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hey art friends welcome to another draw along life draw along and we got a special guest mrs. house she's gonna draw with us today and what are we drawing me yeah we're gonna drop mrs. Holmes you're the last person we did a job to complete our family yeah MVP the most valuable player in our family yes you keep us alive of course you're the most valuable player but before we do that we got to he got a drop or we got a spotlight one of our awesome art friends Andy she's awesome did she okay yeah yeah she did awesome on her little kitten and I'd love that she drew the background she the challenge was to draw the cat or the kitten going on vacation somewhere where they want to go on vacation and where did she do the little castle in the background I love it I love the Sun and the clouds and she even said that her favorite animal is a kitten I think that's why she's got the cute little awesome Annie and we want to congratulate all of our art prints that did the challenge because they all did awesome it's always so difficult to pick somebody to spotlight because everybody spends a lot of time completing the challenge we also want to say a big shout out to all of our art friends that are participating in the live chat because we're going to try to keep an eye on it and also answer some of their comments and and give some shoutouts to all right mrs. hubs are you ready yeah I think so you got your marker what else do they need for this lesson marker some paper and some coloring are you excited I don't do much practicing of drawing so give me a give me a break here you're gonna do awesome okay all right so we got we got our paper we got our marker and if you guys are just joining us if you don't have all of your art supplies remember you can always pause the video even though this is live so you can take extra time if you need to gather up your supplies and then come back okay you're right the first step okay we're gonna slide your paper over a little bit there we go it's like closer to me I don't mind all right okay you ready yes okay let's draw your eyes first we're gonna draw two circles we're gonna draw them in the middle of the paper but cut it towards the top and you don't have to worry about making your draw and let perfect remember yes what's the most important thing oh sorry we're gonna draw two eyes when I oh I like how much space you have I drew mine closer together but I wish I drew it like yours okay now we're gonna draw smaller circles than the top left and this is for the highlight I'm gonna try to keep an eye on our comments too because you're drawing with us now it's usually keep an eye on the comments I don't think a lot of our art friends know that you helped you do most of the answering on YouTube you answer people's comments and like them and press the love button and stuff I am behind the scenes on those comments yeah she helps she does most of all of the social media I like to leave little smiley faces on my comments too so so smiley face chances are it's misses hubs Narita and and we love you too we get so many of those cute we love so many you spend so much time too that's what's amazing to me is how much time you spend answering comments because we get so many comments I know and I want to get to all of them and I really do try so yes you do awesome yeah all right let's keep going we're gonna draw the top of your eyes now so we're gonna draw a you that goes over the top upside down you on each side and the top of the upside down you touches your pupil oh it's gonna be awesome the most important thing is to have fun you don't have to worry about me I'm drawn perfectly okay promise yes okay now we're gonna draw your nose we're good draw a little nose right in between your a little lower oh yeah that's a perfect spot okay now let's draw the shape of your face we're gonna draw your head so Oh actually let's add some eyelashes Oh dad Lee's favorite rule number one always add eyelashes I'm gonna add three little curves sticking out the side oh so it crafts and DIY this Queen says can you show a tour of your art room that would be kind of fun to do you should do a tour oh and the Gabriella says I was in your last dream Thank You Gabriela for following along with us and then unicorns Sparkle says hi I did the challenge my birthday is today can I get a shout out my name is Chloe Morgan I'm turning 11 happy birthday yeah that's awesome okay now it was let's try the shape through her face we're gonna draw a you that comes down under your eye or under your nose and back up on the other side where your other eye is okay you'll do awesome I like how big your drawing is yeah yeah that's good we're talking cartoon version all my brains smartness okay you try your mouth we're gonna try you happy and so I'm gonna draw smile like that and then I'm gonna add another you underneath that's a little smaller so your mouth is open and you're showing your pretty white teeth yeah there you go and then one more okay well let's draw a little cheek lens on each side okay now we gotta draw your pretty hair we're gonna draw a you an upside-down you to connect on each side so we're gonna we're gonna come up like this and then back down and I know you kind of look like you got a weird shape head but we're gonna draw the top of your hair after okay Paris says I love