How to Upload a Profile Picture on Youtube on iPad

How can you use your iPad to update your youtube profile picture? Well that’s coming right up. G’day this is Doug from Doug Hewson YouTube and we’re here to help you with tech wherever possible! Today’s video topic comes from a viewer Wolfgang Production 7 who asked me in a live chat earlier today: I did have a question here from Wolfgang “Doug can I change a profile pic using my iPad?” That’s a great question! Well I’m glad you asked, let’s check it out right now. Here we are on the iPad, you can change some of your channel settings in YouTube – you just go to the regular YouTube app. You never need to go to Creator Studio. So what you do is you pull up your thing, make sure you’re logged into your account. Click on your icon in the top right hand corner and then go to My Channel. So then it brings up your channel page. So you should get your logo in the corner and your banner across the top. Now you can see over on the right-hand side there’s a little cog. Click on the cog and here is where you can change your profile picture. In the middle there click on the camera, take a photo or choose from the photos in your camera roll and that will upload your profile picture simple as that! Same for the banner of course, click on the camera – you can choose from your photos. So you pre make your banner and have it in your camera roll ready to upload and then you can upload there. Other changes you can make of course is to your channel name by clicking on the pencil on the right-hand side. The description same -there’s a pencil on the right hand side and also all your privacy settings and stuff. So your basic settings for YouTube can be accessed on the iPad. There are more advanced features, of course, that you cannot do on the iPad. Basic things like your artwork and everything can be done so it’s great to know! Simple as that! Well it’s quick and simple,, an easy easy way to update your profile picture for YouTube using an iPad you can also use your iOS like an iPhone, iPod Touch or even an Android device. If this video was helpful to you why don’t you consider giving it a thumbs up and if you really liked it and you want more content like this, why don’t you click Subscribe. And if you want more videos about iOS and iPads and iPhones why don’t you click the card above for the playlist for that. And if you have any other questions or queries regarding iOS, iPad, iPhone or you just want to ask a technical question, why don’t you put it in the comments below. This is Doug from Doug Hewson YouTube and we’ll catch you later!

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