How To Sell Anything to Anyone With an Irresistible Offer

– Hi, welcome back. So, this is a concept that is
one of the least understood yet one of the most important. And I’m hoping that
I can do this justice so you understand. This is a concept that we
call, creating an offer. So, what is an offer? So an offer is, if you’re
asking somebody for their money, or
their email address, or their phone number
or their attention you’re trading it
with them, right? It comes down to an offer. And so what is an offer? An offer is not a product. For example, when I had
my supplement company I was selling my
supplements as an offer and there were people selling
the exact same supplement for me on Amazon. We were selling ours
for $67 a bottle and they were selling
theirs for $19.95 a bottle. I was making way
more money than them because I created an offer. So and offer is it’s
taking things and combining them together, right? If I’m just selling
a supplement bottle, like it’s only worth
whatever that thing is and then people are
gonna price shop and figure out
what’s the cheapest and they’re gonna go for it. If someone’s selling
a supplement bottle, I’m selling the same supplement, but instead of just
supplement mine comes with a weight loss guide, a
calorie tracker and whatever. Now these are things
I can bundle together into an offer. Now this is worth way more
than the other thing over here. If you look at
companies like Groupon and Living Social. You know, I’m not
a big fan of people running their businesses
into those things but if you look at them they’ve become really, really
good at creating offers for local businesses, right? A lot of local business
I saw prior to Groupon would run ads that
were just like, hey we’ve been in
business for 49 years and we’re family loved
and locally owned and like that was what they
were selling on their pages. That’s not an offer. An offer is like, hey if
you come to us we will give you this thing. So an offer doesn’t just
have to be discounting prices it can be bundling
things together. Your ability to have
success with funnels and with any kind of
business is your ability to create really good
irresistible offers. What’s an offer that
people have to have so bad? They’re like, oh I have
to give this person my email address because I
need that thing, right? What’s the offer that you have? If we talked about before
the value ladder, right? We’re taking people
through the steps of the value ladder. So I’m trying to give value
to people but with that the way that I get that value
is I create an offer for them. In fact the offer actually
starts clear back on the ad. The ad is not gonna say,
hey we’ve been family owned and operated for 49 years,
click here to find out more. That’s a horrible offer. That’s the worst offer ever. But if it’s like, hey are
you struggling with whatever? This kind of pain or whatever? If so find out how we
can get rid of your pain in the next three weeks. Boom, that’s an offer. So they’re like,
what does that say? Click on the page and
they come to the next step in the funnel, the very
first page they land on. And then I’m making
them this offer, right? Like, hey so you wanna figure
out how to get out of pain I wrote a report. It’s a six page report,
it’s gonna walk you through exactly the fastest
way to get out of pain. If you give me
your email address I will trade you this thing. I just made them an offer. Every single one of these steps
in your funnel from the ad to the landing page, to
the upsells, the down sells to the registration. Like everything you’re
doing at any kind of funnel. It doesn’t matter
which one it is, it’s all about creating
really, really good offers and that’s how you
provide value for people as you’re moving them
through the value ladder. A lot of people they
think about offers from a standpoint of
like, this is the product I’m actually selling
but again it’s not just the selling of the product,
it’s like every single step. The offers on the ad, the
offers on the landing page and the offers are shifting
as you’re providing more value through
the value ladder. Now, one way to do
this there’s a concept that we talked about a
lot here in Click Funnels, our internal communion, we
call this funnel hacking and what funnel hacking is
all about is going out there and seeing what other
people are doing. Getting ideas for other offers and sometimes you’re
looking for offer ideas from people that are
in your same industry. So say you’re a dentist,
say you’re selling information products
or whatever. You can look, like how are
other people creating offers that are really irresistible,
that are sexy offers? And we’re looking at
those type of things and you can funnel hack
other people and say, okay on the landing page
they offered me this and then on the upsell
they offered me this and just getting ideas
of different ways to structure offers, okay? Now, if your funnel’s not
working there’s usually a few reasons why
one might not work. One is the traffic might be bad, but if the traffic’s
good and they’re coming to your funnel, you know
one of the biggest things to look at if it’s
not working is like, okay, nobody’s opting in it’s
because your offer sucks. We talk about this internally. Look, if your offer sucks you need to crank it
up, make it more sexy. A lot of times, I may
make four, five or six different offers before I
find the one that’s like, oh that’s the one that
people resonate with. That’s the one
they’re excited for. Now they start coming in. And you figure out
the right offer everything else
takes care of itself. So that’s what I want you
guys kind of thinking through. Again something that’s
kind of counterintuitive ’cause most people in
business they’re used to going to Amazon and
seeing here’s the picture of the bottle and this
is the five bullet points of why it’s awesome and
heres how you can get it super cheap, and we
got two day delivery. Like, that’s not an offer. I want you guys
thinking through that. Thinking through how
you create an offer, what could the offer
be on each of the steps inside of your funnel. So this is your homework. Take the funnel you’ve created from the Funnel
Cookbook walkthrough and look at all the
different pages. On the last video you kind of
look through the value ladder you say, okay, what’s
the value I’m trying to give them here,
here and here? Then you figure out
what’s the offer that I’m gonna give them at
each step in this process. And the next video
we’re gonna go through is actually gonna talk
about what are the words? We call this copy. What’s the copy at each of
the pages in this process to actually sell that,
to get them excited about giving you their money or their email address or
whatever that thing might be. So that’s the next step. So that’s your
assignment for right now go do that you guys and we’ll see you on
the next training.

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    a : to present for acceptance or rejection : tender was offered a job
    b : to present in order to satisfy a requirement candidates for degrees may offer French as one of their foreign languages : propose, suggest offer a solution to a problem
    b : to declare one's readiness or willingness offered to help me

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  8. Hey Russell – awesome video man, thank you! On top of what you've said, i tend to take screenshots of great offers/ads that i see on Facebook which have strong engagement and create a swipe folder so i can analyse those at a later date. As well as that, if anyone struggles with finding, from a content point of view, what their audience has as a potential pain point – Forums and Quora are both fantastic free tools which can shed a tonne of light on what your audience is seeking solutions for. Thanks again Russell – James

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