– Hi, Nicole? – [Nicole] Yeah!
– Hop on in. How are you? – I’m good! – Good. (Alyxx heavily breathing) You okay?
– What? – You okay? – Yeah. (heavy breathing) How’s your day going? – Good, how’s yours? – It’s going. It’s definitely and it’s been an interesting day. – Yeah? (breathing loudly) – Sorry about. I’m kind of a mess right now. – What happened? – Um. I came back from the airport this morning. And I haven’t showered. So I’m just … And I, um. I’m on my period. So. Where all the blood’s coming from. – Oh, cool … – So. You get that? (laughs) Yeah. – You get it. Yeah. I’m paper-free. So I don’t use tampons or … – Oh. (Alyxx exhaling loudly) – Hey so, I’m actually gonna take a detour because there’s a police station in this direction. And I’m just gonna avoid that at all costs. – Why are you avoiding the police station? – Um. It’s uh, It’s like a protest against police brutality. It’s just, stay away from the stations. (claps hand) So. Um. You know. So uh, what are you heading to today? – Oh, I’m just meeting up
just a friend for lunch. – Oh yeah? – Yeah. – Uh. So are you eating? Or … – What’s that? – So where are you going? What are you doing together? – Oh, we’re just gonna grab some sushi. Catch up. – Oh man, I love sushi. – Yeah. I love sushi, too. There’s so many restaurant sushi places. – Yeah. LA’s the hub! – I know! (laughs) (Alyxx laughing creepily) (Alyxx exhaling heavily) So what time is your shift done? – It’s Uber so I can just pretty much ride it whenever I want. And I’m honestly a little light headed. So maybe not for too long
am I gonna be driving. Um actually, on that topic, if for some reason someone
ends up reaching out to you and asking you about this drive or this experience, if you just don’t mind telling them that you were in the car with me? Like, just about 20 minutes
earlier than you were. So like, you got in the car around 12. Okay? – I think they keep track of that. Of the times. Like you get an email of your time you got picked up and dropped off. – Fuck! Fuck. (breathing heavily) Okay. Okay that’s okay. That’s okay. Why don’t we turn off the app and you’re a friend of mine? You’re a friend of mine and we’re hanging out. Is that okay with you? – Yeah, I don’t feel comfortable doing that. – I mean, you won’t even have to pay for the ride. Cause if I cancel you won’t have to pay. – Oh. I’m not covering. I don’t know what happened before here? – Nothing happened.
– Yeah. – Nothing happened. – I’m not gonna lie about
hanging out with you. – Okay. – Like to the cops or something? (Alyxx laughs hysterically) – No. I’m not talking about the cops! I just mean, I don’t know. – To who? Well, who? – I don’t know. Just anyone asking a question. Look, I’m just gonna cancel the ride. Okay? It’s no big deal. It’s no big deal. I’m just gonna get you to where you need to go for totally for free. You’re welcome. – Okay. – You’re welcome. All right. Okay. (Alyxx breathing heavily) Is it hot? – I don’t know. It’s all right. It’s warm. Are you gonna open the windows? – Just briefly. I just don’t want anyone to see in. – Oh okay. How much longer is it
taking with the detour? – Sixteen. – Minutes longer? – Sixteen minutes. Yeah.
– Okay. – Oh my God. I just have this like, pounding, pounding feeling in my heart. – Do you need to pull over? – No no no. It’s okay. It’s okay. (Alyxx hyperventilating) – If you need to pull over I can grab another Uber or something? – Oh, no no no. It’s okay. Don’t worry. Seriously it’s fine. Tell me about yourself. – Oh gee. Yeah, I’m just a server. – A server? You serve food? – I’m a server, yeah. – Oh wow. – Yeah. – My roommates a server. Well, he used to be a server. – Oh, okay. – Yeah, yeah. He worked at the Olive Garden. Where do you work? – I work at (beep). – Oh, that’s fancy, right? – It’s all right. Yeah, yeah. – Yeah yeah yeah. – It’s a nice restaurant. – Way fancier than the fuckin’ (laughs) Olive Garden! – I’d say so. – Such a fuckin’ pussy ass job. You know what I mean? – Yeah. Yeah. – Oh my God. I fucking hate him. – Why? – Well, I hated him. – Yeah. – Yeah. He just was an awful roommate.
– Yeah. – Like always eating my snacks. He was loud.
– Yeah. – I like to get to bed at like nine.
– Yeah. – And he was just like
blast terrible music. – That’s so rude. I couldn’t do that. Yeah. – It’s so rude! – It’s so rude. – I just got back from
Chicago this morning. – Oh you did? – Yeah. – I lived there for awhile. – Oh my God!
– In the city. – That’s awesome! – Yeah. – So I was there for about 11 days. And I asked my roommate kindly to watch my chinchilla. – Yeah. – And God, I love my chinchilla.
– Yeah, that’s cute. – I’ve had him for about four and a half years.
– They’re so cute. – He’s fluffy. He loves me. (softly crying) He loved me. – Your chinchilla? – I loved him. So I got back this morning, and my roommate hadn’t even gone in my room. (crying intensifies) And so my chinchilla had no water and no food for almost two weeks. It was just dead. I’m so sorry. It’s just really fresh. It’s really fresh. – Sorry. – It’s okay. I buried the chinchilla outside. – Yeah. That’s nice. – Sometimes my emotions
get the best of me. And I just like wanted to seek revenge. – Oh god. Um. I just got a text. Yeah I think my friend
