HOW TO SKETCH EVERY DAY | Sketching Daily Art Advice | Watercolor Painting in my Sketchbook

hey guys welcome to my channel so if you're watching this video then it's probably because you're interested in sketching daily or at least you want to start sketching more frequently and so that's what I'm gonna talk about today I'm gonna be doing a little sketch in my sketchbook and I'm gonna talk about sketching daily sketching frequently because I have recently started doing this and this is one of the first times in my life that I've ever sketched this much and it's been so amazing that I really want to share it with you guys and maybe help some tips for others that have never been able to sketch daily or regularly because that was me like I couldn't I never sketched ever I would sketch like every now and then maybe once or twice a week before I jump into that though I do want to take just a quick second to thank the sponsor of this video the sponsor of this video is skill share so I'm sure that you have heard about skill share before but if you haven't I just want to share it real quick some real quick information on what skill share is so ask oh sure is an online learning platform and there are a bunch of really cool classes on there a lot of them are creative there's so many on watercolor digital painting sketching drawing lettering their stuff on marketing it's really really cool I use Skillshare myself I have mentioned it in the past but I actually used it to learn a lot of my animation skills and Adobe After Effects and I've also used it a lot to help my brush lettering because brush lettering is not something that comes easily to me so if you are interested in skill share you think it might be helpful or you think it might be just the thing that you need to boost your creativity so that you can sketch daily well make sure you check it out I will have a link down in the description box below it is super affordable if you get the year subscription but if that's something that you can't do right now skill sure is gonna be offering a free two month trial to the first 500 people that click the link in the description box so if you really want to try it out then that is the perfect time and opportunity to so thank you so much to Skillshare for sponsoring this video I really appreciate it and now let's talk some more about sketching daily I think sketching daily or sketching regularly at least is really really important not only does it keep your technic skills up but it really helps keep your creativity up and I had never really realized that in the past I had always just thought sketching is just really important for practicing like I never really thought of sketching as a way to keep up my creativity and keep that creative ball rolling and I wanted to change my mindset about that so I started sketching more frequently when I went to Europe recently I went on a short eight day trip to Amsterdam and Italy and right before I went on the trip I broke my phone I smashed it totally smashed it and it worked but I couldn't go on it for more than two or three minutes before the whole screen went green so I couldn't really use my phone at all I couldn't even really take many photos because I couldn't really see that much of what I was taking a photo of so what ended up happening was every time I tried to go on my phone and just like kill time on Facebook or social media it would quit after like two minutes and I really had nothing else to do so I started sketching way more we had wanted to sketch on this trip but I found myself sketching just because I was bored and because I had nothing else to do and it had been a really long time since I'd felt that because you know like back when I was in high school and I was sketching a lot in school it was because I was bored and I didn't have anything else to do and then cellphones became a thing and that was always how I entertained myself was just looking at my phone and it's like I forgot the sketching is just a fun thing to do when you're bored and that's kind of how I started sketching and I tried to keep that mindset when I came back and I really wanted to keep up with it and to sketch more and more and more so I started one of the things I was also doing was I started taking advantage and like having sketching time so I have a meeting once a week and it helps me to sketch during like meetings because I can listen better and it helps keep my hands busy so I'm not fidgeting all the time so I started kind of sketching in my meetings doodling and things like that and that plus the Europe thing it just really made me be like I need to do this more you know I was feeling really creative and really inspired and my sketchbook became a place not just to practice my technical skills but also to try new techniques to try new ideas to play around with things that might turn out really really ugly so I had to do a lot of things to keep up with it so practically one of the first things that I did was I decided to make it a habit that I was gonna track so in my bullet journal I have a tracker and I tracked sketching so I try to do at least like one sketch daily like if it's just one sketch that's fine you know so I've been tracking that to try to keep myself sketching daily but the biggest thing that I had to change was my mindset so I think that sketching is kind of one of those things that when you get the ball rolling it becomes a lot easier to continue sketching it's kind of like if you have a friend and you text them all the time and you hang out with them all the time you remember to invite them to things and to do things with them and to text them but if you have a friend that you love just as much but you don't talk to them as often it becomes harder to remember to do that because they're not so present in your mind I don't know if that makes sense but I've definitely had that situation happen with friends before on both of our ends and I think this is a very similar situation the more you sketch the more creativity you're gonna have the more ideas you're going to be expressing and then the more ideas you get and the more that sketching is something that you remember to do because it's right there at the front of your brain the other thing that I really had to