HELLO Short film (50 hour film making challenge) A FILM BY V.N ADITYA

Harsh Harsh Harsh! Oh sorry sir Give me the chemical..what are you doing there? Give me the chemical..what are you doing there? oh shit So sorry sir So sorry sir What is this? We don’t even have the stock of this chemical Sir give me one hour time I’ll get a new one No need..clean it. I’ll get it myself Hello? Who is speaking? I’m Harsh who are you? My name is Rekha.. tell me? umm.. actually.. Oh my god!! What happened? Hello? Hello? Can you hear me? Yes I can. What happened? hello? Hello? can you hear me? yes i can hear you Actually I need a favour. There are few people following me. Can you please keep talking to me? Where are you now? Seethaphal Mandi bus stop Seethaphal (whispering) Can you see a railway track to the opposite side? Uhh..yes I can see it cross the railtracks on the railway station h…hello (line breaks) Hello? H..H..hello? Hello? Can you hear me? hello..? hellooo? (phone rings) hello Hello Harsh? Thank you so much for your help Are you safe? Yeah you’ve saved me right? I will be safe Okay then, it was nice talking to you. If it is possible can we meet tomorrow? Uhh..okay. But where? Do we meet at Prasads IMAX? Prasads IMAX? Where is it? Stop fooling around. How can you not know where Prasads IMAX is being in Hyderabad. I do not roam outside much. Where is it? It’s on necklace road. Okay then, we’ll meet tomorrow okay See you tomorrow okay bye yes! (phone ringing) Hello Harsh! Where were you yesterday? When I was waiting for you for 2 hours? What? Is it? I came yesterday. But I couldn’t see IMAX How can you not see it? Stop lying. So you’re saying that I didn’t come is it, I did come. Where did you even go? How can you not see IMAX. I was waiting outside IMAX like a fool, getting tanned under the sun. How can you question me? i was waiting right outside necklace road even though it was raining. i didn’t find any theatre there. What do you mean by rain? It was blazing yesterday. it was raining heavily in necklace road yesterday. rain? it was really sunny yesterday Check today’s paper for the weather’s reference Wait then. Let me get the paper. It saying it’s sunny. Where is the rain? Which date’s paper are you seeing? September 22nd, 2017. What? 2017!! This is 1997! What? It’s 1997 What do you mean by 1997! It’s 2017 Stop fooling around. Are you in the future or what? (future?) (door bell rings) Harsh? What are you doing here at this hour? Sir, I need to tell you something important Fine..let’s go in and talk What happened Harsh? Sir the device in the lab.. Oh that? .we’ve heard that people travel at different time zones right? I’ve tired to make telecommunications at different time zones but it didn’t work out. Sir I got a call from 1997 What are you saying Harsh? I got a call from a girl named Rekha. What happened? Sir, when the beaker broke, while I was cleaning the phone rang, when I picked up the call, I got introduced to that girl Rekha. As we kept talking we became very close. So we decided to meet the next day. But she didn’t come. sir, when I asked the date she said she’s from 1997. That means your experiment is success Oh my goodness! I’ve been putting the chemical everyday, it’s not working. When you broke the chemical beaker, i didn’t apply the chemical. and it got connected. Your mistake is a miracle. It’s our success my boy.

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  1. Hi boss(harsha)
    I like ur shortfilms..
    I seen all ur shortfilms today…
    U have good future bro….
    Even u look like nagchitanya….
    Ur acting is needed in full movies…try for that bro…
    Actully i wanted to talk with u….bt any way all the best bro

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