How To Draw A Hibiscus Flower 🌺

hey our friends today we're drawing a flower which one are we joined hibiscus that's a tricky word where's it from Hawaii we want to go to Hawaii don't we yes yes we want to lay on the beach oh we hope you're gonna fall along with us you got a marker and some paper you got your marker all right let's do this let's first start by drawing a curve right here in the middle of our paper we're gonna draw like this that cool we're gonna drop a little more in the center right about there yeah now we're gonna draw the center of our flower it's gonna be a long line that comes out like that yeah and then we're gonna try another one right next to it is that cool down here at the bottom it's a little thicker and it gets thin and a little thicker towards the end good job okay now on the end let's draw a couple bumps on the end okay looks like a hand and an arm doesn't it now at the very end let's draw a bunch of little round circles all around and we're gonna fast for this part but you guys can pause it so that you have time to draw all of the little circles okay now we're ready to draw the petals and they're super big so we're gonna start here we're gonna draw a big curve that comes out it's not cool start there big curve yeah then we're gonna draw another kind of wavy line comes down back up and back in to that curve you could draw it kind of crazy there you go good you did it now let's draw the next petal above this one we're gonna draw wavy line that comes out so we can start here draw out two there then we're gonna curve around this and then back down into the other one into the first curve and it's okay that our lines are wobbly and they look different because all the flowers look different there's never two flowers that look the same yeah exactly the same that always look different so that's okay if our drawings look different now let's draw another petal right next to this one we're gonna draw a line curve that comes out start there come out then we're gonna curve back down and connect it into that center part yeah now let's draw the next one and we're gonna drop below the center part we're gonna draw it coming out out to the side like this and down these flowers are so pretty yeah and then we can draw it curving down and I'm gonna drop coming in to this Center almost looks like a heart doesn't it yeah it's a hidden heart all right now we're gonna draw the last petal right here we're gonna fill in this little space we got and come down curved and I'm back it is pretty all right Hallie we did it we finished drawing our hibiscus hibiscus except we need to do one more thing what is it color it's gonna look so much prettier once we add some color this part we're gonna fast forward but if and you guys composite to match the same color addley good job on coloring your hibiscus flower it turned out really pretty you like it yes now one of your favorite flowers now we started out by coloring our flower of pink and then we added red in the center to make it look more 3d and I love how you shaded it then we also colored yellow on the end of the center and then I also use black to make it look even more 3d these flowers come in all different colors so you could even change your drawing any color you want yes you could you could color it yellow and we'll see you later our friends come on if you had fun following along in this lesson be sure to subscribe to our youtube channel by clicking the circle then you can click the bell to get notified every time we upload new videos I've also picked up these 2 other lessons I thought you'd really enjoy don't forget to take a photo of your child's finished artwork and share it on Facebook Instagram and Twitter because we want to see how awesome it turned out

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