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In this video I’m gonna show you how
using the gels in the studio can add a splash of color to your
backgrounds. Adorama TV presents Take and Make Great Photography with Gavin Hoey. Where you’ll learn how to
take stunning photos and then polish them in post-production. Hello i’m Gavin Hoey and your watching Adorama TV. Brought to you by Adorama the camera store that was everything for us photographers. And today i’m joined in
the studio by Philipa. She’s gonna be the model for the
day and this video is all about colored gels. So colored gels, these little
pieces a plastic can be an absolute godsend if you’re
working in a small studio environment like me and you don’t have dozens of different
color backgrounds at your fingertips. Now you might have noticed in my previous videos I’ve shot with a dark grey background. There’s a reason for that, because I like
it. Not only do I like it but it’s also really handy if you want to change the color
by adding gels. So let’s see how it going to work. So at the moment I’ve just got one key light above Philippa and nothing in the background at all. Let’s just take a picture and see how this comes out. Okay here we go.
So with that shot as you might imagine what I end up with is a background that’s
dark, but did you imagine it was gonna go that
dark? Completely black. Well grey if you don’t light it is gonna go black. However if I add in a background light for
example this one and I add in a gel, got a red gel in here. That is going to completely change the
look of the shot. Let’s take a picture and show you. Here we go. Now I promise you that really is the same background, the same gray fabric
background as we started with, but this time it’s got
that lovely deep red color. In fact I can make this background red, I
can make it blue, I can make it green, I could even
make it yellow using the supplied kit of gels. Of corse there plenty more gels out there
other than the ones that come with the Streaklight in the kit. Let’s run through the the basic setup
for this. For my main lighting I’m gonna use something known as beauty lighting or
butterfly lighting, it’s basically a soft box up top and then a
reflector below just to reflect some light back
underneath Philipa’s chin and light the shadows in that part of the face. Really simple,
really straightforward. If you want to see more information on some lighting techniques don’t forget to check out the Adorama Learning Center well you’ll find tons of information. My background light is on and I’ve got a red gel in there at the
moment but I’m gonna change it. You don’t have to have just one color gel.
So I’m gonna add in a yellow to the red to get orange. So let’s see how that works, let’s just take
a picture, here we go. And sure enough we got that beautiful
strong orange glow behind Philipa. That looks
absolutely fantastic. Now we can change the intensity of that
orange glow simply by changing the power of the light and because I’m
using the the Streaklight system here, I can actually do it on here on the remote control on top
of the camera here. So I can lower the output from the background
light by one stop. We’ll take the same shot and that’s going
to give me a much darker deeper richer color, or I can increase the power by a stop in
the other direction. That’s going to give me a much brighter much more vibrant rich orange color in the other direction
as well. So you can tweak and change the colors of your background
by changing the intensity of the background light. That’s why grey works so well. if you tried
to do this with a white background you’d end up with pastel colors. So that’s the basic idea, what were gonna
do now is just do a shoot using these basic principles. Okay let’s get going, are you ready? Well there we go, we got some absolutely fabulous pictures there. Philipa, what a star. I think they’re gonna look absolutely
wonderful, but I don’t know let’s get them into Photoshop and I’ll edit my favorite picture right now.
Don’t forget to check out Adorama’s latest contest and your chance to win amazing prizes. I
find these gels to be absolutely essential for my small studio
photography but the color you get isn’t always exact simply by looking at them for example
the red isn’t quite red, the the green definitely isn’t very green. There’s a number of factors that control the
color. Yes we saw in the video that changing the background light will
change the color. But there’s other factors, more subtle
factors things like the white balance to use, and also the background you project your
color onto. The grey I used perhaps isn’t quite
perfectly grey i think there’s a hint of blue in there. So if you want a pure grey go for something like a roll of continuous paper, thunder grey. What a great choice that would be if your doing a lot of gel work. Alternatively you can do what I do which is
just pop into Photoshop, and were gonna make a few changes to the color there. So here in raw I’m gonna jump over to the HSL stroke grayscale tab and of corse if your using Lightroom it’s exactly the same in Lightroom. Here I
can make adjustments to the hue, the saturation and the luminance of the
colors in my image. Let’s start with the hue. Looking at the
picture the plan was really simple, we’ve got this sorta purple chiffon material, I gelled the
background to go purple and we chose the makeup to tie in, but
somehow somewhere along the line it doesn’t quite come together. This
lipstick is definitely the wrong shade of purple. So let’s see if we can change it. We can change it by moving the sliders that are appropriate and I
think the lipstick is kinda magentary, if I move
the magenta slide, yep you can see I can really shift that around and I can match
the lipstick to the background and the chiffon, but it just doesn’t look right. So rather than
doing it that way around I’m gonna match the the material and the gel to the lips. So if I move the
purples. Yep there we go, we can just make it a
sort of a pinky purple. Maybe we’ll just push a little bit more
magenta up as well. Now we’re getting a little bit closer
in color and that looks a lot butter. But we can do more than
that of corse, because we can change the saturation too. So on the saturation we’ll just put up
the purple’s a little bit maybe just pull down the magenta’s. Now
we’re getting a much closer match. Finally you’ve got the luminance I can make my purples brighter and maybe just pull that down, or maybe just pull that up a little bit on the magenta’s. There we go, so now we’re getting a a look
that is much much closer. I am not too worried about absolute
accuracy. It is a feeling that i’m looking for rather than an exact copy in color. Just to show you where we started
that’s what came out the camera and there we go with a little bit of tweaking in Photoshop that’s what actually I had in my mind. Well if you’ve enjoyed this video and want to see more videos from myself and the other amazing presenter’s here on Adorama TV, you’ve got to click on the subscribe button. I’m Gavin Hoey, thanks for watching. Do you want great-looking print’s at low-cost? Be sure to visit our easy to use online printing service. Adorama pics has professionals who treat your images with the utmost care that you can count
on. For a quick turnaround on photos, cards or albums use adoramapix.com