you forever we love you too and mind peak says love you from India Indian from and yet baby and ke AAP squad says I always I've always watched you guys videos since I was 10 years old mountain 12 Wow so they've been watching for two years some quick math but thank you that's also know you've been drawn with us for so long okay now we could draw it looks like you need I browse so I'm gonna add two little curves over here each eye okay I really I don't ever draw don't you got to stop saying that because you're doing awesome okay and I bet all of our art friends think you're doing awesome – maybe they should leave a comment to tell you you're doing a great job let's draw the top of your head so we're gonna draw your hair we're gonna start here on the outside of your head and we're gonna go up over and then back down it's like a really big rainbow line sometimes it's scary no it's good it's it's okay if you make mistakes okay looks great look even sprinkle of Molly says you're doing a great job mrs. hugs and TR says she's doing so awesome and Pony Sparkle says you are too thank you kids are awesome we have the best art no you're doing great you're right why are you probably more nervous that it's live right because you mean all the other videos that you've done we've recorded them so if we make it if you feel like you made a mistake we can always edit this is live we can't start over they can't start over crafty Pro says you're doing great – okay all right let's keep going okay so we're gonna finish your hair after we finish after we draw your body because your body is in front of your hair okay so we're gonna draw that after we'll come back to it so let's draw your body we're gonna start right under your chin and we're gonna draw two lines that come down like I think it's awesome because you know one thing I noticed answering like Instagram comments so we've got two lines that come down we're gonna draw you tall when we check out all of the Instagram posts and everybody that's sharing their photos their art it's cool it's so awesome to see parents drawing with their kids – yeah I didn't want to give a huge shout out to all the parents and even grandparents and and other family members that are drawing along with their kids because it's so much fun seeing their drawings – so we drew a shape this is for your legs and then let's try your feet so we're gonna connect each side I'm gonna draw little feet there we go sideways you and I'm gonna do the same thing over here those are my pointy shoes yeah you like you like I do yes wear them so often anywhere right now Olivia yeah you have to stay very mobile she's crazy now let's draw the bots we're gonna draw you with your gold sandals oh yeah mrs. Hobbs has the best shiny gold sandals so I'm gonna draw lines underneath for the for the soles of your sandals okay oh look at this we got a ton of other other people saying that you're doing an awesome job Simone says do you love pizza yes who love pizza even you may have pizza today so I'm gonna draw the top of your sandals to draw two curves on each side and then let's draw your pants okay okay we're gonna draw a line for your waist just draw a line straight across and we can also join you with pants okay here we go bottom of your pants now one of my favorite shirts that you wear is your You Tube shirt so let's try a YouTube logo okay okay I got ejected all right well let's draw a sideways V we're gonna draw a play button we're in Josh sideways V then we can draw a line to connect the left side and then let's draw the outside shape and it's really just a rectangle but you could draw the corners rounded so we'll start here and we can draw an L that goes underneath and then it curved one of the corners and then let's draw the top we're gonna draw an upside down out so curve the corner like that and then we'll curve it coming back down it's just as simple like a simple wait this corner is really big do this that's okay oh you did it perfect okay great job okay let's draw we're gonna draw you holding some food yes because one of your favorite things to do is cook well it's one of my favorite things that you do but you do like cookie dough yeah and the kids are our favorite meal that you have that you cook us is tacos so we draw a taco okay okay so right here next to your body we're gonna draw a taco on a plate so we'll draw an upside down you and you could draw it kind of close to your chin because we're gonna draw you holding the plate like this every almost every Tuesday is yes something yeah and then we have gift baby says so cute mrs. hubs and then the random life says what's your favorite fruit my favorites were melon yes yeah it's almost we have watermelon in the house like all the time yeah you like we'll cut it in half put one in in the fridge downstairs to save it yeah the half of it and then the other half you cut and put it in a bowl and then we put it in the fridge in so good yeah watermelon yes yeah we look forward to it okay let's draw the rest of our I'm gonna draw a little line down here at the bottom so we're gonna draw it 3d and then we can draw the layer so I'm gonna draw a little bumpy line for the meat and the taco then we could draw another bumpy line for the lettuce or the cheese and we could do another bumpy line like that layer it yeah that looks awesome that looks really good okay then we can