How and Why to Get Into Copywriting

so copywriting well I'll just get right into the heart of my matter and I don't know which way this is gonna film but this is where my my hurts over here yeah this is what I do most the time professionally um this I so copywriting this is not to be confused with copywriting with an R this is copy writing with a w um copyright patents are like lawyers in shape okay this is like writing marketing advertising you know when you're like oh right like you're seeing a billboard and all the writing on there or you don't know a website and all the writing on the website happy writers so essentially copywriting is very very business II it's not um it's a lot more business and marketing and psychology than it is writing I mean of course writing plays into it but if you don't understand the other stuff no amount of your good writing skills will make up for that so essentially copywriters sell um every business needs to copy writing to survive because well you have to convince people why you're good at what you do and why your product is awesome and different um a good copywriter really study psychology will really study in industry will really understand mean here's like the biggest thing about psycho Oh copywriting is that what you're doing is offering a pain point of someone's you know something even if it's just irritating and you're offering them the solution and that's like in the most simple level what copywriting is so for example um there had been a hundred mp3 players before the iPod came out there were much believe me um but the pain point was uh well back in my day I'm old now and some of you young guns can shove it and have no idea what I'm talking about so we had these things told CDs and they were really knowing that they were around and you had to put them in the stereo to listen to your music or like your little light player with the headphones and like a CD player and then you have like take it out and put in a new album and listen to that album and Apple just got very sexy marketing and essentially was like here's your solution the iPod and all of it and one you know how they always get like the British dive like the accent I mean it is sooo sleep you know whatever they do it's all marketing and psychology that convinced you that they were the best and the only and the coolest so of course there's always you know let's keep it real here there's always always always a moral debate about copywriting and how you have to ask yourself just like lawyers do um who don't a corporate law how what line you're willing to draw on that um I have gotten offers for many businesses that I don't agree with what they do so I do not I feel icky inside if I was gonna write something that I know would convince people that they are in fact awesome when I know in fact they're not so that's just the one caveat that I would put in there about writing and copywriting but don't get me wrong it is awesome awesome to find someone and I'm sure you guys know somebody you know someone who is a good business owner they're honorable they really help people but they cannot convince anyone to hire or buy from them and that is where copywriter comes in because they use all the sleep ecology detonates about convincing and persuasion and Nenana to show the world why in fact this person is business this product this is whatever is awesome and it is really good to feel like you took someone who couldn't even pay their bills and you got them to eat feed their family finally maybe like quit that corporate job and just do their stain full-time and that is the magic that copywriting and a persuasion can have on a business that's why I love it I also love it because you get to study people and like what makes them tick and what makes them interested in things oh my god I will link to two of my favorite people that you have to go study if you want to be a copywriter I mean I know there's like a ton that everyone wants to say but my two favorite that have helped me in my career as a copywriter um is number one row meet Sadie from I will teach you to be rich he I was linked to him he spends hundreds of thousands of dollars on copywriting he's testing all the time he's all like a and B testing psychology persuasion he went to Stanford super smart I would study all of his sales pages for all of his products I I've not sign up for any of his stuff but like I just like to get his sales pitches because they're so good and I love to study how on earth he doesn't um super great number two is Ashley amber J of the middle finger project I actually took her copywriting class back in the day I think it's still up it's called brand gasm that one's like design and copywriting I bought it way before I was also the design package but I mean God you didn't even read her she's telling 159 pages of blogs or something and they're truly gems she is a genius she focuses heavily on copywriting with personality so essentially like if you were like an accounting firm insanely we are leaders in our industry and she'll say like we're badass okay she brought one said but you know like she adds personality to a business and it's super super fascinating and her work is incredible so it is something I borderlines just have a mad we did I if I could take anyone's talent away from tapia and duplicate it and inject it into my bloodstream I would so I asked if you ever see this not that you would but um she is awesome please go study her stuff and if you study her stuff you'll probably even if you're a business owner she will help you be more awesome and I I can't find another word awesome at the moment or her work but and on top of that she's a really good person so she um it's not looking to scam you she's not looking anything so what a tangent Jesus Christ way too much dropping today so anyway that's how you be a myth you do good copywriting no brain just like brain fart it's so bad Oh yep copywriting sales marketing persuasion can feed your family that is the summary and how do you start well find a small business that um has a really really crappy website and maybe even offer to do it for free I mean there are if you can get really go to copywriting build a portfolio online and you'll get hired believe me because there's not enough there's a lot of other professions where there's a tons of writers just everywhere it's swarming and but copywriting like if you're good your stand out real fast because it's a very hard industry because you have to take nine different industries like psychology persuasion marketing writing you know like everything about humans and combining it into a page it's hard but worth it and feels good so that's it any questions leave them below as always I will leave those linked in me I just made a note or a South Africa um in the bottom so um good luck and hopefully that helped somewhat a little bit kind of

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  1. Did you have a crush on Ashley??… Nice! Thanks for putting this information out there; your videos have been increeedibly helpful. Hope to see more from ya

  2. Your website and blog are also very helpful. Thank you for providing such quality insight! Highly appreciate.

  3. Thanks Jackie.
    I want to get into Copywriting very late in life so all of this is
    great thank you!
    British /English accent was rubbish! 😁

  4. i love your videos…could you please tell me if motivation copywriting is a good niche? this is what i love, but i find it hard to get in the industry…

  5. Thanks for the information! I love how honest and blunt you are. Your video isn't flashy, it feels like your just sitting with someone talking about the job.

  6. Thanks for you videos, they are very insightful! Allow me to ask your something though. I have been learning about copywriting in order to do freelancing work. But there is the issue (I wonder if you ever got that very question), I realize there is plenty of demand for English copywriters, and my mother tongue is Portuguese, therefore, I guess I would never be able to perform perfect English writing. Do you think not being able to create exceptional English copywriting due to language boundaries can somehow unable me to do it? Thanks, really appreciate your attention.

  7. Unfortunately now I am in Germany and I cannot find business that want englisht copywriters…could you give me some tips to find some english business clients on internet, I don't know where to look at. I have 2 years experience almost. Please let me know and thank you very much for the info😉

  8. how do I get started Its something iv been looking into because I need to change jobs due to an accident that left me unable to do heavy work like outside jobs etc

  9. Super! 😀 Month ago I graduated in advertising and since then I have had thoughts of becoming a freelancer, BUT as English isn't my mother tongue, then I have doubts whether it would be better to start in a local ad agency. What is your opinion on working in an ad agency?

  10. Write every piece of sales copy you need yourself. But many people have no idea how to even start. This “DIY” approach has a lot of challenges.

  11. Can you take me in as your apprentice to help you with your work for free? I just want the training because I have read a lot on the subject and I think I now have a lot of theoretical knowledge but no practical experience.Please help a friend out.

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