History of Broome’s Sun Picture Theatre

Hi I’m Tony Hutchinson, the previous owner of the Sun Picture Theatre and a real estate agent in a little resort town of Broome, Here to tell you about it a little bit of the history of Sun Picture Theatre. The Sun Picture Theatre is sort of a working museum, I guess you could say and we’ve always tried to keep a good supply, a good display of the old movie projectors and we found some really old hand coloured pictures of some of the really old stars of yesteryear: Charlie Chaplin and the likes. The Council always offered us good support, as the picture theater was very high up in the Broome historic buildings, and we were happy to sort of commit that to the Heritage listing that came through some years back. It has always had great support from the Broome Shire Council because I think it’s such an iconic building and they’ve always helped with traffic management for events and supported us when we’ve had functions in here and kept Chinatown in a good state so that our customers would feel welcome when they came down to the cinema at night

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