draw the outside of the taco the other side of the taco Sheldon another curve that comes down okay Brendan O'Connor says I love watermelon too and yeah is Muhammad says love from Dubai I am five when I started watching you and now I'm ten Wow that's better that's a long time five years there's a lot of people that say I love watermelon too it's so good oh I forget how good it is we're gonna go eat some let's try the bottom of the taco we're gonna draw a curve that connects the left side over to the right I keep sliding over I keep crowding yesterday they're gonna be next I do secretly now let's draw the plate we're gonna draw a curve that starts a little si and it's gonna come around like this underneath the taco and I'm back around on the other side hooks 3ds plate taco flow bean taco plate okay let's draw your arm holding it so we start right here we're gonna draw a V that comes down like this back up yeah that's okay you could draw actually you could drop going behind so you can start here and go behind and then pick it back up in them back Valkyrie art and game says I just started watching your channel and I loved it thank you so much I'm glad you came yeah we're glad they found us it's so cool and when we get new art friends that subscribe to us somebody says it's 10:45 p.m. here in India that's pretty cool that we got art friends all over the world and I think it's so fun to see how all the different places too so if you guys want to leave a comment and tell us where you're drawing from again that's always fun to see where you guys are at all right let's try that the rest of your arm we're gonna draw another V that comes down hopes that little wobbly comes down and then we're gonna come back up like this and connect to the plate so maybe on mine oh let's see you could draw let's draw it yeah maybe a little V right here we'll go down and then back up okay and then that'll be your elbow right here yes oh that looks awesome and then you can draw another one that comes down like this and I'm how that works I like how it you have overlapping it makes it look even more 3d and you have to yes sometimes you gotta compromise a little compromise yeah to change it change it up let's draw other let's draw it your hand your other arm on your hip okay so you look like Wonder Woman so we're gonna draw a sideways V superwoman [Laughter] oh all moms should get the MVP Ord should wear medals yes do so much should get first place love your mom's big hugs they need it okay now let's draw the let's draw the inside of your arm we're gonna draw another V sideways V that's smaller and before you connect it like this you can bump it up like that so it looks like a hand hey mister pigeon says I'm making a cartoon at California in cartoon studio that's pretty cool and svet so let's see where some of our art friends are drawing from Alabama Texas Michigan we used to live in Michigan doing yes Canada Colorado Canada Africa Wow China somebody says it's 6 p.m. in South Africa Wow please draw a trumpet oh that would be quote Massachusetts Macedonia Massachusetts Philadelphia Illinois is so cool Wow look at those now they're all coming in Dubai California Arizona United say I love you United States Colorado Rockies Wisconsin I'm drawing from Calgary Brazil oh my gosh that's so neat to see where you guys are drawing from alright now let's just let's finish oh we need two sleeves on your shirt I draw two little lines for sleeves sure yeah it's not tank top Hey now let's finish your hair and we're almost done with our drawing okay so we're gonna draw you a straight hair we're gonna finish we'll draw up the line coming down like this and then I'm gonna curve right at the end sometimes you have little curly the end okay I'm gonna do the same thing on the other side now this side is going to go behind the taco so we're going to draw a line it comes down imagine it going behind the taco and then curling right at the end I saw a question Friday night then I missed it where did it go absolutely oh yes as your channel is the best and it inspires me to do art love from UK you guys deserve a prize for best youtubers thank you let's draw the bottom of your hair I'm gonna draw a curve that comes down like this on each side and then connects into your body to finish your hair okay all right what what's what's what's something else that you like doing besides cooking what's that your favorite thing to do you know one of the things like to I like to go shopping when I get a minute yes I like you like makeup I like makeup yeah I like to do you like taking care of your family let's try yes I like one of the kids at you yeah I caused most of the problems let's draw let's draw a shopping bag because you like to shop I do like okay so get a draw rectangle right next to right next to you it's sitting on the ground so I'm gonna draw a really tall L okay I want to draw a little wider there we go oh so you can fit more stuff in that oh we're gonna upside down L then we can make it 3d so I'm gonna add little it's gonna look like a table on its side so I'm going to draw a little line sticking out on each side like this and they're all going the same direction in the same length then we can go around and then connect those lines this it that's a really simple way to draw a cube or like a rectangle yeah a box now we're gonna draw handles your shopping