How To Make A Website – for filmmakers & visual artists

hi guys my name is Tom Antos and I'm here today with my brother Lucas hello and what I wanted to do this video to talk about or show you guys actually how to create a website I think I should have one right that's the name why a filmmaker for a filmmaker and other visual artists why it's a really good idea important thing to actually to have a website right yeah another like that name well I mean I would say the main biggest one is you want to be able to show off your work so if you're you know photographer or you know illustrator or a filmmaker like me you want to have a central place where people can go in and see your work then if they like your work hopefully somewhere where people can easily contact you so that's the second reason I don't think the last reason is especially if you start growing your website you know a lot of visitors is you can monetize that so you buy you know basically selling products so we're going to show you how we build a website and we use the Wix calm and some of the benefits of using Wix is that they have dedicated templates designed templates for filmmakers and visual artists so that's a big thing and overall the the designs that they offer are very modern sleek looking and and they're getting on like when the latest thing all the other latest you know design and effects that you see on the web you have at your disposal also another important thing is that all the designs they work great on desktop and on mobile so that's something that's you know so can be very easy for you to implement it I think it's very important these days I mean even our website I think statistically it's like 50/50 now pretty much yeah when it comes to traffic 50% of people consume or visit our website on on mobile devices right yeah and the thing is anything is you know like why are we going shifting more and more into mobile but you still have to take care of your desktop you know visitors especially even comes to like selling things most people will still use a desktop so that's why you don't have to want to you know you need to make have the experience you know work for both types of visitors also Wix has some really was plenty of apps that mean will make your things easy for you but there's a couple of apps on when I mentioned quickly is that is the week's video app that you'll see us use in this video and also it is the pro gallery app and that's that's a great tool for showing off photos so if your photographer especially then that's a great tool and all these apps just make it and things easy and you'll be able to personable for videos you'll be able you will be able to easily upload videos or share videos that you already have on other websites like Facebook YouTube in your in your example and and you can you know and you can monetize those videos that's another big thing and multi monetizing it's not just selling but it can also rent and and offer sub subscriptions and and and so it's you know it's a very and all this everything is basically very easy to to setup thanks to these apps but it's not just digital goods right you can actually sell physical goods let's say I don't have hats or something to sell that's right yeah you can sell merchandise as well yeah but anyways I guess well let's just show them how we actually created a website this is how the website is going to look your homepage blog a couple of pages showing off our work the about page and of course the contact page so as we mentioned we're going to be using Wix to create this website and as you're about to see it this is a very simple tool to use here on this screen there are a few options and then you could choose photography or portfolio and CV which is what I chose I also experimented with few other options and basically there wasn't like a huge difference once I chose at least that in terms of what I was getting and so the initial design of the website so don't worry too much about this because you still have plenty of opportunities to adjust things if you need to but for a visual artistic is make sense to either go with photography or portfolio now here you have to make a decision of whether you want to use the ADI or the editor and here with the Edit idea it pretty much it's a very simple tool to use and you know does everything for you and with the editor you've got more control but there's a lot more work for you to do now I would start with the ADI and and then we need to use the editor the thing is with once if you start with the editor you cannot go or if once you switch to the editor you cannot go back to the ADI so that's why I recommend starting with the ADI for this website that I built there was one functionality I could not implement with the ADI that's why you'll see me use the editor in the last stage of the build of this website so I'm just going to pick the ADI here here you just give a bit more information about your website and this way they can do a better job providing you the right design so here you actually have a few options for filmmakers if I'm a good producer it shows the film producer I just I picked film director portfolio again whatever you choose I don't think it makes a big difference you'll still have plenty of opportunities to change things up so there's no wrong answer here here I can add a few more things to the website I'm going to add a blog but now it comes to blog should you do it or not they're really useful I think but they do take a lot of time so vrf you know busy filmmaker and you're on your own you don't have another person to help you maintain a blog and I would say you know don't worry about it at this point just you know getting website out and show of your work but but long term you know face to face off to have a blog so if you know if you're able to bring somebody on board to help you with a blight and I would I would include a blog in your website here you can also see that you can add the ability to sell online so that's really cool that the EDI allows you you know just easily add this functionality whether that makes sense for you right now or maybe in the future that's a different thing but yeah you know it's at your fingertips if you need this function out so I'm just going to add a few details about the website the name and the address which is just a fake address or actually I think