How to Photograph a Model: Photo Studio Tips : How to Choose Lighting Stand for Photo Shoot

Hi, I’m Rob Mitchell on behalf of Expert Village.
Next on our list in building our studio and very important are the light stands. This
is what’s holding your light up. Again, we have three different types here. We’ve got
very light weight, very simple construction. This one is a little bit sturdier, but very
light weight, folds compact. This is part of our Novitron kit here, it travels well.
Size and weight are the key factors in this. Then we can up to a much heavier duty light
stand such as this. This one will extend up to eight feet high. You have a sturdy base.
It’s good for in the studio. I don’t usually travel with this one as much as I do with
the light weight Novitron unit. Some things that you really should remember whether you’re
in your studio or whether you’re going on location and that’s every time that your model
or your subject comes into the studio, make them aware of their surroundings. They’re
not used to all this equipment being around. You’ve got to tell them that there are cords
here. Please don’t trip on them. Watch where you step. Guide them if you have to, right
into the seat where they’re going to be for their portrait or their photo shoot. Another
thing that I quite often do is I tape light stands down. I’ll tape some bright orange
tape or even just some duct tape and tape that stands to the floor so that should somebody
kick them, they’re not going to go flying. They’re not going to fall on anybody causing
injury. One more things that I use quite often and I love the feel, literally in a field
shooting, if I’m using lights, and you can get all sorts of these. Generally they’re
called sand bags. In this case, these are really handy ones because instead of being
sand bags, they’re filled with water. Which again, when you’re traveling, empty them out,
throw them in a suitcase, throw them in with your light kit, and you’re not carrying around
ten pounds of sand, literally. Fill them with water, hang them over the edge of the light
stand and it give about an extra ten pounds of weight, which is going to keep your light
stand from falling down should the winds build up or should somebody walk into it.

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  1. Expert Village needs more photographers like him doing their videos…some of their so called "experts" have the intelligence and personality of a door knob!!!!

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