bag so we're gonna draw it upside down you this is what's gonna make it look like a shopping bag and we're gonna draw another upside down you the same size like that next to it okay there you go cute little shopping bag we can color it pink to mrs. Hobbs you did awesome on drawing yourself did you have fun yeah we're not completely done right now what do we still need to do yeah we need a color so I'm gonna color your hair black actually and then I've got some of that we've got our colored pencils and our friends can use their imagination and color whatever they want but you want to follow along with me yes and then while we're coloring we'll still answers more of your art friends questions and stuff so what else maybe you can think of okay so the last challenge we did was a vacation so to draw the kitten going on vacation okay I want to ask you what your favorite tell our friends what your favorite vacation is where do you want to go and then while you're thinking maybe you can color – okay Australia that's where I want to go – why do you want to go there you want to hear the accent yeah I want to see that all the animals – I love drawing Australian animals we've got cooler couple more colorful birds and awesome awesome kangaroos marsupials okay where else you go to Australia yeah we go there a lot knowing the kids say it's their favorite but it's really our favor you know what we never we haven't taken them to Disneyworld we should go to Disneyworld Disneyland my hair is gonna walk out my someone asks how many minutes or hours is your livestream going to be we're almost done so we're just gonna finish coloring and then we'll be done but our next live stream is actually going to be Friday this coming Friday we're gonna do it at the same time ten o'clock this week we've been trying the ten o'clock time to see if more of our friends can join in we've been doing that at at one o'clock so let us know if one o'clock or ten o'clock is better for you and that's Mountain Standard time so 10 a.m. Mountain Standard Time or one a 1 p.m. Mountain Standard Time let us know if you like would rather draw with us in the morning or in the afternoon I know sometimes people that so what I was thinking was if we drew earlier in the day some of our friends that are on the other side of the world could draw with us because it wasn't so late so that's that was what we were thinking oh you look so pretty with your black hair all right chess time says morning oh and the stairs world says Edna mode we argue to draw Edna mode I promise I know we said we're gonna draw her you guys have probably been waiting Edna mode and Frozone are that still the two characters that we want to draw from Incredibles I love Edna mode Edna she was so funny in the second one can you please draw a knight fighting that would be awesome we got a lot of people say morning and drop void from Incredibles – she was the one that I think opened up the portals I think that was her name you haven't seen it yet I'm sorry I want I didn't swallow it Kat Kait says I love these streams you please do a tiger Marissa Lopez s huge we have an awesome tiger lesson that's gonna post tomorrow at 10 a.m. mountain time so be sure to check that out it's of a face Tiger face and it's realistic so worse I'm super excited about that one Owens it's really awesome it's gonna be my new favorite lesson all right I'm gonna start coloring your face now oh you're still working on your hair got a lot of hair you do have a lot of hair you have a lot of hair very realistic I love your picture I love that how far apart your eyes are because I think it makes your drawing look cuter I think it's really cute yeah I like it can you draw Star Wars we should draw more Star Wars simply draw a kawaii elephant we have a really cute elephant uh-oh kuru of cool kid says I messed up what do you gotta tell them crew of kids he said they messed up okay it's okay because you can just do it again yeah you can make it work like how I just keep going I made my top my arm right but I made it work yeah and it's fine yes it's fine and if you do start over I promise the second time you I always say it I promise the second time you draw your do your drawing it'll always turn out better than the first time it's kind of like riding a bike so the first time we did you when you were learning how to ride a bike mrs. hopes yeah did you jump on the bike and just start writing no yeah you did you had to would you have to have fell down multiple times okay maybe even got hurt a couple times that's the nice thing about drawing is you most likely won't get hurt you might draw on your hand but it doesn't hurt so practicing is the most important thing one of the most important things when you're drawing remember to always practice it's okay if you mess up just keep going I think it's awesome that's why we draw with markers actually is so that we don't spend any time erasing I know a lot of people are like why do you draw with markers and why do you give your kids markers it's because it's because um if I give them if we give them a pencil then a lot of times kids will just they'll spend all their time trying to erase and trying to make their drawing look perfect and they don't realize that their drawing is perfect it looks really good and they just need to keep going just keep drawing and it will turn out awesome when