How The Ace Family Acts Off Camera

So I know my last video was on the Ace family, and I’ll be linking that video at the end of this video, BUT OH WOW. I’m so shocked that these people just- Keep. Doing. Shady stuff. In the midst of all backlash! Like it was only days ago you guys messed up last time! And it’s so easy to NOT have the entire internet hate you. Just don’t do any shady stuff on your massive Youtube channel, And boom! Golden. No hates! But for some reason, the Ace family just can’t do that. But yeah, in this video I’ll be showing some clips from the Ace family videos, so most likely, they’ll probably unrightfully claim this video. Like they did my other one. I mean hey, they’ve already taken about 8,000 dollars in claims from this channel. So I’m in this like, awkward position where I’m like, I risk losing money and time from making this video. Since I have to spend my time researching, recording this video, and also pay my editor to edit this video. OR.. I can let them silence me by them abusing Youtube’s claiming system. But after seeing the love you guys sent the Urbantrademark on Instagram yesterday, (the guy the Ace family stole the pop-up truck idea from, and the headband designs from) And THAT right there, that’s a community coming together. Like small or big, no Youtube ad revenue could ever beat that. And I can’t thank you guys enough for supporting this channel, and myself, ’cause we are out here, trying to make a difference. But after the video I did the other day, I was told by so many of you guys to just take a look at these two things. Their recent “giving 100,000 dollars away” video. (That went well last time.) I mean, I still gotta give it to them, they did still give 75,000 dollars to charity. It’s just weird they announced 100,000 dollars- Like why not just announce 75,000 dollars, ’cause that’s a very big thing! Did you HAVE to make the 25k go missing? And then finally this vlog that shows how they act when they don’t know they’re being filmed. Which was.. almost disgusting. But let’s just get into this, starting with the “charity” or “giveaway” or whatever you’d really.. call it. *clears throat* ˢᶜᵃᵐ Hannah: What’d you say? Atozy: Um… nothing. I mean, if I said something it would be very alleged. But they uploaded a video titled ‘STARTING OFF THE NEW YEAR GIVING AWAY $100,000!!!’ And I’m now going to show you a clip of the rules sped up. Mr. Ace Family: I know you all read the title, and that is EXACTLY what it is. It sounds crazy, right? So YES, ladies and gentlemen, the ACE family is giving away 100,000 dollars. Location: Los Angeles, Date: Friday, January 11th, TIME: To be announced. We’re only picking twenty contestants, obviously picked by Austin, Catherine, Elle and Alaia. Names will be picked out of a hat for shooting order. Contestants MUST shoot from TEN different spots on the court. Whoever makes ten shots in a row FIRST, wins 100k. If twenty people shoot and no one makes ten in a row, everyone continues to shoot until someone wins. It sounds pretty easy to me! This is 100,000. Contestants. You guys ready? Everyone: Yeah. I think- I think it’s time. L-let’s start picking out the names and see who goes first. Atozy: So twenty Youtube influencers showed up, shot a round, and guess what happened? A college friend of Austin and the Ace family shows up, and he plays basketball for a living. So guess what? He won the 100,000 dollars. And he wasn’t even in the contest! Mr. Ace Family: ‘Lemme say this real quick, I had uh, two of my good basketball friends, someone who actually played basketball, college basketball, I want them two to come out, I’mma let them get a chance, too. Hannah: Wait, what? *laughing* ..YUP. Hannah: *laughing* I don’t understand. Hannah: That doesn’t make sense! I-it doesn’t make sense at all, no- I-it didn’t make sense for anyone! That’s why I’m talking about it! Hannah: *laughing* Everyone: *screeching* Mr. Ace Family: Ay man, I gotta give it to you. I GOTTA give it to him! He wasn’t even IN the contest! So wh-what that mean, w-who you gonna really show love to because you wasn’t even in the contest! Yeahh.. that’s right. BUT NAH, but nah, no, It’s respect though, respect though, because at the end of the day, this is ALL for charity, I believe that he gonna, y’know, give it away to charity. At least a portion of it! He can do whatever he wants with the money, but I know he’ll give somethin’ away to charity, which is the most important thing here. Ay real talk, though! When you guys CAME, everybody was warmin’ up. HE didn’t shoot not one shot, so he came in this thing cold! This right here, this 100,000 right here. MaN, YoU ReALlY WoN… I thought I was gonna have to shoot! Atozy: And again, they were throwin’ the charity word ALL around, without being specific at all. It’s like- “Oh! 100,000 dollars! And.. some of it’s going to charity.. but it’s up to the guy who won it, so technically he can still not give any of it to charity! We won’t know!” So that was just weird. Obviously, his competition, his rules, his money, And I guess he can just make up the rules along the way! It’s just a very different outcome from what everyone was expecting to: “Hey, we’re starting off the new year by giving away 100,000 dollars!” It’s just a weird move because like if the influencer WON, the video just would’ve done better! And people wouldn’t be leaving the video with a foul taste in their mouth. But hey, I