that the address of the wicks office in New York but yeah that's what I just need to put in for now DDI offers to find for your assets for your website so upper assets by meaning like images you know just information text and so on because physic that's the most time-consuming part of building your website actually getting all the images all all the content you want to publish together so you can quickly here use this tool and we'll look what's what content is there online here's some stuff that the ad I found about us a few of our website and someone about actually prepared images and whatever I needed beforehand so you know I'm not going to take advantage of this I'm just going to click click skip here I'm putting in info about our social accounts and this way the website is going to nicely link to them now the ADI gathers all the information you entered and the website is about to be built here we pick a design template I'm going to pick the black eyes and here is the home page now it still doesn't have any sections just the header and the footer but as you can see here Wix is or the idea is going through and adding different sections so welcome gallery and so on whatever it thinks you need on your home page so here is where the ADI finishes its job and gives you a nice shiny website of course you can further customize the website and can actually turn off PDA at this point and you can do things on your own creating pages and you know doing anything you need but you know first time around I would for sure continue of the ADI interview and yeah just finish continue the customization of the website so I'm just going to preview the website so here you can see the home page with all its sections so I really like the look of the websites for modern professional okay to go back to the ADI to customize the website further I was trying out a few different site designs and experimenting but actually the original choice the black eyes was the one I liked the most so as you can see in the menu on the right side there you can customize other things like you know the website color fonts layout you can create new sections at it sections you can create new pages and so on and so forth and you can jump in and do any of this on your own or you can ask the ADI to guide you through every step so in the site design you can go and experiment with these color sets I tried a few but actually I went back to the original accommodation by the ADI and have to say in many cases when experimenting with the design of the website many times I would just go back to the original recommendation so now I'm just going to fix up some of the text on the homepage now I'm going to work on the about page so here you can see again there are different templates for the page and so Jurgis chose one and I'm going to change up the hero image so this is how the the about page looks now so here I'm cleaning up the homepage deleting a few sections here that I don't really care about and I'm going to change the image so now I'm going to create a new page contact page you can see again if you like typical pages you choose from change the image so I don't really care about this map here so I'll just click this little radio button so this is how the home page looks now I've got here this gallery that I I'm going to delete it the idea here is I actually want a section or where I show of the videos videos that are hosted on YouTube and Vimeo so we just hosted on other websites now I at this point I didn't know how to do it and look like I needed to go to the editor here to do it but the thing is that yeah if I go to the editor I cannot go back to the ADI so so wasn't sure how I was going to do it now I could have easily added the videos to my website to this gallery that I just deleted by uploading them to the website right but that's not what I wanted to do I wanted to actually share videos show videos that I am posting on YouTube and Vimeo and so like that was not really that was that possible with the ADI so I'll show you how I end up doing this in using two different methods actually what I'm going to show you how to do the would be with the editor that's how you have to do it at this point now works has told me that you actually might be that soon enough you'll be able to do do this within da di itself so then you know it's going to be really simple not that it is not simple using the editor as you know you are about to see so here I'm experimenting with the gallery just changing changing up its look but again the main thing was is how do I link to YouTube and Vimeo pages strength and here if I go I can actually put videos instead of images into nice gallery but those have to be videos for their hosted on on your website and that's not what I wanted you might want to do that but actually so the way to do it you actually have to go to the editor you have to leave the ADI for good cannot go back to it you have to use the editor so now the time in the editor actually the first thing I'm going to do is just rearrange the order of the pages not that I couldn't have done it before in the ADI is just I forgot to do this so now I'm in on the tutorial speech I'm just going to add here you go down to video and you can add videos from YouTube Vimeo yeah so just pretty straightforward you just put in the link and you can customize it more I'm going to drop another video so once I have all these videos that the main challenge now is just to arrange nicely you know the video windows so basically that's why I said I need I wanted just to use one who use the gallery right to save myself the step and so now I should have to go and do it myself although there you had these tools on the right side here to properly align the windows so this is a quick job but but the I wish I just this functionality was supported in the gallery so this is the tutorial page now so I've got that part done now I wanted to do a similar thing on the front page it's just that show not as many videos here but then again the same idea I'm just going to use the go app to add videos and then we link them into Vimeo and arrange them as there is the main job I just want to have it just a few highlights and few videos and then I don't have that button there if you click it it takes you to the tutorials page and where you see all all the tutorials so this is the tutorial