do in terms of changing my mindset was changing the way I looked at my sketchbook just as a whole because in the age of social media sketchbooks have become something very different from what they used to be um sketchbooks are things to show off there are things to look at and it's almost like every page has to be a quote unquote spread you know it has to be thought out and perfect and finished pieces that kind of go with each other and even if it's a sketch you want it to I don't know like I just feel like I see so much perfection in sketchbooks nowadays and I see much less messiness and just like bad drawings and things like that and um I had to be like it's fine to make that art and it's fine to draw on the sketchbook I have a big thing about being precious with my pages where I just want to protect them and only do beautiful art on them and I've talked about this before in some of my other videos but like changing that mindset is so difficult but I just had to be like you know what when this sketchbook is out I'll buy another like it's fine like I I can finish this sketchbook I have a million sketchbooks so I just had to be like just draw just draw don't even worry about it don't worry about the paper don't worry about how much you're using don't worry about if it comes out bad if it comes out bad just move on so I just kind of like try to really change my mindset around what a sketchbook was supposed to be and I changed it from a sketchbook is supposed to be a place to show off smaller works to a sketchbook is supposed to be a place to really experiment and try new things even if those things don't work out the way that you want them to and I've really seen a lot of positive changes since I started doing this I have found myself like I said just so much more creative I have really been noticing that my eye is starting to change I've been looking at people and other artworks in a more analytical way and trying to figure out how they do the things that I want to be able to accomplish I've been looking at my own art in a moronica little analytical way as well and they've all been really trying to improve certain areas and figure out the areas that are my weakest points the areas that are my strengths and all of that kind of jazz and it's it's been so great to be able to really just experiment with all these different styles and kind of figure out the direction that I want to go in and it's been a really great place for me to refine what I'm doing and my style without necessarily having to show that entire process to the world because it can be really scary when you're trying to change things up but when you're trying new because if it fails you maybe don't want to show that to other people but by giving myself permission to fail in the sketchbook it wasn't as big of a deal to try all these different ideas and concepts even if they don't work out um so that's kind of what I wanted to talk about I just think it's really really important to sketch more and if you're not sketching daily I hope that some of those things help you kind of like changing your mindset not being as Precious about pages being allowed to fail like I said tracking is really really helpful for me the other things that I've been helpful for me on a more practical level have been it carried my sketchbook with me pretty much everywhere um I keep it now in the same travelers journal as my bullet journal so everything is together in one notebook which is really really helpful when I first started sketching a little more frequently I was using really cheap notebooks and sketchbooks I've made myself that had a lot less pages in them because that was a lot less intimidating so maybe go and get a different sketchbook one that is maybe a little cheaper or one that you make or one that's just less intimidating because you know it could be hard it really can't be journal company's sketchbook not the watercolour one although I do have that I just used their regular travel journals and I love them so much I've mentioned them like a million times they're not sponsors isn't sponsored I wish they would sponsor me that'd be great um I just love their notebooks like journals they're so good they take watercolor really quite well I mean it's not watercolor paper but they take it really well they take ink and sketching really well the only thing that they struggle with some what is markers and even then I've used markers in here before so for me finding a sketchbook that I could use a lot of mixed-media tin was really important if you only sketch in graphite and pen and ink then you might want a really smooth notebook if you only use watercolor then a dedicated watercolor sketchbook is gonna be great for you but make sure that you're tailoring your sketchbook to the things that are gonna make it easiest for you to actually sketch in if that makes sense along with that tailor your travel supplies what you're gonna sketch with is not necessarily this same thing that you're gonna use all the time at home and on your big art so figure out what supplies work really well for you on the go and bring those don't just bring what you normally use in your regular studio I found that I work a lot more with markers and pencil when I sketch them ever when I'm making my actual like final finished art so that was a little disorganized but those are a bunch of tips that I have found things that I've picked up things that have helped me sketching daily is great I've been loving it and I hope that it's something that you guys can get into as well I really do think it's so beneficial if you are an artist to sketch daily it's something that I do highly highly recommend so yeah that's pretty much it for this video I hope you guys like this painting sketch by the way I really liked this technique of putting down graphite and then watercolor on top and I'm gonna use it a lot more so I'm super excited um thanks for watching this video if you liked it don't forget to give it a thumbs up it really does help me out when you guys do that leave a comment down below if you sketch daily or if you don't I want to hear about it um and that's pretty much it thank you guys so much for watching I really really appreciate it and as always have a great rest of your day bye guys

