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have you ever dreamed of being Leonardo DiCaprio I mean have you ever dreamed of being Leonardo da Vinci we'll give up now cuz you're never gonna be da Vinci man today I'm gonna teach you little deviantART Ed's lords how to draw this video is gonna teach you anything and everything you need to know about art from Picasso to pastrami to provolone cheese so grab an easel and a canvas boys it's time to fuck what you have to understand right away about being an artist is the big s word no I'm not talking about Shrek I'm talking about the one word that everyone loves to use subjective art is art whether it be a stick figure or a photo realistic portrait it should be value the same wait no that figure looks like shit you know what never mind fucking subjective sorry about that last statement all art is beautiful each and every single piece of it every single every single piece let's create all of them you're sailing swimming no I'm not alright it's time to move on to the fundamentals most of you with a brain probably understand these basic concepts but let's go through them anyway just in case I'm talking about the shapes and the colors for example these are the primary colors white white and white these are the secondary colors black black and blue fire booze sit back and relax fuck boys it's time for an art history lesson now I'm not gonna give you the breakdown of the entire history but there are some artists you should probably be aware of before moving on to being a professional out of peace one artist you should probably be familiar with is Leonardo da Vinci is best known for his work Mona Lisa which is an overpriced piece of fucking gar the next artist you should probably be aware of is one of the most influential modernist artists of the 20th century Pablo Picasso who is best known for making shapes fuck each other on the canvas then there's Salvador Dali who had a big-ass mustache that's pretty much all there is to know you're in art history genius now yellow darkness my old friend you delete your deed one of the beauties of being an artist is that quite literally unless you're a snob up in NYC you can do whatever the fuck you want and it's art you can paint or draw you can sing you can even sit on the sidewalk outside and that's fucking art art is whatever you want it to be you want to draw to Guy Fieri's fucking each other while Hatsune Miku watches from afar go ahead the negative side of this however is that you might want to draw two guys fucking each other that's right you guessed it another big form of art is music unlike Michael Jackson music is a very integral part of art and although I won't touch on it that much in this video just understand that it's important this video would be a hundred years long if I went through each form of art so here's a brief list of other forms of art that I won't get into detail about Steff 47 another quintessential tip for success for artists our gallery openings if all of your shitty paintings are in a big white room it makes you look really professional serve your guests with a cheese slices and fancy wine you'll look like a grade-a badass with your beret on and everything now let's get into the actual creation aspect of art this video has gone on too long step 9 oh boy it's time to create now I don't have access to a bitch-ass camera just yet so I'm not really going to touch on any traditional forms of drawing or painting instead I'm going to deliver the annals to you digitally most of these concepts will transfer over to traditional media so don't get your little My Little Pony panties in a twist kiddo so here we are in ms paint ms paint truly is the superior program for art creation not only is it free and accessible by all but it's got all you'll ever need a wide variety of color shape and for brush sizes what more could a human ask for so let's get fucking drawing to demonstrate a good place to start I'm going to draw the human figure for you real quick ah yes a perfect human body this is what art is all about and I know what you're thinking ask resist how the fuck am I gonna get good at drawing if I'm just drawing this in MSP here's the trick you got to draw it every single day if you draw this same fucking thing in mspaint for like 365 days straight a whole year I mean you're gonna be the master of human anatomy step 11 now you might not be as good as me you know right off the bat I'm pretty much a master at this point I mean just look at this shit so a great way to start out is to actually outline your drawings before you complete them a great way to do this is to sketch out what you're going to draw and then draw over it again and that way it'll look more clean in the end I'm gonna demonstrate this real quick instead of using mspaint I'm gonna use an obviously lesser program Photoshop to create this one so first you want to lay out the sketch notice how there's a big plus sign on the head there that's so you can lay out the eyes the nose and the mouth just like this after you have that outline completed it's now time to put some smooth lines over it to make it look better this way your drawing looks complete and not just like some shitty sketch that you made in two seconds now splash some color in there and bam it's done I'd fucking buy this and I'm fucking poor step 4072 another really important aspect of art is the subject matter this prize seems obvious but and you think I need to touch on this I know that you're probably sitting there with some really intellectual creative ideas like I'm gonna draw a beautiful landscape or I'm gonna cream Owen rich with monsters you creatures we make creepy stuff well guess what idiot you're wrong everyone knows the only way to succeed as an artist is to draw anime and porn usually both at once you're not gonna make any money otherwise is this art no is this art buck yeah if you don't believe me go to DB nerd calm and try to tell me otherwise fuckin weaves step 9 I know you're probably thinking at this point all of these steps are great and everything but fuck man I can't draw for shit I'm just not creative enough well don't worry I'm now going to bypass all the steps and show you a trick you're probably wishing this was the first step on we got sweat kits you can just fucking trace take any picture on the internet and just fucking draw over it instant success take a picture of Naruto draw over it hosted on tumblr and bling bling wow you're so cool and rich now easy you don't even need to try just fucking copy with been drawn easy right good game planet earth you just got fucked why are there so many songs about rainbows I fucking hate rainbows well guys this is the final step you've gotten this far you're either fucking retarded or you're a bitch-ass artist man so I guess it's time to get it over with you've achieved tracing and anime and porn and galleries raised aged cheese what more could you need well because art is so complex of a subject you'll never actually be a professional edit that's right this video is all a mere ruse art is a fucking lie kids give up now art is a lie nothing is real oh burnham the end

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  1. I agree sex & killing is art just look at r34 for proof. Also watch the John Wick films for proof that killing is art.

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