How To Find Clip Art, Fonts, Graphic Design, Mockups Using Creative Market and Canva

hey guys welcome back to my youtube channel I am super excited about today's video I'm gonna show you how to find clipart fonts graphic designs mock-ups and much more the correct way using creative market if this is your first time visiting my youtube channel consider subscribing I upload weekly videos to help you build an impact for online business so don't forget to go ahead and subscribe today so the reason why I wanted to do this video is because this is a trending topic on my Facebook group as well as my Instagram as well as my freelance clients and this is one of the questions I always get like when you're created listing from EXCI how do you do mock-ups or when you want to create something to sell on EXCI do I just Google graphic design and use the ones that I find online so the first thing that you do not want to do is Google anything and use those items those items are copyrighted so therefore if you start using them for whether it's personal or business you could get sued so make sure that you stop if you're doing this at the current moment do not Google anything and use it what you want to do is you want to use platforms like creative market that allows you to buy a license to go ahead and use it for personal or for business so just keep that in mind you want to use some platform like creative market now creative market is my favorite platform I will leave the link below that you could use it does have an affiliate link form from my end so just keep that in mind when you join creative market is free to join you don't have to pay anything and you could buy individual packages or you could do these bundle packages when you do the bundle packages you do save up more money because you're buying $100 worth of items but you get $10 bonus or if you buy 200 you get twenty two and then five hundred you get $60 bonus so just keep that in mind that if you do plan to stock but a lot of items these are the most popular ways to go about it now on what you can also do is I know for their freebies now every time that every I believe is every Monday they send out an email with free stuff that you could download so keep that in mind that these are free goods that you could download you also come up here and it will show you what's available at the current moment a lot of times they have social media templates they have clip arts they have also fonts so these are the free ones that are available to download currently so that's a nice thing about them that every time you get free stuff so just keep that in mind now with creative market it's very simple to use creative market to start creating beautiful principles that you could sell on EXCI so let's say I wanted to find white flowers so I could type in white flowers and this is gonna pull up all these beautiful flowers that I could use for my own designs so this set right here is one that I currently have and these are watercolor white flowers now keep in mind whenever you are about to buy something there are certain things that you have to look at there certain criteria that you should be looking for one is understanding exactly what you're buying what did you get included this is a bundle that comes with 61 graphic images so these are bundle of beautiful white flowers these are all the things you get with it you could click on the photo and it will reveal more of the items that you get this is a beautiful set that I currently have and it will tell you what exactly you guys so you get high quality photos and these images and with this clip arts you could use for pretty much anything you could put it on a poster and create sellable or create on principles on EXCI you could put it in a top bag if you want you could put it in a mug it's just pretty much depends on what you're looking to buy and what type of products you sell or next scene so keep in mind what are you exactly getting second thing you want to look at is what type of file is it so this is a PNG file which basically means that you're gonna get the flowers and the flower is gonna have a transparent background and that's usually works really really well because that means you could put it on top of any color any texture and it's gonna work really really well when creating beautiful designs now another thing you want to keep in mind is what is it compatible with so this particular design is compatible with illustrator Photoshop InDesign and also photo shop elements so if I wanted to use this on my Photoshop I could use it as well it's also compatible because as the PNG file is also compatible with canva comm which is an easier tool to use compared to Photoshop so this would be a really great Buy now the additional thing you want to do is kind of read the most frequently frequently asked questions and the lastly is reading the license it's very important that you understand what exactly you're buying you could buy it for personal which means that you're not gonna sell it this is something that you bind the flowers to create personal items for yourself you could do the commercial or the extended usually be the difference between commercial and extended is that commercial limits you to up to 500 sales versus commercial nice to extend the commercial less you sell it even more now every seller has a different meaning of it so what you have to do is make sure that you see what this seller is so this seller lets you sell up to 5,000 enter sales when it's commercial but up to 250,000 sales when it's extended commercial so just keep that in mind it's very very important that you read what you're buying so that way you're complying and you pain for these beautiful artwork these are people this is how they make a living by selling their beautiful artwork that you can start making a living off as well so in order for you to buy and make sure that you always make sure that you read it and you're fair with the buyer like for whatever reason are with a seller it will fall whatever reason you