mean, it’s not illegal to clickbait. It’s just VERY interesting on how he chose to clickbait this, when everyone’s just kinda goin’ at them already. Anyway, now, for the reason you guys probably clicked on this video. I’ve been sent this video SO many times from you guys in the past few weeks, it’s actually insane. Congratulations. Your wish has been granted! Here’s some backstory: So Catherine’s brother has a Youtube channel by the name of ‘Through Ryan’s Eyes’ And I guess he was staying at Ace family’s house for Christmas or something or for the holidays? And he did this ABSOLUTELY HARMLESS prank, A.K.A: PRANKS is what made the Ace family their fortune in the first place. So I guess he.. wraps their jeep with.. gift wrapping paper.. THEIR jeep. Yeah.. It’s very weird. Don’t really understand what the point of the prank was. But hey, I-I don’t understand prank channels and for me to understand this prank, it’s not even worth it. Hannah: He pranked you. With his mind. Oh, yeah, I’m.. completely bamboozled. I don’t even understand what’s going on in this video. But what happens in this video is the most awkward interaction on Youtube, most likely. Because, just like all other Youtube prank channels, of course he has a hidden camera. Man: I have a great idea. I was looking at the car outside, maybe we could car wrap Catherine’s car. *weird noise* Heh, you wanna do that? THAT is the victim today. When Catherine and Austin, they see the car, they’re gonna be REALLY HAPPY to see, a early Christmas present. We uh- car wrapped the wheel! Look at that! Yo, they’re gonna be so happy when they see this. Do you think that Catherine and Austin are gonna love their new Christmas present? Ace Jr: Are you kidding me? Yeah! Ace Jr: Oh my god… Man: Shh, shh. Man: Shhhhh. *whispering* Look! L-Look at Austin! Mr. Ace Family: D- Hey! Who did this?! *FLFLLFLT* Mrs. Ace Family: Where’s Ryan? Mr. Ace Family: Who would do this to our car?? Mrs. Ace Family: Ryan probably, right? *FLLTLTLT* *FLTLFLT* *FLTLTLTF* Mr. Ace Family: Who did this?? You serious?? Atozy: WHY is he so upset? Like he obviously can tell, someone’s pranking him. He’s made a living from pranks, and it’s like ONE of his fleet of cars. And it’s gift wrapping paper! *laughing* So.. Obviously, there’s not really gonna be any damage here. But yeah, let’s just see how awkward this gets.. Mr. Ace Family: Our door was shut, too! Who came up here?? Man: Yo. Mr & Mrs. Ace Family: You did this? Man: What the HELL? Ace Jr: What happened? Mrs. Ace Family: What?! Man: Who did that?? Mrs. Ace Family: Did you see someone come up here? Man: Nah, we- we’ve been like (unintelligible). Ace Jr: Yeah, we’ve been like, we locked the door! Man: Bro, that’s CRAZY! Who did it?? Man: Bro, they even got the tires?? What the hell?! Mr. Ace Family: Bro who- *FLTLFLFLLT* Ryan, you did this. Ace Jr: We did not do it! *sudden panic* Man: MERRY CHRISTMAS. ᴹᴱᴿᴿʸ ᶜᴴᴿᴵˢᵀᴹᴬˢ. Mrs. Ace Family: That’s like the dumbest thing you could’ve done. Man: HEHEhehe.. ᴹᴱᴿᴿʸ ᶜᴴᴿᴵˢᵀᴹᴬˢ.. *FLFLFLTLFLLT* HEY! No no no, let me explain! Mr. Ace Family: Why would- bro.. I-I-I did it because I don’t know what to get you guys for Christmas, so.. might as well like, wrap something that you guys already have and give it to you! Mr. Ace Family: Wow. Mrs. Ace Family: Oh, there’s a camera right here. Mr. Ace Family: Ohh my gosh. Man: Merry.. early Christmas! You like- did you like it? *laughing* Did you- Mr. Ace Family: You’re lucky it’s- it’s Christmas time. Man: Okay, the only reason why I did this because I actually have a real gift for you guys, so I had to give you guys something like- sour, before I do something sweet. Mrs. Ace Family: How is that even a sour thing? It’s our car, you just wrapped it. Heh~ Mr. Ace Family: All I gotta say is, payback is.. Man: No it’s okay, IT’S OKAY. Wait ’till tomorrow for the real gift. That’s why I did that. Mr. Ace Family: No, you’re not gonna prank us again. Man: HONESTLY, the only reason why I DID this, is because I have a really cool gift to give to Catherine and Austin. I like to think myself as a Sour Patch Kid, first I’m sour, then I’m sweet! Atozy: Number one: why did he upload that to Youtube? I think that was the most awkward encounter I’ve ever seen on Youtube. But number two: it really just shows, the Ace family, they don’t wanna be on the other side of the joke. The joke was EXTREMELY harmless, and EXTREMEMLY pointless, I can see that! But honestly, he’s just wrapping your jeep.. half way.. in gift wrapping paper.. it doesn’t even take a minute to get it all off. And look at Austin’s face when the girl is trying to explain.. That’s an evil look for real! How are you so upset over some gift paper? But yeah.. let me know what you guys think in the comments down below. I think I’ll just be ending the video here, if you’re new here, I welcome you to my channel. And it’ll be awesome if you subscribed. If you enjoyed the video, please drop a like on it, and if you wanna follow me outside of Youtube, you can find me as @atozy on Instagram and Twitter, links will be down in the description down below. But on that note, I’ll see you guys next video! Peace ✌ ♪ Heard you had a lot to say ♪ ♪ Now you don’t really talk too much, though ♪ ♪ Though, oh ♪ ♪ I’ve been runnin’ out these gates ♪ ♪ But I’m not ever really late, no ♪ ♪ Yeah ♪ ♪ I been seein’ all these sights ♪ ♪ Travellin’, in my suitcase I pack light ♪ FUCK THIS SHIT IM OUT

