Hey whats up guys its J I am J… And today I’m gonna tell you how to create lens flares Some websites give them for free which is great and usefull but they quite easy if you want to make them yourself Lens flare is nothing more than light
reflecting off the lens they can be a disaster but they can also help you create your own stylistic look for your video in fact lens flares are often added to movies and computer games to add a sense of realism and boost the visual experience of the viewer i’m going to show you how to create them it’s EASY… First thing you have to do is
remove your lens hood it’s there because the people who design your lens decided that you don’t like lens flare But don’t blame them!
They are tech guys… not creative geniuses. Luckily they were kind enough to design
your lens hood to be removable so take it off all you need is a light I’ve got torch I’ll be using a 50mm lens, which is a very good starting point. and a plastic bottle but you can also use glass if you want I’m gonna place my bottle in front of the
lens You need to turn your lights OFF. And I’m gonna shine the torch on it Keep your ISO as low as possible to avoid noise make sure your shutter speed is set to
1/50 of a second or less if you want to increase the amount of blur then just play around feel free to experiment there’s no right or wrong with this I make my own flares! If you follow the link above you can use them for projects if you like I look forward to seeing your flares Share them with me on the
comments Have fun! Thanks for watching my videos Don’t forget to hit the SUBSCRIBE button! As Arnie Says: I’LL BE BACK… in 2 weeks! Take it easy guys have a nice one! BYE


  1. Nice! But I've never added any flares in post, I think that they might be very distracting and pointless when added afterwards, so I just shoot with my old Olympus OM lenses, and also place lights facing the front of the camera, or sometimes I just point my camera directly to the sun with an actor partially blocking the light strobes.

  2. Neat tip! thanks!! Any suggestions on coming up with a simple short film idea? I just released a new video and want to start working on another, but I want one that tells more of a story. Any help?

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