How I Got 400 Skulls in My Closet

hey guys welcome breco my name is Stan Prokopenko today I want to talk about the proto skull I want to talk a little bit about the process that we went through to take it from an idea like five years ago to now manufacturing a bunch of them and I'm gonna be at conventions this year and I'll have those with me there so if you're gonna be a CTN or Lightbox this year make sure to check out my booth oh Jesus get yourself one of these bad boys so these are on presale right now you can get them at procom slash skull insert ah I have a lot of prototypes we went through many phases and box design and all that I'm gonna explain all that in this video but before I do I want to talk about the importance of studying the skull because like what's the whole purpose of this anyway right when I was a student we drew the skull constantly it was even a warm-up exercise like if you get to class early sometimes it's easier we just have a skull there on the chair or something and you just sit you warm up by drawing skull it's like you can't draw too many skulls because the structure of it is so important if you're a portrait artist the structure of the skull makes up so much of the structure of the surface forms of the face I mean we have the you know the soft parts here but then cheekbone brow Ridge the Bohol cranium the jaw all of that is just the skull and even the parts that are mushy knowing what's underneath it is still important to get the forms on top correctly so like the the tooth cylinder it's important to know that that's underneath the lips so you can curve the the lips around the tooth cylinder stuff like that yep I just bought this awesome drawing by Stephen Bowman and you can see this is a demo he he did this in class I wasn't there for the class but it's I love this drawing and when he had he had a live model and then he put a skull on a right next to the model in the same pose so that the students could look and compare and understand the structure underneath the actual portrait how much of this actually gets transferred over to this I think this is a great exercise you if you have a live model take this out put it in the same pose and try to look for clues of the bone on the surface anyway I think a lot of you going through my anatomy course understand how important the underlying structure is to the surface and how you know how important is to understand that stuff you know some of this is pretty complicated its organic but we can break this down into simpler forms and so I'll show you guys in another video how to study the skull so Skelly was created in like 2013 or something in my figure course then once we started the anatomy course we redesigned the whole thing I decided that we need to figure out a proportional system for the skull we chose Loomis because that's what you learn at school right you learn the Loomis method not necessarily the the cranial mass and the jaw that I teach but at least a proportional system where you have the thirds of the face right from the hairline to the brow to the nose to the chin and then side view is a square five eye widths you know that sort of thing these are things that most artists kind of follow as their base average so I wanted to make a skull that fits those same proportions that you learn at school so if you're gonna be drawing a skull hundreds of times you want to draw a skull that has the an average basic proportion that you study because I know a lot of Stegall like schools have casts of like real skulls and I've drawn several of these and a lot of times there's something there's some kind of deviation from the average on these skulls and that's fine you should draw varieties of proportions to kind of get used to seeing how things deviate but if you're gonna draw some skull hundreds of times every even thousands of times I think it's good to draw the average the base because then you can expand from that in any direction so once we finished modeling and and mark by the way mark is our model he's amazing but once we finished the skull I was so happy with it I wanted to 3d print it right and that was kind of around the time where 3d printers were just like getting really popular like 3d print this and I was talking to Shane Olson he's an awesome ZBrush teacher and he was telling him about this company in China ownage who does really high-quality 3d prints and they printed it out and when they 3d printed it the bottom row of teeth got hidden and they didn't print the bottom row and back then we weren't even thinking really about a tripod mount we were just hey let's see what this looks like as a 3d print and we also decided to use little boxes in here to attach the jaw and it just kind of slides into a boxy hole but that brick they´ll broke off to easy you see this one's broken and so I was like no we gotta figure out a different method the size was a little bit too big it's it's heavy and also Kourt Jones was at my house when this came in and he thought he's like is that a infant skull that like a human baby and I was like wow yeah that actually does kind of look like the same size that have you know a baby's skull would be so I was okay that's got to change so the next print we did was this one so instead of five inches tall it was four inches tall four inches just felt better in my hand get out of here Michael Scott and now we also did a tripod mount we started thinking where to put it and what we did is we put it in this the hole the foramen magnum and this is the hole for the spinal cord and we just insert this in here and you got the tripod mount and you just attach it to the tripod and you can take it off and on but I was like what if it comes off someone bumps it and slide out and let's go fall is it just seems too dangerous and also all these two extra pieces they put it you know if you lose them then you can't use it so it just seemed like a very elegant solution to this so the next prototype was this one this is where we started we just put it to this to the back we kept the hole for the spinal cord as its own thing and then on the back of that we put the tripod mount and that worked really really well one because the tripod fits a lot better if it's a little more farther back you know if you're trying to put the tripod in here the jock and kind of get in the way of the base of the tripod depending on the tripod you're using but if it's back here it fits better and there's no extra pieces it's just it's glued inside but these 3d prints these are expensive you can't just 3d print every unit like this one print I think is to the 350 or like 500 dollars just for one this is a really high quality print this is the best 3d print I've ever seen I've not seen a better for your print you cannot see any lines usually on a 3d print I could see the little layers can't see it on this at all it's super finely detailed so to make these affordable enough we have to make a mold out of the 3d print and cast them and because the 3d print is so awesome the cats turned out really detailed too so yeah this is the final version the magnets worked wonderfully all it is is just we put little magnets inside the John here and another magnet right inside the socket there right there little magnet and it just fits right in and a little trick if you want to draw this with the jaw open all you have to do is like open it and stick a little maybe a little kneaded eraser in here big or small depending on how much you want the jaw to be open and you don't even see it because it's it's in here you could just you put it right in there so once we had all that finalized I think it was like three years ago we did a small run of like 25 of them and I saved a bunch of them to give away to friends but we sold 17 I think and we sold out in the first day and I was amazed I was like this is awesome and we asked everyone who bought it to do a survey and to tell us what they think 16 out of 17 of the people took the survey I was blown away by how much people actually cared to provide feedback that was awesome so thank you all the to all initial beta testers of this thing you guys are very helpful people like them initial release was very successful so we didn't make too many changes in this round now so now three years later the only real difference is before we sold them in box boxes like this it was just a cardboard box Pro Cola old broker logo for this round we and we're printing hundreds of these now I designed kind of an eye iPhone style box much cleaner you got the picture of it in the front got a nice logo anatomical skull very clean the back gives a little bit of the details but oh here this is funny this is my initial tests you can see all I did was just printed each side separately and I just kind of taped this onto an actual box I am extremely happy with this it started as a little project for myself because I wanted a 3d print of the skull because I'm so happy with it and now it's gone to this where we're manufacturing them thanks to des bois de ownage to mark the sculptor and you know the rest of the team that's just been helping out with all the stuff alright guys so thank you for sticking around listening to me talk about my own stuff here's all the prototypes probably not in the right order but here they are so again these are on presale now if you want to order them there we're gonna start shipping them really soon but they're on presale for a short amount of time at slash skull so go check them out and I will be back shortly with another video on how to use these things about the structure of the skull so you could maybe help you use it so thank you guys for watching