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  1. Why are y'all hating on the ace family there house have been broken in they house been tp so if you were popular then u would understand so acutely take time out to watch there videos and stop hating like everyone that's hating on the ace family y'all on some straight bs. Being that you are not popular on YouTube or anything else shut tf up and stay in your lane go and hate on yourself and stop hating on everybody else bc the ace family might be saving someone's life while you are trying your hardest to put hate on there name you don't know what they might be going through or what they have been through. Oh im also guessing u have not heard the saying if you don't have anything nice to say don't say it at all. Don't make me hit you where the good lord spilt you. Have a bless night

  2. Bro look for something better to do with your channel and leave the Ace alone …… stop hating , their making their billions you’re here creating content on what ever ….. No one is freaking perfect ….. no one is !!!! Not even you dude! So get off their backs and make some useful use of your channel …..

  3. First of all, Austin, who won the money, he actually did donate to charity. He talks about winning on his social media accounts. Lastly, sometimes, I don't agree with The Ace Family, with how they lead their life because they changed a lot after having so many Ace Family members. I mean, I watched them grow, I guess people can change for the better or worse.

  4. Bro your points are useless ….. I really hope you see this comment …… ya you’ll get views , Buh only the wise people would know that you’re wasting your time over the Aces issues …… get a better channel pls

  5. Leave to make their money , we all know it’s YouTube , and sides what haven’t we seen on YouTube these days so stop wasting our time analysizing folks pls just stop

  6. You try way to hard to hate, like all your doing is trying to make money off of hating on other youtubers. Maybe try to be more original you low life.

  7. Watching the video where Catherine “sold” his jet ski made me extremely uncomfortable because of the way he was talking to her.

  8. Tbh there house was broken into before and they are parents! Of course they are going to be concerned if it was someone that came into there home and did this. I would be the same.

  9. You jus Mad Bc They More Famous Then You Ugly and He can Make any Face he want and You A Fuckin Nvm BITCH IM NOT GONNA GET MAD 🙄🤬😡😡😡😡😡

  10. Thank you for showing us this I'm unsubscribing to them right now fake ass bitches I would still fuck Catherine though that girl's is thick

  11. Thats not why he was mad, he was mad because if it wasn’t ryan that did it then it means that someone cane to the house and invadid their privacy. And he was mad at ryan for making him believe that it wasn’t him. Its common sense i hate channels like yours like y’all just be looking for b.s to talk about. Their still human who deserve their privacy. So if it hadn’t been ryan then we had all the right to be that way its not like he was still being an asshoe after he knew it was ryan. 🙄

  12. I mean i understand Austin, i wouldve get mad as well its annoying how people make a big fuss about this, idk this foo seems jealous!

  13. Wait….it means that if your car got wrapped with wrapping paper,you won’t be mad???
    And who will know that that is a prank.

  14. You know guys people are not always perfect!!!!to anybody reading this tou are not perfect either ok sorry to say but its IT'S TRUE .Im a real ace family fan all you guys that are saying things are not real fan's.!!!!!!🤞♠️♠️🤞.And I bet you all would be made to if somebody did that to your car.This guy real but hole

  15. I really don't get why lot of young people idolize them .
    Like you can clealry see.
    All videos are just for show but damn ..this young people considers them as a happy family

  16. you could clearly tell your just hating that’s on them for what they do you guys watch there everystep your watching them like a zoo that’s just messed up

  17. Funny how y'all make a living from pointing out people at their worst moments, the guy was prolly having a bad day or sum he's only human like the rest of us bro

  18. 99.9% of the stuff that happens in the ace family is Austin being… Austin. I don't think I've ever seen Catherine doing anything bad, either Ellie. So it's not the Ace family overall, just Austin, the A in Ace

  19. honestly i would be pissed, cuz more importantly why is someone trespassing and technically vandalizing my car??????? where I have kids and my partner live at…

  20. You're doing that because you're jealous of the a sapling and if you speak ban about the me to make videos cause you also suck and I don't have you send me text message is I could just block you and I'll make sure if you don't stop talking about them that you'll subscribers and let me tell you this I'm smart and I could do that so watch out

  21. Didn’t see a smile until after he got told it was a camera and once the camera got in his face he wanna grin and say he can’t do another prank on them but they always do it on others smh 🤦🏽‍♀️😂

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