section on the home page so I'm just going to change that the background just wanted to make it different from the next section so this is how the website looks town home page blog page toriel's so you know if you watch us I'm sure and think you have a lot of great shots to show off so this design really you know suits visual artists so now I'm just going to click the publish and the website is like ICC does that now there will be an extra step if I all wanted to basically get my own proper domain but otherwise that that's all it takes to publish a website for all the details check out the main decision therefore is whether you're going to use your own domain name or whether you want to use the domain name from Wix because that will be cost if you need your own domain which I would suggest getting for sure so on the Wix website you can see the different paid plans and what you exactly get but even just a free the free version gives you all the functionality you saw me use in this video for this website now here I'm going to show you another way to create a gallery of videos that are hosted on other websites like YouTube and Vimeo and here's I'm using this app we a week's video and this is not this is you do have to use the editor for it not the EDI although I'm hearing that the area will support this functionality soon but so basically this is another way to create like a tutorials page where you sharing videos and they're all nicely arranged on one page so they're really there is not much to using this app you just you just drop it into you onto your page and you just resize it which is really easy here so now I'm just going to go here to manage videos and link to our YouTube and Vimeo videos so it's really quick to go to go add videos as long as you have the links rightly available then you can very quickly add a whole bunch of videos now well now the way the biggest are organized is through as a channel you can see here some of the options here so you can actually charge people for for this content I'll make it just free here you can change how many videos show up at the bottom bottom of the video player so here I'm just setting up the channel just giving it a name and you can connect it put your PayPal account so that if you do make your videos payable the money goes straight to your PayPal account now one thing that they did not realize it first is that actually when you click one of those smaller windows the video doesn't play in there the video player is only at the top here I go full screen on the video but finally I decided to change up the videos that I chose for this second version of the tutorials page and just and I'm just going to pick the one on some of our more popular videos and so now I've got two channels quickly I'm just going to reorder the videos and now that when I go to this new page we just renamed it to channel I just go quickly and tell it that I want to show it the French channel so different group of videos so this is the live website this is how the website looks right now and so I'm really I really like this week's video art makes things easier plus it provides you know additional functionality like for example you know monetizing videos which is a which is a big thing so this is the final website here you can see the home page the blog page and the Royals page that I used the editor for and you have two here right there you know to set up the layout myself now here's the page the channel page that uses the Wix audio mix video up and so that's another way and then and again for the week's video up we do need to use the editor and again the about me in contact page and again basically the contact page and the channel the tourist page in our case would be like they're the most important pages because tutorials and channel page is where you show your video film content here I'm destroying that website links to our social accounts and yeah that's you know it's a very modern clean website that tooks took up less than three hours to set up I see and it has a lot of new actual art it has all the functionality you need at the start now we are down the line you might add other great features like monetizing things like that but it's really impressive how how much what you can achieve and in a couple of hours so hopefully you guys are now convinced that building website is something it's easy and you know you could as you saw there's no coding skills necessary and for me the process was was intuitive and it was fun to actually play with different design choices yeah I think the most important thing at the end of the day you end up with a professional and modern looking website that also has the functionality that you know serves your business and career in our purposes yeah very important so definitely guys if you don't have a website don't delay get on it also check out our website the one that we just saw us build it's a live website so there's a link to it into this description of the video yeah and then as always for any more information things like that or if you want to just find out about some of the other things we're doing as always all the links and everything in the description of this video so anyways that's it hopefully you guys enjoyed this video and we'll see you next time see some

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    By the way, is awesome and really easy. Plus they have a lot more tools with your site.

  2. Thank you Antos Brothers, for the very information help,Tom glad to see you and your brother working on projects , what great memories, Sid the Jet……cheers

  3. I used Squarespace for a long time, but the moment I found Wix I was hooked. My only complaint is that I wish it was a bit more user friendly.

  4. Hire a professional to help you with your website. WIX is NOT the answer for your website or your business.

  5. My website used to be on wix, but they kinda screwed me over. The first year was cheap, but the second year, without ANY notification, they charged me 4 times the price of the original year. Would have appreciated a heads up ya know. Now I'm with WordPress and hosting with godaddy.

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  8. Hey Tom, my website is tied with I want to move to wix may I know how can to move? and maintaining the same domain.

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