How to Make a Print in Photography : Making a Test Strip in a Darkroom

So now this is where the real fun begins.
Is that this is making a test strip. And doing this is very important and again, it’s back
to being, it’s back to being a discipline thing. Because a lot of times where I came
into the darkroom where I just had a negative off my contact sheet, I just wanted to guesstamite.
But guessing is bad. After awhile you see that you waste more paper and you waste more
time guessing than if you just do one of these test strips. To do this, I have my timer set
at 15 seconds. I have my paper under the easel. And what I do is I use this filter kit box
and i cover up about, maybe, from a 5 X 7 about 6 inches of the paper and I expose.
And what I do is I make several exposures while moving the box each time the exposure
goes up. Like this one would be the first one for 15 seconds. And then I would do it
again, moving the box about an inch, and I go from left to right and I expose it again.
And I do this several times and if you think about it, it makes sense. I never move the
paper and I never move my timer. I only move the box and then I look at what my exposures
look like once I pull my print out of the developer.

6 Replies to “How to Make a Print in Photography : Making a Test Strip in a Darkroom”

  1. These instruction videos give you an idea of how it can be done but they are somewhat missguiding aswell.. Like 15 second exposure in this case.. Well it could work depending on your choosen f-stop, distance from lens to paper, strenght of lamp, light sensitivity of paper, how your negative looks and so on. I use 1 or 2 second intervalls when making teststrips..

  2. It depends on a lot of things. 1. The density of the negative 2. The aperture you have set on the enlarger lens. 3. The power of the bulb in the enlarger 4. The type of paper you are using 5. The type or grade of filter you are using in the enlarger.

  3. Was going to say, I use 2 second intervals for a total of 10 seconds for the whole strip. 15 seconds each interval seems much.

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