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  1. Great job Gav! I love Your videos even though most of the information in those I already know… but still I enjoy watching them a lot. Love Your attitude! Keep it up! 🙂

  2. Great video 🙂  Is Photoshop the best computer photo program.  I'm not doing it for a living anymore so I don't need the best of the best industry level program. LOL  Photoshop, Lightroom, Photoshop Elements.  I have an iMac so I have iPhoto on it already.

  3. A little off the subject Gavin.  What do think of your Canon 5D MKll compared to your Canon 60D.  Which makes the better studio camera given the different sensors?

  4. Great as always Gavin, I note your first set of images had the catch-light of the latter set, ie with the reflector 🙂 and not just the one downlight and back light 

  5. Hey Gavin!  I have a quick question! When you combined the red and yellow to make the orange backdrop, does it matter which order you put your gels in?  For example yellow over red or vis versa?  Or will it come out identically?  Thanks!

  6. Hi Gavin

    Are you feathering the key light from softbox in front of, and pointing directly down on the model? Never seen it used like this, usually pointed to the subject. Please explain the effect. Thanks

  7. I enjoyed your video a lot (like all of them), thanks a lot for sharing, but I actually preferred the original lipstick colour and the contrast it created with the purple ;))

  8. Something I wonder that maybe you can make a video about:
    The difference between the Elinchrom D-lite RX and BRX
    I find a lot of info between the difference between the old D-lite and D-lite IT vs BRX but not the new ones.

    Some said somewhere that the D-lite 4 (I think that is the oldest one) maybe will be too much for indoor use.
    The new D-lite RX sounds better because of the RX name than the older D-lite strobes.

  9. Easy to understand, inspiring and informative. Thank you for sharing your time, energy and patience. And above all, your
     sense of humor. You make it fun to learn. I'm subscribed.

  10. Would a couple of 300 w Flashpoint Budget Studio or a 300w and 160w work for trying the techniques in your videos? This is a for a basement hobby studio (10' wide with 8' ceiling). Thanks for the great info! It's inspired me to try flash photography and shop at Adorama!

  11. HI Gavin – Love your videos, and am learning a lot. I have the same flash setup – Streaklight 360, with the same gels. I got a light/medium gray background, but am NOT getting the color saturation you're getting at 0:46. I seem to have to set my light to 1/128 to get anything close – any more power, and we're losing color. Did you do any color adjustments in POST to get that saturation, and what power setting do you recommend. Why can't you get these colors w/ a WHITE background and colored gels, too. Thanks!

  12. bravo
    am model and a begening photographer but your channel is amazing
    can you do sometimes for video
    and do you do livraison for senegal for theses plastics colors change

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