they're all done yeah okay your face oh yeah sorry now yes you don't color the white where your eyes yep good job if you need a pencil sharpener there you go this is Hubbs I love drawing with you you need to draw more with us now your practice you'll feel more confident I know I should go make so once a while give you a break maybe we should just have you teach an art lesson all by yourself [Laughter] oh if somebody wants to know what your name is my name is Taryn Taryn how do you spell it ry n te ry n you don't hear that very often it's a super pretty name thank you yeah yeah so we call you mrs. Hubbs yeah instead and sometimes they call me mr. Hubbs but I like Rob better you just call me Rob sleepytime so it says it's time for sleepy sleepy butterfly someone requested that we drop butterfly Karen your name is gorgeous sprinkle of Molly says tearing your name is Gordon is pretty name draw a bunch of laughing trees did Toys R Us close by you yes it did Toys R Us is all closed oh sorry okay let me sweep it I always do that to the kids and then controller pencil shavings all right I'm gonna add a little peach pink to your cheeks all right so I think we should probably draw one of the Incredibles on Friday either that or actually might draw a Polly Pocket too so we got a new we got a new thing from Mattel that we wanted to draw and it's Polly Pocket it's really cool we got to show our friends that so maybe we might do that polly pocket or Incredibles we'll see love didn't you grow up with Polly Pocket yes I know and showed up your leg oh my god this reminds me of when I was a kid yeah well please do a Disneyland vlog we did record some of one of our vacations to Disneyland didn't we a long time ago yeah we should we should do that again we should go on vacation then do a vlog of us going on I think it's video of us going down mountain yeah Splash Mountain I think Austin was did Austin go on that with us yeah I can't remember yeah we should do it again Warren that's a good excuse to go to Disneyland let's go although taking Olivia am not sure about she's not quite ready for vacation actually let me say that again I'm not quite I'm not quite [Laughter] great color your pants black yours straighten your paper okay we always that's another thing too I don't know if are our friends some of our friends do know this but we usually we always draw with more than one sheet of paper that's because we're using a marker and it's soaks through see how it soaks through onto the other sheet you want to make sure that you have more than one sheet of paper so that it doesn't get on your table mom and dad will appreciate that Abba able wellness says you're the best people in the world thank you so much cooking with Hayden says notice me notice me where are you drying from we're drying from Utah yeah in the USA where it's 240 degrees it's so hot right now yeah are you sweating I'm sweating [Laughter] faster okay all right we're almost done what is your favorite store to shop at that is a great question target target target target and Costco you number one and actually you like shopping online don't you so it just comes in the mail and then you even buy clothes that way and then take them if they don't fit then we just take them back back and back yeah I cannot spend that thing how did you do this cute little pink that's so cute okay so you start really dark so I started really dark at the top press really hard right under your eye and then it's just like makeup yeah and then you kind of feather it or what would you call it you like blend it down here at the bottom they would go just right you don't have to all right Kate wait red go ahead and then I'm coloring we have this really cool gold pencil we're using a person with colored colored pencils we say this a lot in our videos because we always get the question is what kind of pencils are using we're using the imprisonment color clear pencils and I have links below this video where you can go over to Amazon and purchase it purchase the same colored pencils all right what color do you want okay I'm gonna color your shopping bag pink what is your favorite color mrs. hubs and then what is your favorite dessert after that okay I like golden pink golden pins black those are playing right through here yeah I would agree with ya you're gonna keep coloring okay I like dessert anything chocolate See's candy yeah but I think those I love cinnamon rolls oh you make the best cinnamon rolls I do like cinnamon rolls and chocolate chocolate and ice cream I like ice cream a lot of it yeah cuz I'm still in a shirt I'm sure it makes your stomach you like but more than that you are you're actually like a soft-serve ice cream yeah you like just going to the gas station getting soft-serve ice cream for dessert you're like taco color yeah you can find me at the gas station I'm gonna get green for my lettuce my taco lettuce I'm all done yeah do you do this everyday yeah I practice a lot I'm gonna go around and I'm gonna add a thick line that goes around the whole outside of your body I like how this looks just kind of makes it look more cartoony we're gonna do that and then let's answer a few more comments see if you can get your coloring done and then we'll say goodbye to our friends so we want to remind you guys though we're gonna draw a live again this coming Friday at 10 a.m. Mountain Standard