How to Use a Canon XH A1 Video Camera : The LCD Display on a Canon XH A1

Now I’m going to talk about the LCD screen.
This has actually been up in some of the previous clips but we haven’t gone over it yet. On
the XH A1, it kind of has a unique LCD screen. Most camcorders, it’s right here and it folds
out, but the XH A1 it’s up here on the top. There’s a little release button right here,
and all you do is move it over to release it and it pops open your LCD screen. It swings
out and then up. It’s kind of a unique position of an LCD screen and I really like it that
it’s a little bit higher because other camera’s it’s going to be down here. Just like most
other cameras, you can swing it all the way around so whoever is on camera can see it.
But, most of the time, your going to be up here and you can adjust the angle to however
you need it. Just like the viewfinder, if we go into our menu, and then into our display
setup, you can go and adjust your LCD setup. Like I said with the viewfinder, the only
thing I would probably adjust would be the sharpness. Adjust it up to help me get a better
focus. But, I don’t want to mess with these other things because I want to be seeing what
the camera sees on my LCD, or as close as I can get to it. That being said, also be
wary that when your LCD is at an angle, typically the more of an angle you get, the brighter
things start to look. Make sure that you’re getting the best picture you can off the most
accurate representation. Things get at an angle and then they look a little bit different
and you don’t want to set your picture based on that. One other thing on the LCD. We have
a couple options here. You can turn it to be black and white if you wanted to do that
for any reason. Maybe, if in post production you were going to turn the film black and
white, then you can get an idea what it looks like on your viewfinder. Then, you can also
turn the LCD and the viewfinder on at the same time by activating this option right
here. Basically, when you open the LCD screen, the viewfinder turns off. So, if you want
both on all the time, you would need to turn this on. That’s just a little bit about the
LCD screen on the XH A1. A very unique LCD screen.

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  1. I love this camera, and I always used it with an external video capture drive – via Fire Wire. Now, with the newer laptops not supporting that standard, the camera was looking as though it would become a paperweight.

    I found a gaming device (gamers use it to record game play), but I can use the COMPONENT video output to capture full resolution 1080P (even better than the 720p I was recording!) onto a USB Thumb Drive.

    This works out even better than the previous digital recorder, is faster and lighter, and it records full 1080p.

    I am using the camera in my own office now, but I can extend the life of the XH A1 for years instead of retiring it!

    The device I am using is called either the AGPTek 284, or also the EZCap 284 device. I have no connection with those folks, and I am only sharing this because the camera is such a good camera, I cannot see retiring it for as long as Full HD is a viable output standard.

    Great videos on this camera by the way!

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