have an error here selection again i make a selection as a primer step i make a selection as a primer step Why ? cause i will add layer mask add mask and invert color invert the black and white color on the mask refina mask Make the edges more better Click ( X ) to switch between background color and foreground color to disappear a little parts from the image Click ( X ) and mouse click all rade i upload the Crack brush test the Crack brush choose this crack i need to change the Brush direction

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