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go hey guys welcome to snap copies snappy copy tips we're working on the name i'm leanna patch this is my partner James Turner and we are talking today about how to evaluate whether your copywriter has actually done a good job especially if you're not familiar with what good copy is how do you know that the work you've been delivered is great James what do you think well yeah I mean it's a kind of a subjective thing that's hard especially for business owners who are so entrenched in their own projects to get around so I think this is definitely something that people could talk more about I think that one of the main things is like to not think about whether you like it personally as it you know doesn't sound like exactly what I want to hear because generally speaking if you're a business owner you're not your target customer yeah for sure that's a really I think that's a really good point that a lot of people especially people who are new to hiring copywriters sometimes miss and it is the jar the jar hits the jar the gun it's the job of the copywriter to to give you more context about why this is gonna work for your audience and to do some of that research so that they can point to it and say actually we know what will resonate with your audience because we've done that before so hopefully your copywriter has done some of that before sitting down to write I think other ways to evaluate did they meet the brief you know did they do what you have asked them to do or that they deliver something totally different and did they also consider how this copy will live inside a larger context or the larger funnel so if you ask somebody to write I had copy and it's very clear that they haven't visited the landing page you know that the ad will lead to we probably didn't do that great of a job that you yeah and I think one other consideration and this isn't an expectation but did they over deliver you know did they give you something a little extra or make a suggestion for a test that you could run or tell you what your next steps are with the copy so that they don't just send you a Google Doc and sort of like leave it up to you because that's adding more work to your plate as a client right for sure yeah I was thinking going back to what you said earlier whatever and you brought up Google Docs like that one of the great things about delivering in Google Docs is that you can write comments my work as asides like here's a headline and then here's the sort of like logical explanation as to why we chose this yeah contextualise it like or sometimes we've because we don't really offer revisions with snap we'll put in a comment and if we you're like aren't sure which way you're gonna land on something we'll be like well if this is the case then here's what we suggest and if this is the case right right I think that's like a fundamental thing especially in the digital like copywriting world where everything so you know suddenly you're like oh I need two segments for this you know all right yeah exactly sometimes you can make a suggestion that opens a business owners Minds to two different directions to take and then if you don't provide a copy to match and it's not helpful you're like showing off half of what you need yeah and I think especially because we do so much commenting in our Google Docs when we deliver to make sure that the context is really clear you know it's it's almost taking the place of a video so I know my myself and a lot of other copywriters with larger projects when we deliver them we record a walkthrough video if we can't get live on the call with the client and with snap the reason that we can turn around things so fast is because we can't get live on a call with a client or because we don't get live on a call we just do the work according to the brief make sure it's great and then send it off but we make sure that those comments are in there to explain why we've made decisions or what you can do alternatively if like this phrase doesn't work for you or resonate with you or whatever it is yeah yeah not to toot our own horn but like to tutor yeah a little bit okay anything else you want to say on how to evaluate your copyright No yeah I think that's pretty solid yeah perfect like interpersonal things like if you don't like them or you feel like they're not honest yeah I didn't want to go there because that was like a general in life as a piece of life thought is like if you gives you a bad feeling yeah right yeah like if it makes you feel icky like fine you're not the target use it but if it like genuinely makes you feel gross don't put that out yeah don't have to put out gross copy just because it'll make you money I don't think that's the point of anyone's Christmas that's that's true yeah your copy is in alignment with your message go ahead and test it the way that it was written by the experts you hired to do it I think that's it for us today thanks for watching and listening and we'll have a better name for you next time

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