How to Shoot Sunset Portraits with Lume Cubes

Hey guys my name is Nick, I live in
Hawaii and I’m a photographer. I love doing a lot of outdoors photography. I
also do a lot of weddings and engagements that’s why we’re here today.
So, let’s go ahead and take a look at my gear. This is a professional lighting kit
which is one of my favorite accessories from Lume Cube, this studio quality kit
has a lot of tools like diffusers and modifiers. Something that makes using
this kit so easy is these magnetic doors. We won’t be using the white diffusers
because it’s not a cloudy sunset but we will be using these CTO gels, which will be
perfect for today. Just like the magnetic door and CTO gels and all these other
attachments in this kit are magnetic and let me switch up things pretty quick.
They won’t fall off as you can see and they’re also waterproof. Another thing
with Lume Cube that I really like is their mounting system you can pretty
much mount like anything so right here on my camera I have this little sticky
mount it’s for like any action cams and I have the two light mounting bar and I
can just slide it in just like this so here we have them right like that I’m
just gonna be able to put these diffusers right on them. I do have my setup right here I got my Lume Cube on top of my water housing
and I also have some extra lights on the front of them like we talked about
before are these awesome little diffusers we’re gonna be using that
because we’re shooting into the sunlight and I need a little bit more light on
the front of my subject to help light a them up. All right you guys right now you
can see this is what it looks like with the lights on and this is what it’s like
with them off. Just that extra little tone really helps especially when you’re
shooting straight into the sunlight like we are right now. I’m just gonna go ahead
and throw these in the water right in front of the subjects. In post you’re not
gonna be seeing those lights but it’s just gonna help light them up a little
bit. Okay I think that’s good I think we can just enjoy the rest of the sunset
and we’ll call it a wrap. Okay guys we’re back to the studio now and I’m
gonna give you an example of how I edit these photos from todays shoot.

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