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hi guys so in this video I want to talk to you about a project that I have been working on for about a month and I'm still working on it because I'm hoping to meet in October so if you haven't seen on my blog already I'm working on my very first course it's something that I'm so passionate about I'm so driven about because it's literally the passive income stream that has taught me the most about selling online building business online building passive income just absolutely everything that I have come to love and adore and work on day-in day-out and that is selling art printables on Etsy marketplace so I have been doing that now for about a year and a half to two years and it is probably the most amazing experience I have ever done for myself I came from a background of honestly believing that the way that you make money is you just go you get up every day you go to work and a job that pays the bills and then you come home and you do that all over again the next day and about three years ago I started to realize there was this thing called passive income and online income and no maintenance income and that it's actually not impossible for just the average girl or the average person to get out there and do it themselves so I doubled around for a bear and I kind of had to play trying to learn how you could make money online just generally and I had like zero success because I didn't really know what I was doing but then I stumbled upon Etsy and I vaguely played around with it see many many years ago Dublin and kind of creating jewelry and whatnot but that just wasn't for me because it was too time-consuming and every time I had an order I had to create the product and it was just something I just didn't want to do and I thought I don't to do that again but then I discovered that you could create digital products that once you've created them once you don't have to create them again and for me I chose art printables because the skill set with art printables is so simple but you learn so much that you can honestly take to the bank with any online products that you want to create in the future because you're teaching yourself graphic skills of teaching yourself how to create a digital product how to make a digital product look attractive to a customer all the basics but if you want to do over again on your own blog or you want to quit course ears or workbooks or t-shirts or mugs or apparel like whatever you want to do it is such a basic fundamentals and then the graphic skills that come with creating art printables but you can apply to so many things and now that my blogs a little bit older and it's getting a bit more traffic and I'm actually speaking to people for the first time who are doing similar things as me and have just discovered about building their maintenance income and building online income and want to find a way to do it that's friendly as a beginner and that you can work through step by step at home in your own time then I definitely decided I want to share with you how I built my own low-maintenance art printable shop exactly step by step so that if you want a way to start making money online whether it's hundreds you want to make or thousands that you want to make you can start doing it too and it's been a huge trek to reach this point that's taken me two years to feel comfortable then I could help somebody achieve a really great Etsy shop that they can start making sales from and what's more making low maintenance sales from and I finally feel ready and like I have a platform and people most importantly they don't want to share that with so I know that I've been building like a really lovely following on YouTube and every new member that I have and everybody who messaged me and interacts with me are just so lovely so warm and so willing to learn and share this journey with me of building our passive income together and I low maintenance online income together that I kind of just wanted to let you guys know as well as the people on my blog that I'm getting ready to create this course and you are welcome to join it and take it just as much as anybody else if you want to if you are interested in building a passive income stream that is gonna teach you how to sell online it's going to teach you the basics of making low maintenance and passive income and it's gonna set you up to be able to do that in your own blog or your own shop on an Etsy platform in the future Amazon whatever you want to sell then this is really a course for you and especially if you enjoy Etsy and if you enjoy art printables and you don't have a ton of experience and a huge email list and everything that comes with just naturally being able to make thousands every time you open a new shop because you have all that background knowledge I didn't start that way I started off not having a clue how to make money online not having a clue how to bring in traffic I do attract customers how to create digital products that would sell and I had to learn it step by step and I know so many of you on the journey to doing that too and you just want to reach that goal of starting to make hundreds of pounds of income each month thousands of pounds of income each month that can really support you your lifestyle your savings your financial freedom and this is kind of something that I know that I can offer you and that I know that I can really help you towards there's no point me yet doing the course about blogging because I'm fairly new to that and that's not how I make the majority of my passive income but I do make majority of my passive income through my Etsy shop and through my art printable business and also learning the skills and the knowledge to expand that out printable business to bring me an even more income each month so I just wanted to keep you guys updated with the fact that the course is going to be coming up – oh man and I've got a link below to the waiting list and if you want to you're completely free to join the waiting list and you'll get 15% off of the course but at the same time you'll be the first people I'll email about it when it's released and the first people who get the chance to go on the course because I may decide to price it up later on but the reason why I'm offering the waiting list is because hey I want to make sure that I'm giving people exactly what they want so I want to make sure that those audience are waiting for it and I'm doing the right thing by offering this course but also an exchange of you letting me know and helping me in that way that I'm more than happy to offer a discount and to offer you exclusive access because you've helped me and so many people who watch from YouTube are people who come to my blog each week and I just value that so much so I just wanted to make sure that you have this the same options as everybody else on the blog so definitely join the waiting list if you want to create your own art printable shop on Etsy you want an easy step-by-step method to start bringing in of income and low maintenance income each and every month because I know that so many of my readers and my YouTube watchers are really into building a financial future there's free of that time that they don't have to spend all of their time every day working on but you have to create the foundations in order to build a financial freedom you have to build the assets you have to expand your method of making income away from you exchanging your time every day in exchange of a certain amount so I'm hoping that this first course will be right for some of you and because this is my first course and I care about my readers and my watches so much I'm working so hard to make sure that everything that you guys want and need and everything that's going to make sure that you build a strong successful Etsy shop is in that course waiting for you so that if you need help on any step of the way you always have it to help you you always have it to go back to and you have it to help you every step of the way so this is a bit of a different video than what I'm usually talking about so if you haven't seen any of my other videos then definitely go back and check all of them out but if you are interested and building your first passive income stream online or you're interested in building specifically an art printable Etsy shop which is a beautiful and fun way to start building their maintenance income learning how to drive in traffic and customers and make sales that you can take to your blog to your amazon shop to your quite a market or whatever you want to take those skills you can take in the future then this course is definitely here to help so if you haven't yet definitely check out some of my other videos on building passive income building successful Etsy shop having persistence and drive to reach your goals and all the things that are super important when it comes to reaching your financial freedom especially if you don't come from a background where you know all of this stuff to begin with and I just really hope that my blog and my youtube channel and hopefully the course I'm about to offer really help you at least take another step on your passive income journey and get you that much closer to your financial freedom goals so if you haven't already I'd love it if you could subscribe to my youtube channel if you are enjoying the videos that I do and definitely join the waiting list if you were interested in the course like the art principals on Etsy course and how to build some income and I will definitely see you on the block so thank you so much guys for all the support on YouTube and I hope that this is a way that I can repay you so I'll see you soon guys bye

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  1. Eva do you have an outline of what your course will entail? As a member of the Tribe Im not a beginner so would you consider this course for beginners? I want to sell quote printables as well as art printables. Thx

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