How To Draw Kattycorn From Cupcake And Dino

hey our friends today we're gonna draw candy corn from cupcake and Dyna yeah we've already drawn cupcake and I know so be sure to check out that lesson on the creators of the show asked us if we could draw more characters from cupcake and Dino and we got super excited because we love this show we said yes we want to draw lots of oh definitely definitely and where can our friends watch it Netflix so if you haven't seen it yet be sure to check it out and we're going to be drawing a couple more characters this week and we're also gonna have a challenge at the end of this week so be sure to check that out too now what do we need for this lesson a marker some paper and something to color with alright let's get started we're first gonna draw a kid horns eyes and they're really big we're gonna draw them in the middle of our paper and we're gonna draw them about this big really big I'm gonna draw another one we're gonna draw it really close to the to the first one and we want to draw the second eye the same size yeah okay now his nose is kind of a heart so we're gonna draw it right here in between two of the two eyes and I'm gonna draw it kind of a c-shape and then we'll draw another C shape going the other way yeah now let's draw a line that comes down then we're gonna draw his mouth and I'm first gonna draw a little smile that connects to that line and then we're gonna finish the rest of this smile it's open we're gonna draw a jelly bean shape we're gonna come around like this and connect to the other side yeah I smiling really big and showing his teeth then let's draw two lines straight down inside for his teeth all right we need to draw the cheeks oh and you drew an extra line I like it let's draw one cheek and two cheeks now we're missing the pupils so let's come back up here so it doesn't look scary we're gonna draw another circle we're gonna draw looking up so we're gonna draw another circle about this big right here touching the top right of the big circle yeah oh that's alright I like it and so you drew more of an oval shape now it's okay we're gonna draw another circle over here on this side and you can draw more of an oval shape if you want yeah there you go now let's draw big over actually it's a smaller circle this is for the highlight right the reflection so those eyes look shiny let's draw another smaller one down here and we'll do the same thing over here but we're gonna draw it going the other direction are on the other side and then we'll draw a little one down here now we're ready to draw his horn we're gonna draw a big a shape right above his eyes we're gonna go up like this and then back down then we can draw little bumps to connect the bottom of his horn now we're gonna draw the shape of his head we'll start here on the horn and we're gonna draw a big C shape that comes around like this and then underneath we're gonna stop right below the eye and almost right under the mouth and get close to the eye over here yeah come around stop then we're going to do the same thing over here on this side we're gonna but backwards or the other direction coming down like this around and then stop right under the eye now let's draw our candy corns ears we're going to draw another a shape right here for the left ear and another one over here for the right beer alright what should we draw on the cheeks whiskers whiskers let's draw three lines I'm gonna draw a long line medium line and a short line and we'll do the same thing over here long line medium short we did it had laid now let's draw his body we're gonna start right here we're gonna draw a curve that comes down and we're gonna do another one on this side also so it matches both sides and then he has a little patch of fur under his chin so let's draw a u-shape and then we'll draw a small u-shape on both sides there we go alright now let's draw his first arm we're gonna start right here and we're gonna draw a curve that comes out to the side let's draw both arms at the same time so this side I'm gonna draw the arm coming up so we'll draw a same length but curving up now let's draw another one coming down on this side for the other side of his arm and this one going up there yeah then right here for his paw we're going to draw three little bumps one two three and connect today and we'll do the same thing over here one two three alright now we could draw his legs let's draw his first leg right here we're gonna draw a curve going this direction and then we could draw another curve right next to it for the other side of his arm or sorries foot bird's leg I mean his leg that's when I met his leg now I couldn't draw too busy drawing now we're gonna draw a u-shape for his hand I mean his foot now let's draws fingers I mean toes okay sorry it's getting old you have two little lines for his toes now let's draw his other leg over here we're gonna draw a curve it's gonna curve up like this we're gonna go up connect to the side of his body come past and then down yeah and then right here we're just gonna draw a short line that starts right here and then comes down to there then let's draw his other foot on this side and those two toe lines right at the end now let's connect his two legs we'll start right here and we'll draw a line that comes across and connects to his leg all right heavily he's missing something over here on the left his tail his tail it's a really cool tell we're first gonna draw a big curve that comes down like this almost touches the ground who actually were drawing him jumping so the bottom of his foot so you could go down a little further there we go now let's draw the end of his tail we'll draw a little u-shape then we'll draw a big u-shape then let's draw another little u-shape and this one's gonna come up higher then we'll draw two little bumps yeah and then this one is gonna get closer to the other curve yeah there you go and then we'll connect back into his body there's this tail now we need to draw his backpack let's first draw the strap we're gonna draw one strap right here and then we could draw another strap on this side then let's draw the backpack right here right I'm going to draw a little line right here connecting his head to his arm and then we're going to imagine that going behind his arm and then it's going to come down and connect to his tail and then the bottom of the backpack is going to come underneath his tail and then into his leg now let's come up here and let's draw his hair I'm gonna draw a curve right here in between his ears and also his horn then we can imagine that curve going behind the ear coming out over here and then we're gonna do a little zig zag halfway down his head and then we'll come down and connect to his arm good now the very last thing that we need to draw is his eyebrows if we're gonna draw a little upside-down U over this eye and another upside down you order this I had ly we did it we finished drag category he looks really cool except we still need to do one last thing to make him look even cooler yeah we need a color on this part we're gonna fast forward but at the end you guys can always pause it to match the same color you ready fast forward give it five badly you did awesome on coloring Katie corn did you have fun yes you guys can pause the video right now to match the same coloring we actually mix two colors on top of each other to get the fur color we use true green or it's really just a light green and also this light blue or powder blue don't forget to add a rainbow colors to his tail and also a little purple stripe on his horn yeah we do we hope you had a lot of fun be sure to stay tuned for more lessons from cupcake and Dino and also stay tuned for this coming Friday for an awesome challenge it's gonna have to do with see you later our friends go bye

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  1. you guys deserve 100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000, likes and 0 not likes i also don't know kattycorn or cupcake and dino but i still like the way you drew kattycorn! 🙂

  2. I love your drawing of Kattycorn ! It's so cute and Fantastic ! You guys are the best cartoon drawers in your whole family artist tree !

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