don't understand the license or is a bit confusing which can happen because it happens to me all the time I recommend reaching out to that particular seller and asking them whatever questions you have what can I use this beautiful clipart for what are my limitations I don't understand XY and Z and they'll be able to go ahead and explain it to you they usually take within a day or even less than that because they want the sale plus they want to work with you so just keep that in mind but normally this is where I go to find to find any type of clipart also you could do mock-ups so if you created something and you need a mock-up let's put in frame mock-ups right let's say you created it like a principle that you're gonna sell 1xe when you go to creative market you could find individual frames or you could do bundles I personally prefer the bundles because you get so much more for your money so for instance this bundle package you get 20 frames for $29 so essentially you're paying about a dollar and change for each one which is not bad at all this one you're paying three you're getting three hundred and seventy-five mock-ups for only $29 as you can see you could click on it as well and it's gonna show you what exactly what exactly you're getting so these are all the different mock-ups that you're getting you could click on it to kind of see how they look so you will put your picture frame your pictures up here this one is like a little bit of everything has a house the living room the kids room etc the kitchen so these are beautiful you can use this to illustrate your product and to increase your sales you want to make sure that when you are selling on any type of e-commerce platform your photos look amazing they're clear and people are intrigued by what you're selling and they click to buy from you so using markup is a great way to showcase whatever you're selling and as you can see they have tons and tons of markups you could buy wedding mock-ups so if you have a store that you sell wedding items you could come in here and you could buy this bundle this is another one that I own as you can see it says thank you for your purchase and this one is a beautiful package it has four table numbers it has four invites and this is how beautiful it makes your stuff look it has for stealing chard and it's very simple to use and once again you have to keep in mind what type of file do I mean so this one they have this song jpg file PDF and Photoshop so if you're okay with using PDF then this will work for you if you're okay we use in JPEG format this will also work for you I personally use Photoshop for this one and it's just beautiful as you can see it's just beautiful work on this seller Lena has outdone herself with this beautiful beautiful wedding mock-ups so for 24 you get 20 of them for a little price which is not bad at all so just keep looking through here and see something that resonates with you that goes with your branding it goes with your X eShop and it's gonna really really help you scale your business to the next level once you have the clipart or once you have the fonts or whatever you want to use and you have read the licensing and you know what type of format that particular item comes in then you go ahead and purchase it and you'll be able to download it instantly and this is how simple it is this is why I wanted you guys to stay all the way to the end this is how simple it is to create let's say a wedding sign so you could say welcome to our wedding right and they say this is just a sign that you create that you want to create like an entrance sign and this is using canva that kinda pay version you could do the free or pain I prefer to paid because I could do so much more with it plus I think it's worth for me using it because I do use it for my business zone and these are my uploads here so these are some of the stuff that I downloaded this is clipart that I bought from creative market and all I do is upload it to creative market and I could just click and drag and then I could put this a little bit more down so I'm gonna change the letters so let's to pinkish yeah no I like this one better okay and then what I'm gonna do is I'm going to add this one down here but I'm gonna see you flip it over and I'm gonna put it down here so this is how simple it is to create a product that I couldn't easily sell and make passive income on X C so as you can see it didn't take me that long to create this and you can play with it obviously you could change the font um if you want something a little bit fancier if you want something cursive if you want to change the background color it's really up to you but as you can see is very simple to use and I just did a sign within a few minutes so I wanted to show you guys the possibility of what you could do with X C or any other e-commerce platform that you could sell digital prints on or if you want to add these beautiful clip arts to a top bag if you want to add it to a mug or other things that you could sell on X C but just keep in mind that the best bet is to go through creative market they have an amazing ranch of different things that you can find so make sure that you go to creative market you play with it you start looking around and it's gonna really really help you take your business to the next level especially if right now you're using the same clip bar and you want to add a different different let's say different flowers if you want to do different listings similar listings but with different colors of flowers etc and that will help you also increase your inventory so just keep that in mind it's a really really great website if you enjoyed this video don't forget to give this video a thumbs up I have touched this all the two videos right here they're gonna really help you in more depth on how to create printables and how to make passive income on Etsy so don't forget to wash them and forget to leave a comment below if you enjoy this video thank you for watching

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