How To Design Your Own Mood Board If You're Not a Designer | Step by Step Easy Tutorial Using Canva

hey guys so some of you been saying that you'd like to see more canva tutorial so I'm going to try to start doing more of these today I thought I would do something really simple which is how to create a mood board in canva pretty much any creative project that I do I try to start with a mood board so I'll just show you really quickly how I do this so you go to and they have all of these different design templates and I'm just going to pick the social media one which is 800 pixels by 800 pixels you can really pick like whatever size or dimensions that you want okay and so they have all of these layouts we're going to ignore all of those and go to just element and grids and I'm going to pick one that has room for like five ish pictures so pick this one okay and then what I did was I went on Pinterest and first I made a Pinterest board of like really tropical images so this is kind of like the theme that I'm going for for this so the thing about Pinterest you guys know I love it and it's a good like first step but sometimes you need to see everything all together on one like document or one graphic rather than kind of scrolling through Pinterest I feel like this kind of solidifies what the vision is for the project so I just made a Pinterest board with a bunch of different pictures and then I picked like the five strongest pictures off of that Pinterest board so I uploaded those here and what you're going to do is just drag these into these spaces here on canvas you literally just like drag and drop where you want them and then you can crop the images so that like certain parts are shelling or whatever yeah so this is kind of like the mood for the project but sometimes I also like to have a color palette shown on this so if you want to add a color palette the way that I do it is I go back to elements at this point and I find one that just has like four images by side so this one and you just click this and then resize it so that those are just like squares and I'm just going to put that right on top of one of these images and I like when you can't see behind it there so find one more just like blank element for a grid and just make this white and then I'm just going to resize it and put it in behind what I just added ok so then now we have these four image blocks and you can just click them go up here to the colors and add a color and you can find whatever color you want I have some colors saved that I was type in real quick so you can see what I'm talking about so that's kind of like the blush pink color that you see over here this is more like this shade of pink this is like the yellow from the pineapple and this is kind of like the greenish bluish kind of color that you see a lot throughout the mood board so this is one that I just did really quickly but I thought this would show you guys kind of like how to make a really easy mood board for any type of project that you're starting I think like if you're designing a new collection for your store or if you're you know planning a photo shoot like anything that you're doing I think it's nice to start with a mood board so that you know what direction you're going so this is a really easy way to do that even if you're not a designer you know this website is completely free so I'll put a link below if you'd like to check out canva please subscribe to my channel so you don't miss any of my new videos I'd love to see some of you guys's projects if you do any mood boards and so be sure to find me on Instagram if so at Holly Casto blog thanks again guys I will see you next time bye

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  1. At the beginning of the video there was an ad on my screen and I thought it was an ad on YOUR screen and I was like "Uh get that off of there" xd

  2. You could also try – it's especially for creating mood boards with integrated image search and test-driving nearly all fonts in free text fields.

  3. Subscribed. Thank you so much for making this and putting it here. I have recently started doing some creative projects and I realised I need to have a mood board. But it felt such an arduous task. You explained it so nicely and the method is perfect for a beginner like me. Thank you so much ♥

  4. I really like mood boards. They really help with the inspiration. I had to use them a few times at CCAD for projects and they really helped put the designed pieces together

  5. Hi Holly, thank you for this amazingly helpful (and simple) tutorial. Can you show us how to get the color codes, please?

  6. I made my Moodboard similar way like the way you have shown, my way of course…. and the professor says that's not right. It's so-called inspiration board. So now I am looking for example's on youtube. And all I see similar moodboard like mine. Now who is right…. my professor or the youtube video…just confused🙄

  7. This is awesome. By the way, if you get images from Pinterest and use it for commercial purposes will I get copyright claim? Thanks.

  8. It´s super strange because Canva costes for me.. do you know why? I´m from Sweden if that matters…
    P.s loved the video!!

  9. This is amazing and super helpful!! Where can I get/find the codes for the colors I want in my palette?

  10. I happened to stumble upon your channel and you have so many helpful and great videos! With the amount of views you are getting people should be generous with the likes because you give such good tips and insights! 🙂

  11. Saw this and thought of you:)

  12. YOU are my great inspiration.. your each and every vid is helpful to me. many thanks for sharing so much knowledge.LOVE YOUUUU

  13. Love this. Can you show what you did with the mood board afterward? I'd love to see the finished product.

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