25 Replies to “HOW TO SKETCH EVERY DAY | Sketching Daily Art Advice | Watercolor Painting in my Sketchbook”

  1. I've been trying to up my game on this front too. My biggest hurdle is figuring out what to sketch and the fear of (like you said) every page is "precious" and that should not be the case. A sketchbook should be a safe haven for an artist to explore and that's what I'm pushing to remember when I crack it open every day.

  2. Nice sketch you got there! However what are those watercolours? I don't seem to be able to recognise the set.

  3. Omg I just started sketching and painting daily🤩 and I fell on ur video like… Your tips and in general the video helped me and persuaded me to start to be more creative👨🏻‍🎨 n' not care for perfection♥️

  4. I usually don't have time because I feel pressured by the fact that I haven't finished my homework 😅 but when I do have free time I just go on my phone for hours 😓

    Just a random story:
    I haven't sketch for a long time because of exams but after that when the teacher allowed us to sketch whatever we want on a piece of paper during art club, I felt soo amazing and I felt like I was free. But then I stopped for a while again haha

  5. I love your art💜 So talented. And I also enjoy reading all these beautiful comments💕 I do art as well and I love to paint. I inspire myself many time from other art channels. We need to stay creative always.

  6. I sell my art at markets 5 days a week and I made daily sketching part of that so people can stop by and watch me draw while they're shopping my artwork.

  7. I miss sketching for fun everyday. I try to fight for scraps of time to do it when I can. Its been a lot harder with kids than I expected. Maybe tracking it would help me get back into a regular routine? I always grew the most as an artist from filling a sketchbook every month or two consistently over a long period of time.

  8. I think I draw too much and I really need to cut back a bit
    I draw as a form of escape from my everyday life which is a bit hectic a bit stressful and it seems to be the only thing that relieves my headaches

  9. I’ve always struggled with daily sketching. It’s like a roller coaster, some good consistent days and some not so consistent days. I definitely notice my creativity grows when sketching daily.

  10. I spend way too much time on my iPhone, and I care way too much to let people see me draw in public. But I’m getting over it.. 🥰 Thanks for an insightful video 🤩

  11. I don’t sketch daily, but I do work on art every day. It depends on what I’m working on at the time, though. Currently I’m mostly working on larger pieces (A3 or bigger) and they take me 5+. Hours (al least. A bigger project of mine is A3 and fineliner and pointillism, and it has taken me al least 8 hours and I’m MAYBE half way done.

  12. This video was really inspiring; I feel like i've really lost motivation to draw but you really helped put everything into perspective. Thank you so much

  13. Yup. I totally read that title as “How to STRETCH every day”, and was like “What ya playin’ at, Alice?” 😂

  14. All true what you said!! Question: your pencil doesn't smear or mudding when you watercolor over it?

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