Time don't forget and if you're watching this later today so we're gonna post this video even though it's live right now I'm going to post it again so our friends can watch it later if you're watching this and you missed our live stream be sure to subscribe and turn on notifications so you don't miss our live draw Long's you can draw with us and you can participate in the live chat oh you know what it looks like we got I totally forgot about checking the donations and look we have two donations Meghan donated five dollars and I think that was before our lesson started and then Miss Anne Eve Rick donated two dollars and says love you guys thank you so much the donations mean a lot to us and timothy george says what are you going to draw in your next life stream I think I'm thinking it might be Incredibles but it might be polly pocket too so we'll see o draw a black lab if somebody says oh I'm drawing from Ireland Gary Ryan says from Ireland I'm gonna go to Ireland – yes I would love to go to Ireland okay are you almost done yeah you need peach on your feet okay and gold on your sandals easier color your taco – okay well you're doing that I'm gonna try to answer more of our friends comments Oh Julian Gaming says I just got here and got the crying faces emojis that's okay if they just joined because you can rewind this video actually because you're here you could actually get the little cursor and start it over and draw with us from the very beginning also be sure to turn on notifications so that you get notified for our next live stream so don't worry you could still draw with us and let me see some of these other comments draw more realistic birds that's chess time yes we need to draw more realistic birds because I love birds drei sunset please drop fortnight Raven drift Ragnarok okay those are the three skins that Jack wants to draw Wow that's from Anish Carrie says please drop for tonight Raven that's the one that you've been saying we got a draw because everybody and then Jack wants to draw a drift like crazy that's the new one that just came out and Ragnarok we get a lot of requests for so those three are coming up I promise and then Rosie Rosina Sunday Sunday says please draw the whole family and we have we've drawn the whole family in fact up here in the corner I think if you click the eye there should be a card that you can if you're watching this on your computer you can click our playlist where we have our whole family there know we're all there now that we've yep Taryn were tearing missus hopes we're all here we're all here so we've drawn the whole family you know you guys can do that okay dallisa answer a couple more questions and then we're gonna say say goodbye Oh fortnight bright bomber please make timmy turner let Stevie Turner from from that cartoon that's one it sounds like an order to fairy Oh fun fun things to do with wrap says she is so pretty I agree with English Mastiff puppy I'm drawing from Texas El Paso what about Olivia we've drawn Olivia she should be in the playlist to where we drew her as a baby she we drew her a long time ago and she has a diaper and a binky yeah it's one of my favorites isn't that video as a little little teeny baby at the very beginning mrs. Hobbs you did such a great job on your drawing did you have fun yeah now see you're nervous about drawing yourself what you did great and I even like yours even a little more than mine well a lot more actually but they both look some don't they yes yes okay they turn out good and even though they're different they still look amazing and it's the same with the art prints if you're trying to look a little different than ours that's okay because the most important thing is to have fun and to practice practice yeah okay now we're not completely done with our drawing right what time is it it's oh it's challenge time it's challenge time we didn't challenge our friends and fitness enjoins okay what what should we challenge them to do the challenge is put me in a beautiful background beautiful background like she'll be really relaxing relaxing it could be a spa I love I love that if they drew you on a beach you would have a taco and a shopping bag on the beach don't be awesome I do whatever my stuff I shop Florida yes should be happy yeah yeah so draw a background that would make mrs. Hubbs happy or you could even draw the family oh yeah show the whole family like small thing you could draw this ourselves out of crews you could draw and you could draw her in this story you can draw her at Target with the taco that would be awesome that'll be cool target at taco when you're all done with your drum be sure to ask your parents to take a photo of it and post it on Instagram and use two tags the first one notifies us that you've actually posted something that's our four kids hub and the second one is a hashtag what do you remember the hashtag is hashtag FK challenge FK h FK h challenge challenge yeah FK showers like yousa are together and then we're gonna pick one lucky art friend to spotlight in our next live video which is gonna be friday right yes so we're not gonna do the spotlight tomorrow we'll do it Friday at 10:00 a.m. Mountain Standard time we love drawing with you guys we hope you had a lot of fun drawing with mrs. hubs and we'll see you later our friends bye-bye

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