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  1. Looks like you picked a European skull. It's very similar to the Asian skull, but very different to the African skull or the aboriginal skull.

  2. Proko, this seems to me like a wonderful idea for artists. but to be honest while the prototype took a lot of time to developed and finish which i consider was a perfect amount of iterations for the final product, the tripod is definitely a bit off. is ugly and not very aesthetic compared to the skull. You forgot to worked something more likely to this design and make it more appealing to the entire product. I would rather tried a base stand with some elegant arm like a computer display base or a rod with movements attached to a glass or acrylic circular base. The Top looks awesome while the bottom looks very ugly. Hopefully that will change soon in a new upcoming version and then is when i´ll get mine definitely. and hopefully the whole skeletal system too. (i´m and industrial designer btw).

    Cheers and good job so far.

  3. Hi, thanks for this but what happened to updating SKELLY APP with muscles??? Please don't short change your fans we love what you do!!!!!

  4. Ahh the CAD to USD price difference was a bummer….but…. some things you know you just can't do without.

  5. Also, I love construction, so this is definitely a favourite for me, as a beginning angle into drawing again. Which, frankly, I can't wait to get started with, and has felt like a frustration for years now.

  6. Proroko!
    33 seconds in, I JUST got what a "Daddy" also means, besides an attractive, older gentleman.
    It has to do with the comfort and confidence and things that a happy family man would exude!!! (edit: including the not aggressively and obsessively flirting with you, because he doesn't feel he needs to!) Basically, people just want people to be happy, and feel safe. Ain't that cute? OKay, sorry, go on with your prokopromoprimo.

  7. YouTuber A: "Here's my new make up line!"

    YouTuber B: "We made a clothing line together!"

    Proko: S K U L L

  8. Just ordered one! Thanks for making this super useful product Proko, Can't wait for the videos on how to use it most effectively!

  9. I was wondering if the jaws of your skull opens and how 'till I get to the magnet moment. It was awesome. Unfortunately it is sold out already…

  10. Ordered mine right now. Nice video, as always, but to be honest, the quote from Kim Jung Gi would‘ve sufficed to sell me on this. ;o)

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