How to Photograph a Model: Photo Studio Tips : How to Make Model Glamorous for Photo Shoot

Hi again, Rob Mitchell again for Expert Village.
Here is the final touch in creating our really hot sizzling fashion look. We’re going to
add a fan to the equation. We’re going to place the fan, obviously, hopefully just out
of the frame. We’re going to point it towards the model. Do you have, or wear contacts?
Okay, you should always ask that or check that out because a fan right in the models
eyes can really dry the contacts out. You may get one or two shots off and then she’s
blinking, and you are putting her in a lot of pain. So it obviously works with a model
with nice long hair like Nicole has. We’re going to crank up the reactor here. There,
lets take a few shots and see how that works. Ok, good. Tilt your head to the left a little.
Nice, chin down, good. And there you have it. We’ve got a beautiful glamour shot.

24 Replies to “How to Photograph a Model: Photo Studio Tips : How to Make Model Glamorous for Photo Shoot”

  1. good stuff your very good at pitching the information, fan looks like its been through a war though, lol shindignoodle..

  2. I've always wondered why Photographers who shoot people shoot Canon. Skin tones are always deplorable; people look like claymation figures.

  3. ah ah and I always told myself my fan was small….. 🙂

    OK but if you want to shoot with more distances or people a wind machine its better 😉

  4. I just hope that those who are actually looking for useful information on how to improve their photographic skills know that these videos must be a spoof.

  5. @KdawgPhoto I agree he is helping people with info. Why rip someone who is just being normal, a regular guy, and obviously a nice guy for sure? There is nothing with this video at all. It's very good.

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