actually lives right over here and they wanted me here instead. – Yeah? – Yeah. – Are you sure? – Yeah. (choking back tears) – I’m just gonna take you like just a couple more blocks. I could just really talk to someone. It’d be really helpful. – Okay. – Thank you so much. My chinchilla’s name was Furry. – Yeah. – ‘Cause it was so furry. (laugh crying) But what’s really hard is I’m not a violent person. – Yeah. – I shouldn’t be telling you this. – Yeah maybe … Yeah, maybe not. (muffling voice with hand) – Fucking, my fucking roommate! Ugh! He’s going to Hell and I know it. I know it he’s going to Hell. (breathes heavily) I just don’t wanna go there too. – To Hell? You’re not (stumbling over words) (hushing Alyxx.) (Alyxx heavily crying) – I should’ve lived alone. – Where is he now? Maybe you guys could talk it out. (Alyxx shakes head) – We can’t do that. – You just got in a really
bad fight or something I’m sure he can forgive you. You just talk it out. – He can’t talk now. I can’t tell you where he is. – That’s probably a good idea. – I just feel like I’m gonna throw up. – Do you just wanna
pull over for a minute? Take a deep breath? Collect yourself a little? – I think I should! – Yeah. – Oh my God. Let’s just go over here. I’m gonna get you where do you need to go. Okay? – Yeah. – You don’t have to worry about it. You tell your friend you’re in good hands. – Yeah. – Do you know anything about like bleaching? Like how to … Nevermind. I’ve made such a mess. For like getting blood out of carpets or anything like that? – Oh gosh. – I was just afraid to go back in so I just decided I would drive Uber and that would be like my alibi. You know what I mean? – Oh Gosh. Oh Gosh. Um. You should turn yourself in. – What?! He kills my chinchilla! – They’ll understand. They’ll understand. – Fuck off! – Oh Gosh. – He kills my chinchilla! I’m not the murderer! – So that’s why you should turn yourself in. Let them know that. They’ll understand and maybe, you know, be sympathetic and understand and not, you know. – You really think so? – Yeah. I think you should go turn
yourself in right now. – Do you wanna come with me? – Um, no. I actually, yeah I have to get going. – It would be really cool if you could just say
that you were like with me and involved, so I wasn’t alone. – No that’s not gonna happen. – Are you sure? – A hard no. – I’m a really good person. – I know. And I think they’ll see that. I think that they’ll see that. I think it’s really important that you go turn yourself in. – Okay. – Just tell them exactly
what happened, you know? It’d be like self-defense. Like you were defending your pet. It’s a person, too. – Furry was a person! – Yeah. Yeah. – He was a person. We used to talk. He is like the only person I talk to. – Yeah. It’s manslaughter, what he did to your Furry. – He really is. So I think they’ll be
kind of lenient with you. – I forgot where we’re going. – You should go, yeah, just go straight to the police, get it off your chest, you’re gonna feel so much better. Breathing heavy) And I have really gotta get, I gotta get to my destination. – I’m scared of jail. – Yeah I think you’re gonna, they’re gonna, you know, they look at circumstances
and it’s not just, “Oh you killed him and
you’re going to jail.” – Are you a cop? – No. – How do you know that? – I used to date one. – Oh my God. – Yeah I think you’re gonna be okay. – Please don’t tell him about this. In case I decide
– No no no that I don’t wanna turn myself in. – No. – Please. Is this okay? – Yeah, this is great. – Okay. Hey before you go, I don’t know what’s gonna happen next but um I have an opening for a roommate if you’re interested in living with me. – Oh yeah, I’m on a lease. I’m on a five-year lease. – You’re on a five-year lease. – Mmhm. Yeah.
– Okay. – You should try, they have like, there’s Facebook groups for that, and craigslist. Yeah. – Okay.
– Yeah. – Okay. Um so, what are you gonna tell your friend? – I’m not gonna tell anyone anything. – Okay. You weren’t here. – No. – Okay. I appreciate that. – Yeah. Could you just hold my hand? Thank you. – It’s gonna be okay. All right. – I don’t wanna let go of this movement. – All right. You’re gonna be okay. – Are you sure? – Yeah. – Okay. Okay. Yeah. Thanks. Good luck. (door slams shut) – Nicole! Nicole! I have a quick something to say to you. – Yeah. – Do you mind just. – Yeah. – Um this is a prank. – Oh my gosh! (laughing) – Could you tell? – Oh my gosh, no. I couldn’t wait to get out of the car and just go. I was dialing 9-1-1. – You were calling the cops on me? – I was, yeah. (intense music)


  1. Anxiety…

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    Passenger: โ€œYeah….. ๐Ÿ˜ฐ๐Ÿ˜ฐ๐Ÿ˜ณ๐Ÿ˜ฐ๐Ÿ˜ฐ๐Ÿ˜ฐโ€

  2. …none of her videos are funny, its ridiculous that someone would think that making a bad joke that goes on for over 10 minutes is a good idea

  3. Ok but the lady was so kind about it and so calm if my uber driver did this too me I would be freaking out.

    Plot twist: she actually did kill whoever did that

  4. People, this crap is all FAKE! The "riders" are paid actors. The Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress law was created to guard against this kind of emotional abuse, thereby allowing a victim of emotional distress to receive compensation. In other words, they could sue for emotional damage and this woman and her YouTube channel would be history.

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    Okay turns out you can text the emergency telephone line. Thatโ€™s handy for this exact situation

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