How to make passive income on Etsy: Part 1 How to create and sell printables on Etsy

hi guys and this is a really quick tutorial on how you can create art prints super easily on a program called canva comm and I'm gonna keep it really quick and also exactly how I would do it so I'm sorry if it looks a bit messy let me go along but it is actually super simple to do so when you click on and you set up your account on tanba you are able to create so many amazing things amazing projects from blog post titles Instagram posts to obviously art prints and there's just so many other options and when you go on it I really recommend you check it out because it makes graphic designs so much easier to do for people who don't have a background in it but to cut this story short we're gonna do a really short tutorial on how to create and digital download art prints and you can actually use them as physical art prints as well that you can get printed out through a drop shipping company or whatever it be if you want to keep it really passive so basically you just click on for me I'm going to use the a4 template but there's tons of different templates it like sizes you can use if you prefer you use in u.s. letter or something like that or I don't know whatever size 8 by 10 you can create that and it just gives you a white template background then if you click on uploads which you know here then you bring this you to a section obviously if you're completely new to this you won't have all of these different graphics and whatnot these are things that you can collect and from graphic designers and obviously the main important thing is that you pay for the licensing to use their clipart or their designs or whatever it is you can find really great people who offer you their designs for use for commercial use and places like Etsy and creative market which is where I get a lot of mine from and then you can just go mad you just upload them onto this upload section just by clicking figure up this upload your own images button and then you can use them to just style any type of print that you want so I'm gonna as we're coming up to spring I'm gonna go for a bit of a floral look so I've downloaded some clip art that is free for commercial use and I paid for it from a beautiful designer on it on Etsy this is fun and literally you can just drag and drop the artwork however you want to just drag and drop it you know you can have a real play with arranging it by size and by you can create different filters or crop or you can flip the image there's so many different options for however you know however you want to create your own designs and the more clipart that you gather and that you obviously make sure it's again commercial license is an essential the more clipart you gather and you add to your canva uploads the more that you can play around with different things and create beautiful different templates it's very different art print designs so once you've I don't know if we just if I get rid of that one we'll just add something so I'll show you I'll just flip this one round for example I'll flip around that way as well and I'll have it kind of like a double zero like that and then you can also add text which again lots of people really like fun text or whatever it being on their images so all I did there was go to the text tab click on the add heading you've got a couple of different ones and there's all different designs and whatnot and you just click on you just click and drag it on to your art print template and then I can just come up with anything this is just kind of a general design but again you can change the sizes to whatever you want and it's just literally up to you you know there's tons of things to play with like Speight line spacing and letter spacing that will manipulate the actual type / typography itself and this is not gonna be the most beautiful but it's just me really showing you that you can go mad and I have created so many different beautiful designs just by playing around and with the details the details the fonts the clip are different things like that and and then once you've done this I mean obviously this is you can go so you can do so much more than this you can create things that are really visually stunning and obviously that's essential when you're quite not print that it's something visually stunning um I'm just gonna keep it really simple um this is again just to show you and then once you have finished whatever design that you want to create whatever thing you want it to say then you just click the button download and you want to scroll to PDF in print which is recommended and then you click download and while this is saving I can just I'll just explain so PDF is gonna be your PDF version it's going to be in 300 dpi which is perfect for someone who wants to print off and the digital download version of your art print and you'll end up with something that looks once it's uploaded like this now depending if I go back to one go back now depending on the size template that you choose will be the size of the actual finished print so if I want to for example 8 by 10 is a really popular print size if I just go to change dimensions now this is only available in the paid version of canva so I really do recommend that if you're going to be doing art prints and you want to take it seriously as a form of passive income then definitely if you don't have amazing graphic design skills on other programs like Photoshop or Adobe or whatever it is purchase the canva and paid program because there are just elements to it that you really need that will just save you heaps of time if you are and thinking about doing it in the long run to make passive income and win the paid version you can actually rescale it to the image or the design or the print whatever you want to call it to whatever size that you want and you can resize it and it will give you the version resize in the resized that you wanted them resized I don't art print size I guess that you'd want then again you click on download pdf print and once you print that as well once you've downloaded that as well it gives you two amazing amazingly different sizes a for in my case an 8 by 10 that you can put up as a digital download on Etsy or whatnot and I'll show you let me go so you can just say that this is me 8 by 10 version this is the full version and you have to sorry I've already got one that's called a 4 but I just call it like that and you can just at the end of the day at the end you can just see that I have an a4 version and an eight-by-ten version ready to upload on to places like Etsy or creative market that I can sell online so there you go that's effectively how you create digital out prints on Canberra thanks guys cesium Bay

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  1. Hey Eva, just wanting to know if you do digital products etc full time? I’m wanting to get into illustration and graphic design as well ..thanks for sharing this video as well 😃

  2. Thank you! That was helpful and a good substitute to those who find it difficult to work on Photoshop !

  3. I never would have thought of using Canva to create my art prints! I'm in the process of creating my first-ever listing on Etsy. I'm using Procreate on the iPad to illustrate it, and then I'll be adding a short bit of text, which will be super easy to do in Canva. 🙂 I was going to use Adobe CC, but I canceled my subscription last month because my Macbook Air couldn't handle it… thanks for the tip!

  4. Hi Eva – I'm new to your channel and am thinking about starting a printables shop. Can you upload your own art onto Canva to use for constructing these designs?

  5. Hi! Thanks for the video. I create a lot of products myself to sell. I am just curious, did you look up and see if it's okay to use the font Canva has in the commercial products that you sell? I haven't used canva before and since I sell a lot of products, I know that for most creative fonts you need a commercial license to use them in any products. Does it say anywhere on the canva website that you can create products to sell commercially with regards to the font? I would be interested in using canva if they do. Thanks!

  6. Lotsa new information for me & I appreciate You!! I'll be checking out your entire series or offerings for sure for sure, thanks SO!

  7. I love this! You make creating digital designs look so fun! 😍😄 please share more about your online printable businesses it’s super helpful 🤗

  8. Which platform is better both expense wise and profit wise in your opinion Creative Marketing or Etsy?

  9. love your channel! I am looking to open a 2nd store on Etsy for printables….do you have any information on how to go about doing that?

  10. Hello, I'm having trouble with mockups. It seems they all require knowledge of Photoshop. Even the ones on Canva are Photoshop images. Can you share where to get mockups that I can use without Photoshop? Thank you so much for what you do!

  11. Hi! Love your video. I have a question…I noticed your selection of flowers you used. Today I purchased a similar set of flowers (with a license). It all downloaded as one image, though there are several on the page that I can choose from. So I tried cropping them out and saving to my computer. I went to upload on canva, but even though I went to the folder I saved it to, it wasn't there. But it's there if I go back out of canva. It seems that when I upload on canva, only the png's are available…did you have this same problem? Is there something I'm supposed to do that I'm missing? It's so frustrating that I cant upload any of my cropped flowers! Hope to hear some advice!


    I realized why this wasn't working out. I had to save the flower as a JPEG. I uploaded to canva just fine. But I'm dealing with another problem. I still have the white background behind the flower where I cropped it. It's not supposed to do that because it's a JPEG image. I read that once you download a JPEG and crop it (such as cropping a flower) it won't have any background so that you can use the flower however you want. BUT I have the white background. I don't understand all this haha, I've been working all day trying to figure out how to use the flowers! Any ideas?

  12. If I’ve already created digital art. Can I upload my art to canva versus paying for someone else’s art?

  13. Hi Eva. We are such a fan! Your Canva tutorials are awesome. Keep up the great work! ^hs

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