How to Pick Sunglasses : Transition Lens Sunglasses

Now we are going to talk to you about the
lens options of transitions. Transition lenses are a really good feature. There are some
draw backs that we will go over. I have in front of me a transitions demo. They started
off in clear as you can actually see, I have half the card board on top of it. The top
part is clear. It’s getting darker as we speak, but the bottom part has already been tinted.
So, you can already see kind of the difference between the two. The other one’s starting
to…the other side’s starting to catch up. Offered in two different colors; gray and
brown. Those are the only two colors that I know of that’s being offered. Transition
lenses is actually a company but the terms are kind of synonymous. Transitions are kind
of a default for the actual terminology of photo chromic. They just released a new lens
called transitions seven that change quicker outside and get clearer when you go inside
faster. The drawback of these is that the only change in the presence of UV light. So,
if you are behind the windshield of your car, your windshield is already UV filtered so,
you’re not going to get that change over in the car. You might get a thirty percent tint.
So, they are not going to substitute for your dark sunglasses. The other drawback is, as
I feel, when you go inside, say you are late for work or a meeting and your running out
from your car, you have your transition lenses on. When you go in that meeting, more than
likely, your transition lenses are still going to be activated and you are going to come
into your meeting with a tint on your lenses. Not exactly the most practical but, if you
do spend a lot of time out doors: park, camping, at the pool, this could be very viable and
a good option. But again, even at their full capacity, I don’t think they get as dark as
your darkest sunglasses.

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  1. Is there a way to tell what generation it is when I pickup my transition glasses from the optical store? The store says 7th generation is the newest and more expensive than previous generation. I opt for the 7.

  2. You will know when you get your eyeglasses, sunglasses or whatever…You will recieve a little certificate, I know beacuse im a Optician and I do the prescriptions on the lenses. The best brands are the ones from Younger optics and Essilor. Transitions are the best photocromics lenses out there. if its for a sunglases ONLY I recomend the NuPolars from Younger to.

  3. I recently got a pair a PRADA glasses and got free transition lenses as it was designer. I have had them in the sun once and they do go dark but not as dark as sun glasses

  4. Transitions will only darken if there is lot's of UV rays in the light… For computer glares that some other glasses… The speed depends… Mine cost me $180 and they take 10 seconds to darken…

  5. I recently bought my 3rd pair of transition lenses. They look like they are painted black and get so dark I can't wear them. I'm taking them back next week to see what's going on. My old pair is fine. Hmmmmm.

  6. @nwolfhead
    Yes, they are called XTRActive. They have a light tint indoors to a very dark tint outdoors compared to the original transition lenses.

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