How to shoot portraits

I think there is beauty in everybody, and
portrait photography really shows that. Here are my tips for creating beautiful portraits. Choose the location that suits the personality
of the subject. I have some friends that look great in an
urban setting, but would look really out of place in a nature setting. So be mindful that not everybody looks great
in every scenario. For a good portrait, the eyes need to be totally
sharp. It’s the most important part. If you have an eye-tracking feature on your
camera, use it. And position your subject in the center of
the frame, unless you are deliberately putting them off center. I love using layers. Creating foreground and background can really
make a portrait. I use flowers or leaves to lead the viewer
to my subject. If you can find something to shoot through,
go for it. If not, you can take your frame to the camera. Think about colour. I want my shots to look really joyful. I always like to find a strong colour that’s
going to pop and make the shot. Sometimes, just a little move to the left
or the right can frame out one detail that is competing with your hero colour. Finally, don’t be afraid to direct people. Really articulate to them what you want them
to do. They want to look good, and I think people
really appreciate the opportunity to look the best they can. So there are my tips. Find a friend, go out there, and start shooting.

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