How to blur background in android phone like a DSLR | 5 apps demo

Hello Friends, My name is Harish Bali from Digital spot. When we take photograph from android phone, we feel that there is a shortcoming we cannot blur the background like we can do easily using DSLR Today i am going to share 5 such applications with which you can easily blur the photographs on android phone Let’s start that We will first talk about After Focus app. In my opinion this is the best application to blur background In this you can pickup photograph from photo gallery or you can take a fresh photograph or snap Choose the first tool from left hand side Draw some thing on the subject and you will notice that complete image has got highlighted There after choose the 3rd tool from left hand side Draw a line on the portion that you want to deselect that portion will get blurred There after go to next – adjust the blur level , increase or decrease it You can use feather bar to increase or decrease the sharpness of subject There after save the image and you will notice that background has got blurred If the subject of your photograph is in circular form then i will suggest you to use Aviary, its quite a simple application Once you open the application – Go to mobile gallery Select the photograph, scroll it and then go to focus After you open focus – you will see two choices there linear and circular Let’s say we choose circular- pinch and make the circle bigger to cover the subject or you may reduce the size basis need that’s it we are done There after save it and background of the image has got blurred. If you are looking for an application that has multiple tools to blur then you must try PicsArt, it is quite a simple application to use After you open the application, use the plus button to add Go to edit, take a snap with camera or pick up an existing photo from gallery Go to effects and choose blur from left hand side. You will notice multiple tools here at the bottom like lens blur, smart blur, motion blur, focal zoom and radial blur Basis your requirement choose the correct tool. We will take up simple bur here. You will notice that complete photograph has got blurred. Portion in which you don’t want blur – Tag on eraser from top rub on that subject with your finger. You will notice that subject gets focussed and background gets blur. that’s it we are done. There after save it. Next application we are going to talk about it owned by Google. This is a full fledged photo editor, its name is snapseed After you open the application – tap any where on the screen Select the phonograph, then click on pencil shaped icon to start editing Scroll towards the bottom and under filter you need to tap on lens blur. There are two ways editing can be done using this tool one is linear method and other method is oval shaped lens. choose the desired option and place it on your subject. Through this 2nd tool you will see 3 sub options- increase or decrease blur strength, Transition, similarly you can increase or decrease vignette strength this increase or decrease can be done with finger swipe by moving left or right. After you do this subject comes to focus and background gets blurred. That’s it – after you save it our work gets done. Till now we have not spoken about even one application that can do selective blur Now i am going to talk about Blur image background by android pixel photography. This particular application can do selective blur Once you open the application- Go to start select your image from gallery, choose blur and intensity if you want to leave it at default, it is good enough. Then rub your finger on the background that you want to blur. Places where you will rub your finger, that portion will get blur effect. If you make a mistake- undo it and rub it, blur effect there will go. That’ it , save it and our work to do selective blur of background gets done. I have got tow android devices- HTC M8 and Samsung A5 – 2016. HTC M8 has an inbuilt option available to blur background of a photograph. It’s quite simple – open photograph, click on edit then Ufocus tap on subject and background will get blur. but this option is not available in A5 – 2016. If i had Samsung S5, S6 or S7 , then i would have used selective blur there. If your phone has blur option than it’s great If blur option is not available then you can use any one of the 5 apps shared by us to blur background If you know of any such application that is better than the apps shared by us in this video then do share that with us through comments below. I will wait for your comment. By the way if you blur one background with DSLR and the same background you blur with android phone whether that is HTC or any other android phone performance of both blur actions will not be similar. DSLR pefromance will be far superior. quite obvious reasons for that to happen. Rest you say, how did you find this video, i will wait for your comment. Thanks for your time.

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