How to Put In Contact Lenses : How to Practice Putting in Contact Lenses

Hi! My name is Elton Hall and I’m from Texas
State Optical in Austin, Texas. I’m here on behalf of Expert Village, and I’m going
to show you how to insert and remove contact lenses. If you’re having problems on putting
in the contact lens, what you can do without the contact lens is you can actually practice.
What you want to do is you want to take some solution. Whatever you use. Wet your fingertip
down. Make sure that your fingertips are clean at all times. You want to wash your hands
real well. You can actually wet the fingertip just like that and you’re going to open up
your eyelids just like you learned how to do earlier. Open up the eyelids. You can actually
take your fingertip and touch right on the edge of it. For me, it’s a little bit different
because I think that your eye is a little bit more sensitive on the very top portion
of the eye. What you want to do is take and look away from it and just touch right there.
A lot of people are scared to touch their eye because they’re scared that it’s going
to burn. If your fingertips are clean, if your hands are clean, you shouldn’t have any
problems with your eye burning or anything like that. Just make sure that you wet the
fingertip down. Just a little bit of moisture on the fingertip with any solution just like
that and take it and touch right there.

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  1. i have been trying so hard to put this thing on, I think i look good without glasses, and I just got myself a fullface helmet, the glasses dont fit into it :(, it took 30 min to put in the first one, then the second one took forever LOL, fuck!!

  2. the lenses doesnt want to get out of my fingers and it keeps folding into half, what can i do??????????!!!!!!!!im shaking dammmm hard~~~

  3. wow, i tried this morning and it only took me 2 seconds to put in the lense. i'll learn how to take them out tomorrow…cheers man

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  9. It gets better with time 😀
    Seriously guys. it took me about An hour and a 1/2 AT THE DOCTORS OFFICE..EMBARASSING MUCH!!?!?! (with the girl in my face)..when i went took like 20 2 weeks takes like a couple of minutes for in and out. SO..yea my 2 cents..

  10. I did it! with lots of help from the net and from my optician i finaly managed to put them on. Iam telling you this : IF you manage to put them on once, by yourself then the next time is going to be ALOT more esasyer and after a little practice its going to be like tying your shoes(i hope you can do that 🙂 ). I was struggling to put them on for about 2 weeks and by the time i weared them once it was extremely easy to wear them,so dont give up ,i managed to do it, so you can do it too :))

  11. @bemanos12345
    Today was only my second day wearing them. It took a while to put the lens on and to remove them lol. Not very long. Maybe 10-15 minutes.


  13. @fieryhand THANKS!!!! I got it in my left eye in like 2 seconds and it only took like a minute and 3 tries to get it in my right eye and this is only my second time getting it in my my eyes cause i got them yesterday TY so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. mine flip inside out and stick to my finger, even if i wet them with the solution stuff and it's starting to really piss me off

  15. Good video, thanks for that and I thought there was a man behind you =P

    I know because of a comment it's a poster though =)

  16. @KandeesLand i kno i am kinda late but but i go back in a week to practice putting my contact lenses in their not just gonna give u your contacts in a week and say go… they r going 2 take u through the steps i am nervous but i want a new look so……. i guess it's tru what people say (BEAUTY HURTS)

  17. @KandeesLand They also say the first 3-5 minutes it will feel like their is an eyelash in your eye but once you start looking around u wont even notice their in your eyes. My worst fear is putting them in and not being able 2 take them out (lol)

  18. @ceppable my eye doctor told my that in our late ages like 40 or so we start 2 get cadaracts (if that's the way u spell it) But i got mine 4 days ago (im 13)

  19. I decided I want to get colored contacts to change my iris color. I practiced at the clinic and couldn't get them in myself. The doctor sent some demo lenses home with me, and no matter how hard I try, I always blink right before the lense touches my eye. They told me that after practice it'll get easier. I hope so, because I really love how those contacts look on me!

  20. lol, i got them in fine but couldnt get them out that night, had to go to the ER. fuck everything about contacts.

  21. ugh, i swear i can watch the goriest shit ever and it won't even phase me but as soon as someone touches their eyeball i lose it.

  22. i know same here, im traumatized from having things in my eye because ive had glasses since i was three and i hate eye drops. i really want contacts now and i tried to put contacts in for like forty minutes and my eye kept blinking went it was about to go into my eye.

  23. I found that this technique combined with take home solution is great for practice. I just went from ragequitting after 20 minutes at the optometrist office to being able to touch my eye long and with ease in less than 5 minutes for both eyes.

  24. I just managed to put these fuckers in for the first time and I figured out that if there's a lot of solution on it wont get off your finger. I managed to get some off, tried it again and it got off my finger.

  25. lol i ragequit too, i tried 5 times while the optometrist told me to keep being patient, and on the 6th attempt i threw down the lens case and walked out

  26. To fix that just take it off for a minute, you probably have to much solution on your finger, Therefore it stays on your finger.

  27. I have been wearing contacts for 8 years it is not bad you just have to get used to touching your eye and not having your eye slam shut when putting it in

  28. i had some yesterday and only wish i saw this vid i got it in first time with this method just a shame i have 1 day use contacts but will keep this in mind for next time

  29. OMG I have been trying to put my contacts in for like 45 min!! I wish I had seen this video sooner. The key is how he tells you to look away and put it into the corner. I got both in after 5 min after watching this video. Thanks guy!!

  30. i hate how expertvillage make a bunch of videos just for 1 lesson. that + the shitty youtube layout = confusion.

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