How To Hang Artwork From Picture Molding

how to hang artwork from picture molding hi it’s AlaskaGranny today I want to show you you can hang a picture or a painting from the picture crown molding in your home you need 3 things picture wire with D rings in it that fastens to the back of your painting moulding hooks that hang over the picture molding the picture molding and then the wire will hook over that say that here me any will take take braided wire or fishing line if you’d rather hook that over your hook and fasten it to the back of your painting you need tools you need some wire cutters or pliers with wire cutters scissors don’t cut wire step 1: measure down equally on either side somewhere in the top third of your painting take the D ring and screw it into the back one on either side once you have those twisted all the way in
you want to take the wire insert it into the D ring leave several inches extra so you can twist it together then you come to the other side and do the same you don’t pull it tight you wanna leave a little slack
so when you hang it has a little play to hold it on the hood now I’m gonna take the other side and put
it through the D ring and pull it through making sure I leave a
little slack keep the kinks out of it I’m leaving a little slack
and I’m gonna cut off excess I’m leaving several inches to twist and cutting off the
excess wire now I’m going to hod this a little loosely and twist this around making share that it will hold it tightly its twisted many times take my picture hanger the largest end over the picture molding the wire will hook over the hook if you were able to put a nail in the wall just hang it on this run one length of wire to the picture molding hook but because we live in earthquake country we’re going to use the wire from this D ring over the hook to this D ring we may
not necessarily be using this wire today but we can still use it in another application when we want to hang the picture I finished twisting this side together now extend this wire over
the picture molding hook and then I’m going to put it through this side and then I can pull it up or down and
secure it where I want the picture level that would be a good time to use
it see if your picture is level but your mind’s eye is pretty good I have it where I want it so I twisted it around I am going to snip off the extra wire and finish wrapping
it around if it’s way too high for you get a tall friend or a ladder okay I think it looks level but
actually have a level so I am going to check it straight you can see it’s not that difficult to hang a picture
using the hook that goes on picture molding if you or don’t want to put a hole in your wall Please subscribe AlaskaGranny channel

13 Replies to “How To Hang Artwork From Picture Molding”

  1. Nice video. But I think the things you screwed into the canvas stretchers are called screw eyes. D-rings are a little different. I usually use a similar method, but use two molding hangers spaced the width of the painting above for added security. Thanks for sharing.

  2. FINALLY a video with the same molding I have. I never realized it was for hanging pictures since it was so close to the ceiling. Now where do you locate those hooks? The box stores think I'm crazy when I try to explain it. Also great job in explaining the procedure from start to finish.

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