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[MUSIC PLAYING] – Hello everyone,
and welcome to “Let’s Draw Star Wars,” the show
where we teach you how to draw everything Star Wars. I’m Art Trooper
Adam and, as usual, here with me today is
our good friend R3-A3. How you doing, A3? – [COMPUTER SOUNDS] – It’s all good, buddy. R3’s a little
nervous about today. So why don’t we just
cut to the chase. Today’s lesson is
going to be a fun one because we’ve
invited a special guest artist to join us. Let’s all give a warm welcome
to our good friend Chopper. Hey, Chopper. – [COMPUTER SOUNDS] – Sometimes it’s fun to
draw with the friend, that way you can collaborate. Give each other
constructive feedback. – [COMPUTER SOUNDS]
– Hey. Hey.
Stop it. Come on guys, you’re
making us look bad. R3, just sit here. Chopper, let’s roll up here. Listen. I happen to work at
Industrial Light and Magic, and you want to
know what the most important thing an employee
needs to have to work there is? – [COMPUTER SOUNDS] – Well, yeah, having
a strong portfolio is important for some jobs. – [COMPUTER SOUNDS] – Yeah, Chopper? – [COMPUTER SOUNDS] – That’s right. The most important skill to
have is being able to work well and collaborate as a team. So R3, why don’t you apologize
to Chopper, and Chop, would you please stop
pushing R3’s buttons? – [COMPUTER SOUNDS] – Now, our special guest
is joining us today because Chopper is going to be
the subject of today’s lesson, helping us learn
how to combine a few the things we’ve learned
to draw previously. Stick around to the end
to see both the drawings. You guys ready? – [COMPUTER SOUNDS] – Let’s get started. Chopper is a C-1
series droid that was a loyal member
of the Ghost crew, assisting with everything from
ship maintenance to combat, even though he didn’t
always want to. After many years of
repairs, patch jobs, and the occasional
repaint to go undercover, Chopper has a beat up, worn
look that matches his sometimes cranky personality. So to draw Chopper today,
we’re going to break it down into five easy steps. Step 1, we’re going to
draw a center line that’s going to help us
keep things even and symmetrical on
both sides of him. And on that center line,
we’ll draw the body by drawing a cylinder
with two ovals that are perpendicular
to the center line and connect the sides. In step 2, we’re
going to continue drawing a couple of
tapered cylinders for his head and booster mount. Step 3, we’ll draw four
horizontal lines that run perpendicular to the center
line that will help keep things even on both legs, and then
we’ll draw on the shoulders, legs, and feet. And step 4, we’ll draw a
couple of curved guidelines around the body and head to
help us place his stripes, his eyes, and his panel detail. And in the last step,
using all our guidelines and construction
lines, we’ll ink in and we’ll start to
rough in his hands. Step 1. Starting with the
construction lines, we’re going to draw a diagonal
center line that will represent the center of our drawing,
and it’s going to help keep things symmetrical. Drawing Chopper
diagonally will also help convey his quirky
and off-kilter attitude. As you can see here, I’m
rotating my paper all the time and it’s something I
definitely encourage. Step 2. Now we’re going to
continue with some more of the tapered
cylinders that make up Chopper’s body, including his
head and his rocket booster mounts. Chopper’s head gets
smaller towards the top, so we’ll draw a
smaller oval at the top and connect the two
side lines to form his tapered, cylindered head. And then for his
rocket booster mount and the nozzle on the bottom,
we’ll do the same thing. Connect the sides to make
a mount for the rocket. And finally, we’ll draw
on the booster nozzle. We’ll draw an oval in the
center of the bottom mount and a slightly
larger one, and then connect the sides of the ovals. Step 3 will be laying in
the legs and to do so, we’ll first draw
some construction lines that’ll help keep
things even between the two. So I’m going to
draw four lines that are perpendicular
to our center line. [MUSIC PLAYING] And now that I have
those in, we’ll go ahead and start to
block in the shoulders, so we’ll put one shoulder
here on the left. And if you notice, Chopper is
made up of different parts, and he’s got one shoulder that’s
a little different silhouette than the other one, so
I’ll sketch that in there. Now we’ll add in the leg
strut below his shoulder. [MUSIC PLAYING] And we’ll start to block in
his feet, big trapezoids. [MUSIC PLAYING] And there’s sort of this
pill-shaped box that is on the inside of
his feet that you see on mini Astromech Droids. [MUSIC PLAYING] And we’ll add his
little radar dish thingy at the top of his head. [MUSIC PLAYING] For step 4, we’re going to
start laying in some guides that we can place
our final details. So following the curve of
the cylinder that makes up his body and his
head, we’re going to lay in a couple
of helpful lines and kind of go across the body. We’ll add in the ribs for
the rocket nozzle mount. I highly encourage
using reference when drawing, especially
if you’re drawing a specific thing, so if you
have a picture of Chopper or you got a toy of Chopper, you
know, use it to help you draw. [MUSIC PLAYING] And he’s got like a hydraulic
hose of some sort on one leg. I’m going to get that
sketched in there. And lay in the center
eye here and there’s about an eye’s width
apart from his other eyes. And we’ll start to sketch in
the placement of the painted strap around his head. [MUSIC PLAYING] It kind of comes up here over
the one eye with a little gap between the two other eyes. Now we’ll start to sketch
in the basic shapes that make up Chopper’s
utility arm, mandible thingy. It’s kind of a shape of
a like a blocky arrow and it moves within. [MUSIC PLAYING] Sketch in some of the
panel detailing here. There’s one little patch that
you got on your chest there. It’s a little yellow patch. It’s a little
droopy, so I’m going to draw it a little angled. It adds to your
character and you’ve been through a lot, Chopper. And we don’t have to draw
every single detail, but just enough that we know it’s you. Step 5, now that we have all
our construction lines laid out, we can go in and
finish the drawing by adding in the final details. [MUSIC PLAYING] Chopper’s arms are great because
they are made of basic shapes, so I’m just going
to sketch in an arm here with a little
circle for his elbow and a little triangle, skinny
triangle, for his forearm. [MUSIC PLAYING] Put two little circles
here on your mandibles so they look like they
can pinch open and close. Little rectangles and
your biceps and then we’ll draw his little pinchers. [MUSIC PLAYING] We’ll draw one closed and we’ll
draw this one over here open. [MUSIC PLAYING] Since you’re kind
of at an angle here, I think it’s appropriate if
we draw in some flames coming out of your booster nozzle. [MUSIC PLAYING] And there you go. I’m going to call that done. So that’s my Chopper. OK, everyone. R3 and Chopper are finished
with their drawings, so let’s take a look
at Chopper’s first. – [COMPUTER SOUNDS] – Look at that! It’s pretty good. What’s going on here with your– you’ve got a medal and is
that a no R3 thing and a– – [COMPUTER SOUNDS] – I don’t know–
that’s not very nice. – [COMPUTER SOUNDS]
– All right. Let’s take a look at R3’s. [MUSIC PLAYING] – Um– clearly, you guys
have a lot more to learn about working together. – [COMPUTER SOUNDS] – That’s it for today’s lesson. Did you learn something new? Let us know in the comments. Thanks for watching
and until next time, I’m Art Trooper Adam.
– –and this is Chopper. – [COMPUTER SOUNDS]
– May the Force be with you. – [COMPUTER SOUNDS] [MUSIC PLAYING]

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