How to Shoot Portraits at Different Heights with Fuji X-T20

– Oh ready? Okay sorry I was waiting for okay. (gentle music) Hey. Hi there. I’m May Tran and this is
Henry’s one shot three ways. (gentle music) I’m a fashion and portrait photographer. Today we’re gonna be taking
portraits with the Fuji XT20. Here we are approaching our model. (laughs) We’re gonna take portraits
from different heights. We’re gonna go high, we’re going low. From shooting dead center
and I’ll show you the differences between them. That’s really cool too because
you’ve got the buildings behind you.
– Yeah. – Korean. I photographed her from above
and one of the great things about that is that it’s
quite slimming because you’re looking down at her so the
smallest part of her body is the bottom of the frame and
if you’ve got a really busy background it tends to
shift the focus onto the person instead of the background. Beautiful.
(laughs) So I’m really into this Fuji. It’s really small and compact
and it feels really good in my hand. I just love the lightweight of it, you can throw it in a bag. I like smaller cameras when
I’m traveling because it’s less conspicuous, like
this was a camera made for a photographer. (gentle music) So we photographed Rachel
from dead center and this was really cool because it gives
a truer perspective of who she is in relation to the space. Things are more realistic
so it’s more how your eyes sees it. It also gave me a truer
connecting with her because we were both at the same eye level. Hot and spicy. The third image I photographed from below and this is the power stance. So this tends to make people
look a little bit more powerful and taller. One of the downfalls is that
it actually makes the head a little bit smaller so the
perspective shifts around that. And it also draws your
attention to whatever’s above so the architecture
of the bridge is more pronounced and it just shows
off the environment a little bit more. Beautiful. – Thank you. – This is one of my favorite
areas because there’s so many different heights of buildings. And there’s so much shadow
and form and function. And you get a really
amazing view of the city. (gentle music) I love all the angles that
we’ve photographed today. And I think that when it comes
to photographing somebody there’s no wrong way to go about it. If your images are looking
a little stagnant try shooting from a lower
angle or try shooting from a higher angle and see how that works. Because the true expression
of photography is what you like. I’m May Tran and this is
Henry’s one shot three ways.

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