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hey guys today I'm going to share how I got into graphic design school in Sweden there are three ways usually I think or four well whatever to get into a university guy or apply with your school high school grades or you can take a test which is just like a random test with a bunch of questions and if you get a good score you can kind of apply it to anything but most people suck at that test anyway so it's not really relevant my high school grades were like one point to crappy to get accepted this program so I applied with the portfolio instead and for the year I applied the portfolio theme was to make a book about yourself and it might be themed every year I wouldn't know because I only applied one year but anyway I thought I'd share with you guys the book I made about myself so this book was made at the time where I thought that illustrating things and graphic design was the greatest thing in the entire world and that changed basically the second day of school but I stuck it out for two years which was kind of stupid extremist stupid but you live and you learn lise are the iterations that I made when I was super duper blissfully ignorant about the shaky quality of my skills whoo grass K on the first page oh my god who is this book about first page Oh blah blah blah so this is me at least what I look like at the time of applying to the program I don't know how many of you followed me back then but I was not really active on YouTube yet at this time so probably most of you don't even remember when I look like this my first youtube videos on this channel is when I'm kind of going from brown to blond so you haven't even seen me with brown hair my god it's like a graph page of things I like and things about me super duper creative well done me here is my family yeah that's what they look like who oh maybe this works yeah there's my dad he doesn't really look like this but my photos look funny the mother she kinda looks like this my brother who play in stickit arm and goes to med school obviously so abstract my younger brother can you guess what he does he draws a lot oh there's a crap quality picture of my cap who died um but he's in front of our house and yeah don't ask hi I'm so creative I love typography so much I'm like a carving who suck it all up why would they not want me in this program oh yeah just hilarious hey boring head with rainbows and bubbles landscape with fish and clouds and trees and this is like the more accurate description of how I draw things I'm very tiny very not very advanced very things so yeah if I ever draw this is how I draw and I am a graphic design student you heard me right this is kind of what I like spending most of my time on when I before like when I applied during that those two months when I thought it was the greatest thing ever sadly happened to be two months where you had to apply so this is what I did and where I ended up but this is Tony Perry in case you didn't see I really had a lot of fun doing this but yeah I mean if I had kept going with this style this was the first thing I ever made in this kind of weird style so if I had kept going and kept learning I probably would have been all better today but this is the first the last I ever did oh well and this is a ripoff of something else and here we have a super deep romance to the CD cover for date remembers what separates me from you it's an iceberg what separates me from you is below the surface first now that I made for Esther because she wanted it on a bag so I designed it and made it for her and she got it printed on a bag or well she did herself and that was very much fun best thing about this all is that it looks like it has time pineapples all around its wings here we have a another original piece could have been rudolph but it's not this is the best thing ever because now here it looks like I oh I dream about opening a sex shop uh those three exits were not carefully thought out they were supposed to represent the non-existing name of a clothing brand anyway I wanted to start a kind of clothing brand at this point I guess I visioned myself designing the pieces and obviously that's not what I like doing anymore so Ellen is in charge of that and I am in charge of the marketing part two years ago whoo I started clothing man today I haven't really been with Ellen here's a logo for a company insert I had a few years ago features all the thingy you four years old all right and I'm coming below if you remember this if you told me back then if you bought something from us I know like two of you did I love you guys yeah just an inspiration page and that was it so a question in the beginning of this video was how they end to graphic design school I still have no fucking idea I guess they saw some promise in my skills which completely disappeared once I came there so looking back I guess I should have just dropped out after the first semester when I no longer wanted to be there but can't barely change things back in time so I just had to deal with it and Vaughn um after this fall I have no idea what I'm doing I might take another course and something else we'll see but right now all I know is that this got me accepted to graphic design school and obviously it doesn't take much now you've seen all my deepest darkest secrets that feels very uncomfortable for me but I guess since you holder you guys are so super nice all the time I thought I think might as well do it sweet brown face portfolio sweet where portfolio is portfolio now you know that as well don't get to check out my links in the description below to Facebook Twitter Instagram Tumblr and my blog to just kind of keep up to date on everything I do until next time have a super different go alone I'll see you guys later

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  1. I'm studying graphic design…and well…. this is not graphic design at all. That clothing brand design…this seems like a hobby sketchbook not a portfolio

  2. Do we need protfolio to get admission in graphics design college (TAFE) because I don't have any exposure in illustration and Photoshop as well as drawing ??

  3. Lol reading these comments about how people need to apply for college in other countries, makes me realize how easy it is to go to college in Belgium. Literally, all you have to do is graduate high school. It doesn't matter what your grades were, doesn't matter what you've studied, you can apply for anything you like. Also, the cost is about €900, which is about 1000 dollar or 800 pounds. And that's only for those whose parents make enough money, 'cause if they don't, social security comes between costs so you don't have to pay as much and sometimes even get extra money if your living in a dorm, and/or need to invest in supplies.
    And, If you want to study abroad, you also get extra money from the state. Plus, as long as you haven't reached the age of 23 and you're still acknowledged as a student, you get to keep your child allowance from the state.

    Our system is beneficial for the fact that literally anybody has the chance to get a good education, but on the downside; not a lot of people are motivated. Plus, it's really easy here to chance studiefielt, so most of the students go through it like "Oh well, if it doesn't work out, I'll do something else." 
    Anyway, I feel blessed for being born in Belgium if I hear other's stories. Also, excuse my English, it's clearly not my native language and I haven't practiced it for a while.

  4. Hi where did you get your white portfolio from I am trying to get one for my graphic design work since I am currently a student. I don't want to use my iPad.

  5. Hi Katrin, this is Lovelish working as a graphic designer from last 7 years in India. Now I have decided to move Germany for further study and offcourse for the job.can you please tell me more about the German design market        [email protected]  kindly reply me at this.

  6. Hey! I'm somewhat interested in Graphic Design and i'm not sure if I should pursue it or not. Can you tell me what made you change your mind about it? Why you ended up not liking it anymore? Thank you!!

  7. I go to the Swedish Concordia Language Village, and you can go go for four weeks and get high school credit for it. The credits have a graduation at the end (with hats, woo!) and they present their portfolios.

  8. Came here to peek a look at what got you accepted !,But I kept looking at your eyes the whole video, you are so gorgeous

  9. Wow I cant believe how closely you resemble your mom, so kool! What program did u use for those illustrations back then?

  10. Do the graphic design programs in Sweeden provide a good education? Because I like Sweeden and I would love to study there one day.

  11. Jag insåg precis att du bodde i samma hus som jag bor i just nu.. Coolt! Fast ändå inte! För vi är jättemånga som bor här :))))))

  12. Hey there, I think you are a great artist and you should not put yourself down. I understand that many people put themselves down for their audience to believe they are more relatable. Art is subjective. You are unique and amazing and talented and should celebrate that/

  13. I live in Sweden and a art/design student… And it isn't that easy now days to get to a art school (University) like when she was 😩

  14. I especially love the artwork at the ending of your video.. Truly inspiring!! :p and I can totally relate (as a student who chose a similar study and stuck around way too long).
    xx from the Netherlands!

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