How to Use Flickr

How to Use Flickr. Want to share your photos faster than a speeding
modem? Click on Flickr and let the “oohing” and “ahhhing”
begin. You will need Digital photos to upload and
a free yahoo! account. Step 1. Go to and click “Create Your
Account.” Step 2. At the next page, sign up for a free a Yahoo! ID or sign in if you already have one. Step 3. You’re now on an account creation page,
with two options, either to merge this Yahoo! ID with an existing Flickr account or create
a new account. Click create new account. At this point, you can also change your username
to differ from your Yahoo! ID, if you choose. Step 4. From your new main page, you can now upload
your photos, change innumerable preferences, edit a profile, and much more. Step 5. Choose some photos you wish to upload. Do this by clicking the “Choose Photos”
link, which will pop up a file browser to choose from. Select a photo. If these are private photos for only those
with a password to see, click the “Private” radio button and follow the steps to protect
your photos from viewing. Step 6. Click “Add More” if you wish to add more
photos. Step 7. Click “Upload Photos” when you are finished
selecting all your photos. Step 8. Once the photos have been uploaded, click
“Describe Your Photos” to add a titles, descriptions, and tags. When you’re finished, click “Save This
Batch.” Step 9. You have now stored photos online with Flickr. Repeat this process each time you wish to
add photos to your collection. Step 10. Share your photos by giving friends and family
the link in the address bar from your homepage on Flickr. Did you know Flickr started as a tool for
an online gaming site that let players share photos with each other—but it was so successful
that the game itself was abandoned.

33 Replies to “How to Use Flickr”

  1. i'm glad i'm not the only one that used to see "SAVE THIS BIATCH"… but now it looks like flickr has changed this button. darn.

  2. FUck FLICKR for forcing us into a damn useless YAhoo account. I wont use flickr,, never never never,,,, just because that damn yahoo account

  3. @msVanessaPErfecT A watermark is a semi transparent stamp on your image, that way when someone steals your image they can't get rid of that stamp. Look it up on google

  4. and don't forget to add someone on your contacts or none will give a shit of you in there
    add me i'm " DavidePuddu " in there

  5. Yahoo are the very reason why I Cannot log into Flickr and they are also the very reason why I HAVE NOT upgraded my Flickr account

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