what is going on game must be showing you how to make a script for any game we play so what you need for these is they can get Ian up in the kalua text editor both links in the description also if you want the full detailed guide of how to make scripts for any game check out my ebook link in the description also and without further ado let's get started so you will open up the editor and we'll be starting by creating a menu so that the user can select any of the options within so we'll start creating a menu that has two options so I want you to write exactly what I'm writing and we start by creating a menu that has two options the first option being subscribe and the other options being black so as you can see what I've typed you will type exactly that but you can replace subscribe and fly hack with whatever you want so I'll just save this file as test you can save it however you want and I'll execute the file just to show you guys how it works remember we added two option so just select the jiejie and go to the directory where to save the file and now we'll execute so I'll execute my test file and as you can see guys we have two options bye subscribe and the flag hug however we can add even more options so I'll just add an extra option to show you guys how it really works so I'll add a speed hack and save soldiers and a speed hack and serve remember to save every time before you execute and as you can see when we execute we have now three options but well what you'll notice is that whenever we select any option the script does nothing it just ends her so we'll be changing that by making the script responsive such that when the user selects any of the options we get feedback so we'll start with the first option that is subscribe will make the script give a response when someone say let's subscribe so as you can see I'm trying to make the subscribe button to give an alert to alert the user to subscribe to own a place as you can see many is one remember subscribe is fast so I have to check on speed hug his dad and gonna execute and select subscribe there you go the script tells you to subscribe to run a place and also if you haven't subscribed make sure to that to subscribe and hit that notification button so we'll be going next to the fly hack so again this time because the fly hack is second on the list we say if many is to remember subscribe was fast now we are doing the fly hack so fly hack will be second so we'll be starting bye you'll have to know the digit so we'll start by saying GG such number this is a function that tells the script to such the number five and you also have to specify the data type as you can see the GG type D word so we are searching a number that data type is D word so as you can see in G such number type the word next we have to get the result that you want to edit as you can see we want to get a hundred results and next will be editing as you can see in G edit all so this code simply says that tells the script to such a number five get the past a hundred results and edit all to ten and now we'll be testing it so just let's test it when you select cleric as you can see it's such as five and there it changes it to change immediately and exact as you can see it has changed the fast a hundred results so now let's test this hug in a real game so I'll be testing it on guns of bomb and we'll be doing the fly hack and it's on and as you can see guys wink we're now flying you don't touch the ground because the Huck is on so we will also test the fly hack on another game just to be sure that he clearly works so I just tested on bullet Falls and again we'll select the flat hog wait for the script to execute and now watch it work boom as you can see guys it really works you fly and this can be replicated for any code not just the fly hug so next I want us to look at the speed hack remember we had the tag option as the speed up and just as we did in our first two options will be doing beef menu is free so we'll do three this time if men is free then we'll write the code for speed hack so Gigi set speed and we'll do a speed of let's do 500 so I just set the speed to 500 remember this 500 you can write any number depending on the speed you want you can write any number and I'll be testing it on this ug tester I'll also leave the link in the description of this app if you want to so I'll execute and now watch the speed of the ball go crazy as you can see we change the speed and now the ball speed has changed so next I want us to look at how to add an extra menu so I'll just add an extra underground Hawk remember we only had three now I'm adding a fourth extra menu so I just added there up top to the choice so that it can be included and the user can select that so down here we'll come and add the code for the fourth option so if meny is four again we add another code so GG such number this time we'll be searching afloat numbers you can see it has a fractional part so it will be searching it as float as you can see when I go to when I go to select the data type I put in GD such number six point seven and it's float so remember we are replicating the first one it will also get resort this time as you can see did you get results a hundred will be getting their first hundred results and to edit easy edits all will be editing it to a higher number so maybe seventy-seven and again make sure to specify your data type even when editing so remember the – suppose float will enter float again and summarize we'll just end and now let's test these underground hug so again this is another game this is hide online so we'll just test the underground hug to see if it really works so I'll just select the underground hug and wait for the script execute so just let's see how these works boom there you go guys as you can see you can now hide underground is a game where you have to hide online and with this heart you can hide underground and as you can see it really works so next I want us to look at how to terminate a script as in when you're finished when you want to use that exit maybe they open the script without knowing or something like that they just want to exit so we'll add an exit option as you can see I added a field option that says exit now we'll go down here and add the code to exit as you can see if menu is 510 so we just add a simple code to exit as you can see or as exit and make sure it's function and now to end script and soon as we've done that we'll just test this exit script to make sure that it works as it's a post remember to save your file every time you execute so now let's exit NC boom as you can see script and then exit as soon as you select that it just exit remember if you want a full detailed guidance scripting check out my ebook vehicle for all functions and aspects of scripting with gameguardian link in the description and that's it for today guys and until May time you


  1. You can now make a lua script for any game you play.I have linked all apps and the script used in this video in the description for reference(source code) .
    For the full detailed guide on scripting check out my ebook here:
    We have lots of new scripts coming up comment below what games you would like to see next

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  2. menu=gg.choice({'Fly hack' , 'Speed hack' , 'Noclip' , 'Custom Speed' , 'Custom Jump' , ' Removr camera collision'})
    if menu==1 then
    gg.alert( 'Prison life script Not made by poke_')
    if menu==2 then
    gg.searchNumber('5' ,gg.TYPE_DW0RD)
    gg.editAll( '10' ,gg.TYPE_DW0RD)

    Dont copy mine tho lmao

    Edit: you can copy it but dont use the same name and alert thing

  3. Only the 1st part worked with the name but the flying stuff did not work for me it was making me mad

  4. Please can you make a script for deathrun portable I know of bit secret hack codes can you show me if is and in lua script?

  5. So lets say i search for 850 (Double). But you have to go 2 addresses up, how to do this. And the addresses are always different

  6. Ok so im an idiot and cant to anything so can someone please make a roblox script for jailbreak for a fly hack speed hack and noclip? I beg.

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