How to Find Graphic Design Inspiration

let’s talk to you a more lighter point
here how to find inspiration. One other thing
that designers often struggle with is how to get over creative blocks and
had discovered inspiration, and how to do that without necessarily
copying anyone. Now first of all, you have to get past your own idea that anything quote-unquote original, truly original exist! You
may have never seen it some I’ve been a thousand years ago
whatever idea you have someone’s had it. there’s 6.7 billion people in the world right now and yes some of them are toddlers but I’m
sure at some point someone had the same idea as you. I can’t tell you how many
times I’ve drawn or sketched something I wrote something down had a conversation
with some body and two years later I’m watching the
movie it happens! so again are in terms of inspiration stop thinking about it! walk away
from it you know and I do whole videos on
inspiration where you can find it: magazines, movies, books, music, the thing is you don’t think outside the box when you put
yourself in a cubicle so get out their experience the world
the world is your greatest inspiration and getting out your own head and
getting out your our usual environment from the best thing you can do again I don’t know if that is advice that
you’ve gotten so far anyway like this but if you like it
doesn’t construct a couple other awesome content on the channel as always you guys thanks so much for
watching and don’t forget create something awesome today

13 Replies to “How to Find Graphic Design Inspiration”

  1. Wow first!
    Haha nah but good video. I really like that you do daily video now, and that all of them are of difirent things that you need to now as a designer.

  2. What do you recommend as my first camera? I would like to take pictures and good video. I like an articulating screen and touch screen, but I just wanted to know if you had any suggestions.

  3. Thanks for this video, I've been struggling trying to think of ideas that people have not thought of yet but you are exactly right, someone somewhere has probably thought of the same idea. Keep making videos!

  4. I'm a high school student and I am equally interested in graphic design and illustration. Is it possible to major in both for college? And if so, would it cost more money or take more time?
    Thank you for any help I really appreciate it

  5. wow i love your videos, but your saying that nothing and nobody can be original, wow thats complete an utter bullshit, you find inspiration in everyday things yes like experiencing  life, true, but there are many ideas out there that haven't been done before or things that haven't been looked from different ,you can be original , its hard but its possible , if you are satisfied and you say oh everythings been done before ,I guess i'll just do the same thing thats lazy ,thats limiting. Designers can connect two unlike or similar things together and that certain angle or concept makes it original. Again no disrespect to you Roberto ,but I can't agree with you on that. 

  6. Hey Roberto quick question I want to make movie posters for a living, what type of skills should I master and how hard is it to get in a company to do that?

  7. @Roberto Blake I popped over here from Gary V's channel. I'm liking your vids!
    Question for you… we are looking for local graphic artists to help design graphics for some of our products. I'd love to give the opportunity to a college kid or someone with fresh vision and tons of hustle. Where are some good places I should look at in your opinion?

  8. I'm a step below senior designer where I work. What would you suggest I do other than what I've been doing which is continued research and fine tuning my skills? More leadership roles etc?

  9. Hey I have just found your channel through your MacBook Pro review and it's just what I've been looking for 🙂 Thank you so much and keep up the good work!

  10. "I can't tell you how many times I've thought of something, drawn something, talked with somebody, wrote something down, and then a few years later I'm watching the movie."
    THIS, I'm quoting this anytime the "original" concept comes up.

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