How To Shoot Time Lapse Photography w/ Canon 5D Mark IV | Video Tutorial

Hello, Izzy here. This is one of the questions that I found
about the EOS 5D Mark IV. If this video
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this and visit Digital Goja showrooms when in Miami. Can I do time lapse? Oh, yes you can! Its
built-in we’ve been doing this for some of the higher-end cameras for a while
now, notice it’s the first camera setting move over to the 4th folder and
scroll down to interval timer, click enable and now you can actually pick the
time, the number of shots and everything that is needed to be able to set for
time-lapse photography, remember you are going to do this for a long period of
time you need a power source I would suggest getting the ACK E6 AC adapter of
some type or at least a power grip so you’re working with two batteries but
remember, it uses your battery much more often than standard shooting, so depending on
how much of an interval and how long it is you’re going to think more closely
about a power source.

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