How To Create a Kinetic Typography Animation in Premiere Pro Tutorial

hello I am Aleya from tolerated cinematics calm today I will show you how to create this alright here we are Adobe Premiere Pro and now it is actually really simple to work with text inside of Premiere Pro so you don't have that title designer anymore if you don't know how the new update is I have another video on that so I go and check that one out first I will put a card on this video so here I am in my editing mode and the first thing that you need to do is open up the essential graphics right here and try to dock it somewhere around here so I'll position this right here and make sure that you have the effect controls next to it so it's easier to go and animate stuff if you need to so apart from that we can just get started right here I have my audio file what I want to do is actually play my audio file and listen to where I actually hear a new word and then I'm going to press M on the keyboard and that's going to leave a marker on my audio file and then I know where to actually add a new word later in the Edit so I'm going to zoom in a little bit I'm going to play this back and then I will press among each new word okay sorry um all my markers as you can see it right here we have a few words too and get started on so I will go to my text tool and just click in my window here with the text tool so my first word is hello and you can just design it as you wish I'm going to use the font later for this one maybe click on your selection tool click on your text and change this to medium or actually seeing semi bowl is okay and then I will click right here to Center to align and transform right here do men here on my timeline so we can actually go and really dive into all these settings click on your text you can really go through all of this I think I want to keep it clean so I'm going to just keep it as it is maybe a touch smaller to make it look a little bit more cinematic so right here I'm going to scale this to 80 and again Center it at by clicking on your text right here and just Center it like here so right here will do all the animation so this is actually basically the same thing right here we just have a few more options do a design title so we have our first word and I'm going to drag this to this first marker right here then I'm going to make it longer just when the new word starts and then I will click right here click on the text tool again new word and I'm going to Center out this one as well I'm actually going to make my font size actually a little bit smaller and then again right here text tool click over here and right here we want to do something different so we have our text right here and I actually want to move it a little bit more to the left and then I will create a new layer here for a new text and I'm going to enter L Lea which is my last name also make this 80% large and also center this out and now I'm going to move this a little bit more to the right this too right that's one a little bit more to lift so it looks like is actually next together and then what I want to do is actually animate this one in later so what I'll do is click on my last one right here and we can actually animate or transform I'm going to set the opacity nd transform to zero right here and move towards when I say alaya click on this diamond here in the effects controls to make a new keyframe for the zero opacity move one frame doing that with the arrow to the right and set this to 100 make it longer until we have the new word from I'm going to enter a new text again and for tolerated cinematics I want to do the same thing but a little bit longer so we'll create a new text again right here tolerated cinematics new text dot and then one more text comm so really building things up like so and then you want to Center all of these out and now we will have to eyeball it a little bit by just dragging this to the left and there's a little bit more to the right until it actually looks centered and I want to do the same things to have tolerated and that's right here and then here I say cinematix I guess cinematix okay click on the cinematics title right here go into the transform for that one so cinematics click transform click on the click on the stopwatch for the opacity right here at the new moment and click right here to go back one frame set it's 0% so it's actually toggling on right here right here I say dot-com so right here click on the dock and we have it right here transform click on the stopwatch for a opacity 1 frame backwards 0 calm then we have the new today create a new text and we'll change this to 80 again Center is Arab and now we have the easy part again I will just trim it down for each word like so and there we go so let's play back I'll actually make this a little bit longer here 40 I will and I want to move my eye to the left and my little to the right I'm actually going to keep all of these together so what you can do to solve here is just drag them above a new layers make these as long as you want them to be and make these as long as you need them to be so I will show you I will drag this again to the left a little bit more like let's say this is going to be our final position that this text should be in actually it should be a little bit more to the right okay so what I will do is select all of these layers like so right here at the beginning of you and click on this one and go to the transform open it up and click on the stopwatch for your position same for all of these and there we go so make sure that you do this at the beginning of you and what we want to do then is actually go one frame backwards click on the show and then we'll drag down to the position right here now we're going to move this to the right so it actually looks centered with this kind of sentence like so go to the beginning of show and click on the Diamonds here make it a little bit longer if you can click it or all of these here move one frame backwards and we're going to animate it once more there we go go to the beginning if we'll click here and create a new keyframe move one frame forward backwards and then we'll move this eye in the center or we can just align a bit 940 should be the center ok so let's preview this and actually my eye starts already here so that's my mistake here I will so I'm going to move everything over and just make it as long as you need it to be ok so that's basically how to create connect typography in Adobe Premiere Pro I know this was really basic but as you can see it's also really simple to create you just have to know how to do it so take your time make something really cool and if you want to share your video in the comments below so if you like this video give it a like also subscribe to the channel for more and then I'll see you in the next one goodbye Oh

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  1. How do I make the text come in one letter at a time like you did with the word Tolerated in the beginning of the video, you didn't show how to do it that way.

  2. is there any faster way to make the same effect to the other text? like to make all the text size and color in same effect

  3. i think want to make your intro, because you say "… like this (then your intro video is start)" i was wrong Hahaha….

  4. hello sir…….I love ur videos…… very question is if I want to add a whole sentence….but word after word then framing into a sentence …….like one word after the other …..not like the one in this video …… a commentary
    …My name is MIHIR
    but one word after the other in sync with the audio……. how to do it pls help…… we

  5. Only one issue in your tutorial. Please work in the "Graphics" workspace. That way, the Essential Graphics will appear in the proper position (long, like Lumetri Color) and the Effect Controls panel will also appear. The workspace doesn't appear by default, unfortunately. Here's the Adobe FAQ: "FAQ: I don't see the Graphics Workspace, how can I use it?"

    You should also make a new workspace for Legacy Titles. The old one doesn't work as expected any more.

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