How to Use a Digital Camera : Digital Camera Basics

Hello, my name is Chris Conklin on behalf
of In this clip, we are going to go over basic tips and techniques
that will help you become a better and more appealing photographer and take better pictures.
We are going to cover basic steps. They are easy to understand and easy to follow, things
like basic camera functions. Planning your picture shoots, that you take pictures that
tell a story. Now these cameras, they did not take pictures on films, but rather they
take pictures on what is known as a compact flash card or what some people like to call
the bigger ones, a little mini hard drive such as this one right here. It takes four
gigabytes worth of data or depending upon the mode or resolution that you are shooting
in thousands and thousands of pictures.
Different types of camera functions include the ISO setting, your aperture, which basically
is going to determine how fast the shutter speed is going to work, how much light comes
in or how much light does not come into the camera, which has a big impact on your picture
depending upon whether you are shooting at night, low lighting conditions or fast lighting
conditions or high break conditions like out door sunset. Then you have your f/stop, then
of course your lenses.

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