How does Copywriting work? | Melotti Media Copywriting

Hi there. I’m Christopher Melotti from Melotti Media
copywriting and marketing solutions and I’m here to answer the question: how does copywriting
work? How does copywriting work? So, put simply, copywriting is the art and
science of using written language to communicate a message which creates a desired response
in a specific audience – and we see it every single day of our lives. The art comes from its very creative nature. Everyone writes differently and that variance
makes is an art form. The science side is because it’s being done
for a strategic purpose to achieve a measurable goal. This is what separates it from fiction writing. While it may start as being written, the final
result of copywriting doesn’t mean it’s always ink on a page. As a copywriter, I write scripts that get
turned into videos, just like the one you’re watching now, for instance. I also write podcast topics that get recorded
and compose storyboard ideas which are then turned into audio-visual media. Copywriting really is the cornerstone of marketing,
and in fact business today, because it’s used for so many important applications, from
content creation and marketing, to branding, business plans and strategic documents. So, ask yourself – do you want the structure
of everything your business does being held up by average words? Or do you want the expertise and experience
of a copywriter to help you get it right, every time? My team’s professional approach, years of
experience and high levels of expertise in both marketing and copywriting means that
the service and content you receive will go a long way to achieving your business’ goals. To be successful today, your business absolutely
must have well-written copy and produce quality content. Contact me today and experience the difference

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